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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course walkthrough - game guide

 How to complete all story levels, and defeat every boss in the game: all phases, strategies, tips and tricks

The Delicious Last Course is a global story expansion for the retro platformer Cuphead that contains a lot of new content, including 12 bosses, new skills, and much more.

How to start The Delicious Last Course

To get started with this new content and test your mettle against the new bosses, you'll need to complete one of the original game's mausoleums. Mausoleums are gray buildings located in different parts of the islands.

How to start The Delicious Last Course

If you have already completed one of the mausoleums and you have a save file, then a new NPC will be waiting for you near this place. Talk to him and he will tell you about unknown lands. Agree to go on a boat trip, and in seconds you will find yourself in new territory. After a short cutscene, you will be introduced to the new characters in The Delicious Last Course, including the Golden Chalice.

As for the first NPC you meet, it will allow you to quickly move between the new land (Ink Island 4) and other islands that you unlocked in the original game.

If you haven't completed any of the Mausoleums yet, you will need to complete a special task. It is best to go to the first island. In this mausoleum, you need to use parry to defeat several red ghosts that appear on the screen from time to time. To parry, you must jump and press the jump button again just before making contact with the ghost. In addition, you can parry several times in a row. It is not necessary to touch the ground after each parry.

Your goal is to prevent the enemies from reaching the vessel in the center of the screen. Parry all the ghosts and unlock a new power and a mysterious NPC.

How to launch The Delicious Last Course with a new save

If you're starting over or starting Cuphead for the first time, there's a way to get to the downloadable content fairly quickly - though I recommend checking out the original content first. You just need to complete the first level of Run & Gun "Forest Madness", go over the bridge that appears and go down-right, where the Mausoleum is located.

Contra Gang (Bootlegger Boogie)

This place is located in a cave under the main square. The gang consists of three antagonists who will attack you with their unique devices and summon different minions.

Smuggling. First phase

The first enemy you have to defeat is the spider. Even though the fight starts with you facing the spider one-on-one, it quickly fills all three lanes with its allies and a few bombs. The spider itself will constantly move from right to left or left to right. Each time he reaches the end of the line, he can move to another level or repeat the movement along the same path, but in the opposite direction.

As for his assistants, the spider can use a phone that summons a lot of flies in all levels. However, they appear gradually. It takes them two seconds to actually appear in one of the levels, but you will see the flies well in advance. Just move to an open space before they enter the path, and then shoot those flies that fly around you. In principle, flies are rather weak opponents.

Another ally the boss summons is an insect that curls up into a bouncing ball. The enemy moves diagonally, each time bouncing on the border of the screen. Try to destroy the enemy as soon as possible, as it is difficult to track his movements, especially when you are attacked by other means.

The last small group of enemies is the cops that spawn at the end of the walkway on both sides from time to time. They release poisonous clouds moving in a straight line. They can be pink, and such clouds, as you know, can be parried.

The spider's last move is to plant bombs. He will press the button and several bombs will appear on the stage. If you approach them, they will activate and explode almost immediately. You need to make room by destroying some bombs (allowing them to detonate). This is the only way to eliminate the bombs. On the other hand, they will all disappear when you destroy the spider.

Try to stay in the other lane and don't stand in the path of this boss. Thanks to this, you will only have to follow the spider's helpers, periodically shooting at it from a distance, a safe distance. Try to use ranged weapons.

Smuggling. Second phase

When the spider is defeated, a dancing insect with a phonograph will appear in the center of the scene. The insect will dance, moving from left to right and right to left exclusively in the middle lane, so more attention should be paid to the phonograph.

This object emits six pentagrams throughout the fight. Three will be yellow and the other three will be green. Pay attention to the yellow ones: after a few seconds, they will turn red and deal damage. What you need to do is run in the direction they are going until they turn green again.

If you are using Gold. Chalice or you have a special dash, you can stay on the ground and roll (dash) through the pentagrams.

Usually, after each attack, different pentagrams turn red. This means that if you run to the right first, you will probably have to run to the left the next time. However, this does not always happen, since periodically attacking pentagrams can be repeated. Also, they don't always move at the same speed, so pay attention to any sudden changes.

In addition to pentagrams, barrels containing allies and police will appear every few seconds on the upper and lower platforms. They have low health, so quickly deal with them while attacking the dancing insect. Also, one of the barrels can be pink, that is, it can be parried.

