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Cuphead Boss Walkthrough (Junkyard Jive)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill a scientist with a robot

Dr. Kahl's robot is a real headache! This is an airplane battle that you will take part in when you move to the junkyard area. Once you're ready, move to the upper left corner of the map.

Phase 1

The first phase of the fight is somewhat strange. This enemy has three vulnerable points, each of which represents a particular threat:

Phase 1

  1. Laser in the head. Every few seconds, the robot will fire a laser attached to its forehead. The yellow beam will be narrow at first, but after a second it will expand significantly. You need to dodge this beam.
  2. Launcher on the chest. Every few seconds, a small pink cylinder emerges from the robot's chest. You can parry it with melee to make it move back. Otherwise, you will receive guaranteed damage.
  3. Groin area. From the hangar in the groin area, several ships will fly out, which will begin to fussily move around the map. Shoot them as they can be destroyed, or use the transformation into a small plane to dodge them.

When you destroy all three areas on the robot, the battle format will change slightly:

  • The laser on the head will turn into a shotgun. Nuts and bolts will fly out of my head. Use a small plane to dodge projectiles.
  • The launcher will turn into a magnetic arm. She will shoot bullets at you or create a magnet that pulls you towards her. Either shoot the magnet or dodge the bullets.
  • Lethal rockets appear in the groin area. They fly in your direction and gradually track your position. When you shoot or collide with them, they explode, creating a large energy burst. You need to stay away from them - shoot at those moments when the missiles are far away.

As soon as you destroy all the parts, a large heart will appear from the chest. Shoot it enough time, after which the head of the robot will fly off, which will lead to the beginning of the next phase.

Phase 2

Dr. Kahl's robot will move from side to side, periodically disappearing and then returning to the screen. Avoid the deadly missiles and shoot the robot's head. This is a great time to use Super Bomb Transformation to speed up the stage. Once you deal enough damage, the final stage will begin.

Phase 3

This is a long and annoying stage. For the remainder of the fight, the doctor will shoot at you with everything he has in his arsenal, with projectiles flying all over the place.

You will need to dodge between the bullets, turning into a small plane, and also dodge electric walls moving from above or below. Hold down the fire key and keep dodging until you eliminate the doctor.