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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course - All New Weapons and Enchantments DLC

 We talk about all the new types of weapons and enchantments available to Cup, Cup, and Miss Chalice

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is the first major story expansion for MDHR's retro platformer that will take gamers to the Fourth Ink Island, where Cuphead, Mug, and Miss Cup will try to collect all the ingredients for Chef Solonkin's Miracle Cake. New bosses and regular opponents will appear in the game, and the new heroine of the Golden Chalice will have access to six fresh types of weapons and amulets that will diversify the battles with secret bosses, simplify time trials and races to get S-rank (for those who are trying to complete the game on 100 %).

New weapons (Triple Lightning Bolt, Nutcracker, Whirlwind) and enchantments (Astral Cookie, Broken Relic, Heart Ring) can be obtained by completing the main storyline and collecting all 16 coins on the Fourth Ink Isle.

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course - All New Weapons and Enchantments DLC

Triple Bolt of Lightning

This is your best tool in Ink Island IV. The new weapon allows you to perform a full-screen piercing three-way shot: you launch three charged electrical projectiles that pass through all enemies hit. The spread of the shot can be narrowed by holding the lock button (R1 / RB). Suitable when it is necessary to destroy well-protected targets and bosses of the expansion, who constantly send their minions to you (Giant Grimmountain, Contra-gang). It's a brilliant weapon for crowd control and space creation, and its enhanced electric bolt shot fires a much wider horizontal electric beam across the screen that pierces nearby targets.


Shot in a straight line, with good damage. Breaks down into weaker, but aimed projectiles. The Nutcracker fires a diamond-shaped projectile that eventually breaks apart and hits the nearest possible hitbox. The pink crystals aren't as lethal, but still do more base melee damage and spawn along with a pink turret in the face of the planet (it can be parried). The weapon is not as effective, but still versatile, especially in chaotic battles, when it is difficult to figure out where to move at any given moment.


A weapon that many Mega Man 2 fans will love (or just be familiar with). Launches three mini-tornado projectiles in an upward trajectory, and can launch a charged spiral that hits enemies up to six times before flying off-screen. Suitable against enemies that are above your hero for most of the battle.

astral cookie

Astral Cookie is a versatile enchantment that you get from Chef Solonkin at the start of the expansion. The cookie will allow you to take control of Miss Chalice, the third character, which dilutes the company of Cup and Mug. She has one additional health point and a unique set of moves: Double Jump, Dash Parry, and Dodge Roll - three mechanics that can be used in tandem to increase vertical height and parry pink objects while flying through enemies.

Broken Relic

The Broken Relic is an amulet that can be purchased from the Pigskin Shop for one coin. It doesn't have any effects, but it can be used to solve a puzzle that will open the way to a secret boss and a cursed artifact. In a separate guide, we talk about this even more.

Ring Heart

Restores HP when parrying. Gain +1 HP on your first, third, and sixth parry. Parry has a special place in The Delicious Last Course, so the Ring of the Heart will be as effective and useful as possible. This amulet is a must for parry enthusiasts as it restores 1 HP on the first, third, and sixth successful parry. Sounds simple, but like the Heart and Twin Heart enchantments, the Heart Ring has no effect on damage and is more useful for larger boss fights and parry-oriented challenges (such as the Royal Champions and Royal Gauntlet challenges). "). The item cannot be used with Miss Chalice, but it can be equipped and used for 100% completion of the First, Second and Third Ink Islands.