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Cuphead Boss Walkthrough (A Threatenin' Zeppelin)

 A detailed guide to the passage of the bosses of the first game world Cuphead: how to kill the flying clown

A Threatenin' Zeppelin

Hilda Berg is a very difficult boss to face in the first world of Cuphead. And the main difficulty is that in the battle you are limited by the aircraft. The new mechanics, after all, is different from what has been seen before, and at first, seemingly easy combat over time brings continuous inconvenience and frustration.

But in this guide, we will tell you how to defeat this opponent. Climb up from the shop, up the stairs (you will first have to destroy the blue bubble Goopy Le Grande), turn right, and interact with the object near the cliff. But beforehand, you can see a pedestal with a scroll - upon interaction, you will be offered to undergo training in flying an aircraft. When you're ready, start the battle.

Phase 1 - Airship (Part 1)

Hilda is a giant airship, a monster that moves on an air bike. It will be located on the right side of the screen and periodically send its minions in your direction, which will shoot at you. Dodge incoming projectiles or parry them if they are colored pink. Or you can shoot these minions before they can shoot at you. Periodically, Hilda will laugh at you, and short phrases HA will fly out of her mouth. Just dodge them.

Phase 1 - Airship (Part 1)

Once you've dealt enough damage, Hilda will swell up to a large size and then begin to deflate violently. Stay away from her, because she will first fly to the left side of the screen, and then return back along the same horizontal line. Be at the top or bottom of the screen.

Phase 2 - Taurus

When Hilda returns, she will become a giant cloud body. Her minions will be located on the right side, and Hilda will have new attack skills. She will move up and down, stopping periodically to lunge forward (to your left). Be careful - when the enemy stops, then enter the tiny plane mode (Shift) and dodge. After you destroy the calf, Hilda will return to her normal form.

Phase 3 - Airship (Part 2)

The third stage is similar to the first, except that Hilda will receive a new attack in the form of a tornado (tornado), in which the enemy summons a powerful cyclone and sends it towards you. Transform into a tiny plane and quickly get out of its way.

Phase 4 - transformation

At this stage, Hilda can transform into two different creatures depending on which constellation appears in the sky.

  • Twins. The two twins will spin around each other and throw balls that will fire bullets counterclockwise. Always stay ahead of the bullets and they will never hit you.
  • Amur. This little angel will fire arrows at you (which is to be expected). When the arrow flies out, three tiny stars will start moving towards your plane. Move counter-clockwise around the field and the stars will simply rotate around you instead of doing damage.

Phase 5 - Moon

After the second transformation in the fourth stage and dealing enough damage to Hilda, Hilda will get angry, scream and cross her eyes. In a moment, the boss will turn into a giant moon (more precisely, a month). Dodge the stars that fly at you (or parry the pink stars) and beware of flying saucers hovering from above.

The green flying saucers will fire laser beams at regular intervals, allowing you to dodge them. At the same time, red saucers fire at the moment when you fall under the desired trajectory. Here you need a small plane to quickly fly under them.

Eventually, after dealing enough damage, this difficult battle will come to an end.