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Cuphead Boss Walkthrough (Murine Corps)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill a rat in a jar

Werner Wehrman is a small rat in a tin can, equipped with a lethal weapon. You'll find her near the house where you fought the Rumor bee. The fight against Werner is quite simple and quite fun.

Phase 1

Werner has two main attacks associated with his makeshift tank:

Phase 1

  • Cherry Bomb. A large bomb flies out of the bottom of the apparatus, which releases even more small projectiles. When the projectiles hit the ground, they explode, releasing fire in both directions. Jump over the fire to avoid taking damage.
  • Catapult. One of Werner's abilities is to shoot debris from a catapult. Several projectiles will fly in your direction. A couple of them will be pink so you can parry her. Either parry or avoid hits with dashes and jumps.

After you deal enough damage to Werner, he will move to the center of the screen and remain there in a stationary state.

Phase 2

Werner will be in the center for the rest of the fight. Caps will appear on the side. Werner will use fire turrets to move up and down. When fire drops flow out of the tank, then be ready to shoot. Jump if he is down, or be down if Werner is up.

Everything is really that simple. The boss has no other attacks. True, bottle caps will appear on both sides, which will rotate like circular saws and try to cut you. Jump over them or crouch. Soon his tank will be damaged, and Werner will hide inside a huge robot cat.

Phase 3

Now things are getting really serious. You will need to destroy this giant cat. The good news is that the cat only uses two attacks:

  • Ghost mice. Periodically, the cat opens its mouth to free the ghosts of the mice. They will shoot pink orbs at you, dealing damage. Don't let them hit the ground unless you want to dodge even more projectiles. To do this, parry them and shoot the mice to make them disappear.
  • Paw attack. When the cat extends one of its paws to the left or right side of the screen, then move in the opposite direction. After a second, a giant paw will appear in the foreground, but you will be ready for this. This attack is very easy to dodge, but it will cause tiles to fall off the floor. Be careful and avoid them!