The best strategy at this point is to stay in any lane other than the middle lane and spam with dashes or somersaults of the Golden Chalice every time the pentagrams are close to you and are about to make contact with the hero. As long as you can avoid these and other threats, shoot the dancing insect in the middle lane.

Smuggling. Third phase

The third phase of the battle against the Contra Gang is a snail hidden in the hat of a huge anteater. Platforms will shrink, and narrow sections will begin to appear on the outskirts on both sides. The boss will attack with its long nose, appearing from one of six possible sides.

Don't get close to his nose, because the anteater can deliver a quick tongue slash that reaches the middle of the lane it spawns in. In addition, he can use his tongue for a more powerful move, the range of which covers the entire lane. Before such an attack occurs, you will hear a certain sound.

The tongue is pink so you can parry its attacks. However, if a powerful attack can be parried, then with a shorter lunge of the tongue it is more difficult: the technique unfolds too quickly, and you simply may not have time to press the parry button.

In addition to tongue attacks, the anteater will throw enemy balls at you that move diagonally. There cannot be more than two of these orbs at a time, and they can be easily destroyed with a few shots.

The trick to the fight at this stage is that you need to attack the anteater's nose (not the tongue), which will be somewhat difficult as you also need to watch out for flying balls and lunges with the tongue. A weapon with homing projectiles will come in handy in this battle, but only when all the flying balls are destroyed. Ranged weapons can also help when the boss attacks with his long tongue.

Smuggling. Fourth phase

A huge inscription will appear on the screen, indicating that the boss has been knocked out. But this is not to be believed. The battle will end with an additional, albeit short-term, phase during which a snail will shoot at you. The snail will not move, so always shoot at the center of the screen. However, the projectiles fired by the boss are quite fast and need to be constantly monitored. Pink be sure to fend off!

Giant Grimmountain (Do not disdain!)

The Grimmountain giant is located in the northeastern part of the island, next to three climbers. Look for a huge stone entrance among the trees.

The giant Grimmountain. First phase

First you have to shoot at the giant dwarf (it happens sometimes), moving between five platforms that rise and fall from time to time. And do not look for patterns in these movements. The boss will attack with several projectiles and summon minions, which we will talk about below.

One of the threats you need to take care of are the little gnomes below you. These enemies will throw gold coins. You do not need to catch these coins! Avoid the projectiles and shoot the gnomes, otherwise they will keep throwing dangerous objects at you.

From time to time one of them will climb up to where you are standing. When he reaches the top, he will attack you with a hammer. However, you can shoot him before the gnome has time to crank out his plan, so changing the platform is not necessary.

It's important to note that you can drop below the platforms to ground level, but the spikes that are visible at this point are actually gnomes and will rise a second after you step on them. Accordingly, you will receive damage. If your nosebleed needs to go down to avoid projectiles from above, do not stand still: run from one side to the other, thereby avoiding the angry gnomes.

In addition to summoning small minions, the Grimmountain Giant has three attacks of his own. One of them looks like this: the gnome opens his mouth and shows the gnomes located inside and creating potions. After a second, they will start throwing poisonous clouds at you, among which will be pink. You can parry him.

The other two moves are easily telegraphed (the boss shows a sign before making an attack) and are easy to predict. If the sign depicts a bear, Grimmountain will summon one large bear in the middle of the arena. You can avoid his attacks by standing on the last platform on the right. The second sign refers to the geese: the boss summons a group of flying birds. Luckily, they only attack at high altitude, so you can easily dodge their attacks by positioning yourself on the lower platforms.

Don't forget about the gnomes, though, whose hats you see at ground level. In addition, during these attacks, all five platforms continue to move, although some of them will remain at the lower level (that is, in a safe position). If you're fast enough, you can jump to one of the lower platforms and avoid the geese.

The giant Grimmountain. Second phase

Once you deal enough damage to the boss, the arena will transform. The five platforms will disappear and the giant gnome will spawn one minion from each side of the area.

These opponents will throw a ball to each other, which bounces when it hits the ground. You have to watch the height of the puppets to predict if the ball will go higher or lower, but keep in mind that its direction changes every time, so you won't be able to know for sure. Also, the position of the hero will affect how far they throw the ball, so stay away from the puppet with the ball to have more room to maneuver. At this stage, instead of shooting at the giant, shoot at the puppets.

