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Cuphead Boss Walkthrough (Sugarland Shimmy)

 A detailed guide to the passage of the bosses of the first game world Cuphead: how to kill the candy factory and Baroness Bonbon

Sugarland Shimmy is a boss level located in the second part of the Inkwell Islands, in the amusement park. You can launch it by interacting with the themed house on the left side of the entrance to the fairground. In this battle, you have to fight various sweets and the evil baroness von Bonbon. The battle will be divided into several stages.

Phase 1 - Sweet Army

The first part of the fight will have you confronting three of the five mini-bosses, demons that have inhabited various sweets. They will be summoned by the baroness herself. Each of the opponents has its own style of attack and movement.

Let's describe them:

  • Candy Corn - The sweet corn mini-boss will move in straight lines from left to right, going up and down periodically. Usually, the boss will rise and fall approximately in the center of the arena. Contact with it will cause you damage, but you will have the option to use the floating candy platform in the sky or use a well-timed dash jump to jump over the enemy. On the other hand, you can run under it. In addition to his moves, the mini-boss also summons smaller versions of himself that move up and down the area, making it harder for you to jump and dodge the boss itself.
Phase 1 - Sweet Army

  • Cupcake - This mini-boss jumps into the air and then crashes into the ground. Upon hitting the ground, it creates a large puddle that is larger than the boss's initial thickness. To fight him successfully, you need to be located as far as possible from the enemy, watching his jumps. For example, this is how you acted against the Ruse of an Ooze boss. Attack the enemy when he hits the ground. To do this, it may be necessary, depending on the type of projectiles used, to duck.
  • A ball that looks like Pac-man. He will move from left to right and right to left, clicking his mouth, and also hover in the air. You must avoid both the big and the small balls. You need to use the floating platform of sweets to jump over the enemy, remembering to shoot at him.
  • Jawbreaker is probably the most annoying boss as he will just follow you around the area with a second, smaller enemy moving behind him. As he continues to follow you, you must run back, create a gap, turn around and shoot at the enemy. After that, jump over it, create distance and repeat the process.
  • Waffles - the mini-boss will make huge circles around the arena, dealing damage to you on contact. It will also stop and explode frequently, firing projectiles in every direction before collecting them back. Try to stay away from his attacks and shoot at the center of the waffle when it becomes stationary.

Each time you kill one of the mini-bosses, another one will be summoned. After defeating the boss, a small creature with a sword will appear, which will run from right to left. This creature can be either green or pink. In the second case, you can use a parry, and so - either jump over or destroy with a normal attack.

Normal contact will damage you. After defeating the second mini-boss, the Baroness will periodically start shooting at you from her castle. The flying projectiles can be destroyed by regular weapons, or, if they are pink, they can be parried by the main character.

After the destruction of three random bosses from the five listed above, the second stage of the battle will begin.

Phase 2 - Destroying the Baroness

During the second stage of the battle, the Baroness will climb to the top of the castle, which will come to life and start moving to the left. He will chase you around this area, so the boss fight will become even more dynamic. At this stage, you need to avoid the Baroness's main attacks - flying spinning heads. The head will fly and stop where you are at the moment of the attack, continuing to rotate. Then the head will move back and forth several times and then return to the baroness.

The other thing to look out for is the large and round candy that rolls across the bottom of the screen. It's pink, so you can parry it to generate energy for special attacks.

During this battle, you will have a candy-shaped platform floating in the sky - the same one that was at the beginning of the battle. It can be used to directly attack the boss on the castle. Just dodge the flying head while shooting at the enemy. After a short battle, the baroness will be defeated.