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Cuphead boss walkthrough (Shootin n' Lootin)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill a pirate on a ship

Captain Brineybeard is one of the bosses that you will face on the third part of Inkwell Island. Once you are in place, move to the right side along the path until you reach the pier with the ship. Interact with him to start a fight with the pirate captain.

Phase 1

Captain Brineybeard is the easiest enemy to fight on the third part of the island. However, you will have to try hard to avoid taking damage. You can always recognize this or that attack of the boss in advance.

Cuphead boss walkthrough (Shootin n' Lootin)

In this battle, you have to pay attention to the following attacks:

  • Barrels. During each stage, an incomprehensible barrel will soar above your head. If you pass by her, she will fall on top of you. Never stop under the barrel itself! It's not that difficult, but sometimes tiring. If you miss the barrel out of sight, it will definitely damage you.
  • Octopus cannon. The captain himself has only one attack - he summons an octopus and makes him spit on you. Fortunately, this has its own benefits, because three of the four projectiles will be pink, which means they can be parried. This is a quick way to get a super hit.
  • Shark. When the captain whistles, a giant shark will appear. You will be able to recognize it by its special fin, which you will never confuse with other sea creatures appearing in the background. Get closer to the ship so you don't fall into the trap.
  • Sea dogs. When Beard whistles, instead of a shark, a group of angry dogs may appear. Previously, a submarine telescope appears near the ship. These opponents are easy to kill.
  • Squid. Again, during the whistle of the Beard, you can encounter another threat - a large squid. The squid will start shooting ink all over the place, which complicates the situation and makes it difficult for you to see what is happening on the screen. Attack the squid to make it run away.

The easiest way to damage the Beard is to get closer to him. As soon as you deal enough damage, the second stage will begin.

Phase 2

The only difference between the first and second stages is that the captain's ship will start spitting cannonballs at you, adding to all the previous attacks one more that is worth paying attention to. Watch out for when the ship sticks out its "lip" and then jump over the rolling cannonballs.

Phase 3

The ship will open its wide mouth located in the bow, throwing the captain into the sea. To destroy the boat, you need to shoot at the tongue located in the throat. Jump up and shoot at the same time to hit the right part. The barrel will still get in your way, so don't forget about it.

The ship will have two attacks. The first is a fireball moving in a spiral. Jump or dash to avoid him. The second attack is a huge beam. When the mouth opens, you need to bend down so that the beam passes directly above you. Once you deal enough damage, the fight will be over after this stage.