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Cuphead: Boss Walkthrough (Railroad Wrath)

 Detailed Boss Guide to World 3 Cuphead: How to Kill the Ghost Train

The Ghost Express is the last boss you will face before the final stage of the game. This is a tough fight, so be prepared for a few tries. To find the express, go up past the theater and interact with the train on the left.

Before starting the battle, it should be noted that throughout the battle the main character will move on a separate platform (along a parallel path). On either side of the platform are pink valves that, when parried, will allow you to move the platform from left to right. There are only three positions for the platform - left, center and right. Movement in this level is essential for both survival and dealing damage to the enemy.

You can control the movement yourself by interacting with the valves, or you can let the flying pumpkins drop pink ingots on the valves. If you do not want to move, then destroy the pumpkins or ingots, if they are already flying to the valve.

Phase 1

The Ghost Eye is the first thing you will encounter. A strange cyclops will shoot you out of his only eye. You can shoot at the eyes. Killing the boss is pretty easy, after which your platform will move forward along the track.

Cuphead: Boss Walkthrough (Railroad Wrath)

Phase 2

Defeating the skull-shaped guide is easy enough. Move the platform to the extreme right position and stand in its left corner. The guide has only one attack - he sticks his head out in one of the three positions, while hitting the other two with his bone hands. If you are under his head, then know that this is the safest place from where you can also attack the enemy. If you are close at hand, then stand on the edge of the platform so as to avoid it hitting you. Keep shooting at the skull and the conductor will soon disappear.

Phase 3

Creepy candy-like things will spawn from the left and right sides of the train, while a ghost hovers in the middle. Hold the platforms to the far right. Shoot the demonic lollipop above you. As soon as he disappears, then attack the next one.

If you're on the far right side, avoid any hits from the left lollipop. However, don't forget about the ghosts, so pause periodically and eliminate them. Watch out for the pink skull not landing on one of your faucets. When the lollipops are finished, then move the platform all the way to the left.

Phase 4

The final stage of the fight is very fast. Either you die quickly, or you quickly kill the boss. As soon as the engine flies past you, you must jump up and interact with the pink light bulb.

This will cause the firebox door to open. You will see a heart - it is at it that you need to shoot in order to damage the boss. Avoid erupting flames and homing rings. Repeat the process until the boss is destroyed.