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Cuphead boss walkthrough (Pyramid Peril)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the second game world Cuphead: how to kill Jin in the background of the pyramid

Phase 1 - Gene Jimmy

In the first stage, Jimmy the Great is on the right side of the screen, opening chests with his treasures to unleash one of three attacks. These include:

Phase 1 - Gene Jimmy

  • Swords - A group of four swords fly out of the treasure chest in random directions. They stop near the edge of the screen and after a short period of time, each of them will fly in your direction. One of them will be pink, which means you can parry it.
  • Cases with cats. Jimmy will release several cat-shaped cases, which over time will open and release from four to five small kittens, similar in size to scarabs. They will move straight towards you. Usually one of the small cats is pink, allowing you to parry and use a charged attack against the boss.
  • Treasure - Jimmy will open a chest from which jewels, gold, and diamonds will fly straight towards you. In this case, you need to stick to the left edge of the screen to dodge enemies.

The first stage of the fight is pretty straightforward. Before Jimmy makes his next move, he will often release a huge projectile in the form of a white cloud and a skull. It only fires once, so after that happens, focus on the enemy's other attacks, which he will immediately start using.

You must constantly shoot at the boss while avoiding his attacks. This is more difficult than it looks at first glance, as he usually uses almost simultaneously two or even three of the above attacks with the projectiles that are the contents of his treasure chest. You need to shoot and dodge them at the same time. This can be tricky as a large number of projectiles can cause you to panic.

Depending on the type of shells, you need to change your position. Cat Sarcophagi release slow-flying homing kittens flying in your direction. This means that you need to be in constant motion to avoid getting hit. You must do so in order to slip between the flying projectiles. In the case of swords, you will need to get out of their flight path the first time, and when they start moving again to avoid them.

As soon as you manage to dodge most of Jimmy's attacks and deal enough damage, the second stage of the battle will begin.

Phase 2 - Jimmy Pillars

In the second stage of the fight, you will find yourself in a tunnel, moving from left to right. This tunnel will have several pillars blocking your path, and touching them (or the roof and floor) will cause you to take damage.

As you approach each of these pillars, you will need to find the part that has the boss's face on it. Shoot at it and soon part of the pillar will be destroyed, allowing you to fly further. Between each of these pillars, you will have to dodge rotating circular saws that move back and forth through a narrow space. Watch the saws and maneuver around them when it's safe to do so. After the destruction of five or six pillars, the next stage of the battle will begin.

Phase 3 - Sarcophagus

In the third stage of the fight, the boss will appear in the form of a giant sarcophagus located on the right side of the screen. During this stage, he will use several different attacks, including:

  • Balls with eyes. It will shoot two eyeballs that will fly from right to left, bouncing up and down, moving symmetrically to each other. The first cross will be short, the second long, and so on. You can stand straight up near the left edge of the screen and be almost completely safe.
  • Ghosts. The sarcophagus will also release one or more ghosts that will fly from right to left.

This stage, like the first stage, is associated with evasion from flying projectiles. The boss will release a large number of ghosts that move across the screen in a horizontal direction and then disappear. Very often, eyeballs will also fly. Therefore, you must dodge the latter and destroy only those ghosts that fly directly at you.

Although this is already the third part of the fight, I would call it one of the easiest. However, you can switch to using a powerful charged attack, in which the aircraft turns into a huge torpedo. Having done this, fly to Jimmy and touch him. I repeat that everything is very simple with balls with eyes - just move to the left edge of the screen and only occasionally make movements back and forth. As soon as you deal enough damage to Jimmy, he will transform - the fourth stage of the battle will begin.

Phase 4 - Jimmy Doll

This short stage of the fight will turn Jimmy into a puppet that takes up most of the center area and the right edge of the screen, while Jimmy's hat will float around you on the left side, periodically firing bullets. The puppet itself will stretch out its hand, forming a pistol from its fingers, and launch a series of four projectiles in your direction. The last projectile is usually pink and can be parried.

During this phase of the fight, you need to stay halfway between the hat and the doll at the top or bottom of the screen. Keep an eye on the hat to know when it starts firing projectiles, allowing you to avoid them all, and stay on the move to avoid getting hit by the doll itself. When possible, parry the last projectile and turn it into a bomb.

Once you deal enough damage, the boss will turn into a giant genie.

Phase 5 - Giant Jimmy

At the final stage of the battle, three pyramids will fly around you, rotating counterclockwise. At the same time, Jimmy will wave his arms around, just trying to distract you. However, the real danger lies in the pyramids themselves. At certain points, one of the pyramids will become active (thankfully, only one at a time), which you can see thanks to the open eyes in its center. At this stage, the activated pyramid emits a violet laser in both vertical and horizontal directions on all sides.

This is a dangerous attack that should be avoided, and since it comes on quite quickly, it can be difficult to notice it in advance (especially if Jimmy managed to hide the activated pyramid with his own hands). To hide from this attack, you must approach the activated pyramid, and position yourself in one of the four safe squares into which the screen is divided by the rays of this pyramid. Stay in this square as you follow the pyramid.

Keep attacking Jimmy himself, and since this stage is the final one, the boss will not have much health. You must make sure to use all your superpowers to bring the end of the fight closer. When you deal enough damage, Jimmy will be defeated.