In addition to the ball, you must watch out for gnomes flying out of the ground. They will jump into the air and fall down, moving from one side to the other. You can and should kill them with a few shots, otherwise, they will distract you and you may miss the ball's flight path.

It's best to stay on the ground and use dashes and rolls to avoid projectiles flying at you. Jumping up, you run the risk of colliding with a ball or a falling gnome.

The giant Grimmountain. Third phase

Finally, Grimmountain the Giant decides to destroy the arena and devour you. You will find yourself in his stomach. Then the last stage of this battle against the boss will begin.

The new arena has five skeletons that act as your platforms. You will have to jump and move over them, otherwise, you will fall into the caustic gastric juice and get damaged. Your goal is the face from above. It will move from side to side throughout the last phase.

From time to time, you will have to avoid small birds that move in a straight line. You can't beat them, but one of the birds will be pink so it can be parried. In addition, while avoiding the birds, you will have to watch out for the boss, who will start scattering food and bones from above. The platforms you're standing on will absorb them.

As soon as the "platform" eats the projectile, it will disappear. You will have less room to maneuver safely. When there are very few platforms left, one of the skulls will open its mouth and ring the bell. Parry it to get all the platforms back.

We recommend parrying the bell as soon as it appears. The boss will continue to scatter food, so you can suddenly lose all the platforms and be in danger. This stage is not as difficult as it may seem initially. Focus mainly on small birds and getting the platforms back as soon as possible, periodically shooting at the enemy above you.

Drill on the Colt (Midday Trouble)

This boss is located in the cacti region, near an extinct campfire, with a friendly NPC sitting next to it. You need to interact with the big cactus on the left.

Drill on Colt. First phase

Initially, the boss appears as a huge cow inside a moving saloon. The cow attacks with different projectiles.

To begin with, she will shoot two drops of ink that only reach half the screen. However, upon contact with the ground, the ink will jump up and move across the entire screen. While the ink shadows are moving towards you, the cow can fire another pair of ink drops again. All these projectiles always fly in a straight line.

Another item that the boss can use is a lasso, which he throws in a straight line to pull a cactus located behind the screen. You can tell if a cow is about to throw the rope up or down depending on where her muzzle is at the moment.

In addition to the largest cow, two more animals will interfere with you throughout the level. One of them is a vulture throwing dynamite from above. After a while, the dynamite explodes, and its checkers bounce off the ground. You can't destroy either the dynamite with checkers or the vulture, so just dodge.

Don't forget that you can shrink your size and move a little faster by holding the dash button. This is useful for dodging objects, although it reduces outgoing damage.

Another animal is a flying cow moving in a straight line. If she reaches the end of the screen, she will throw a small green projectile at you. But unlike a vulture, a cow can be shot!

Drill on Colt. Second phase

When you deal enough damage to the boss, the saloon will explode and the cow will grab the vacuum cleaner, which it will use during the second phase.

There are only two tricks to pay attention to: when the cow makes a dash and when she throws everything she has with her. During the first reception, you must keep to the center of the screen. This way, you will be able to see various objects that start to appear on the screen, and you will have a chance to dodge them.

When the cow shoots the vacuum cleaner, you should again be in the middle of the screen. Safes will fall from the sky, exploding on contact with the floor. Their contents (gold bars, coins, money) will bounce up and in other directions, but always in a straight line. Some coins may be pink. While dodging all the projectiles, keep shooting at the boss and the next stage will soon begin.

Drill on Colt. Third phase

In the third stage, the cow will turn into a figure of sausages. You will see jars of sausages hovering across the screen. If you get close to them, they will spit out a short strip of meat from the hole.

From time to time the boss will throw up a steak. This steak is moving in an irregular circle path, so it is recommended to move to another part of the screen until the steak disappears. Also, the piece of meat can be pink, so it's a good idea to parry and use special attacks in such cases.

Drill on Colt. Fourth phase

At the last stage, the enemy will turn into a large can of sausages. Sausages will fly out of the hole in two rows, which after a few seconds will first fall and then fly up. You cannot be in the middle between them, because the two lines of sausages are bound to meet and touch you.

What you need to do is look at the sausage lines and look for gaps. In these places, you can jump to the other side, but you still need to proceed carefully and prudently, since there is not much room for maneuver. At the same time, the boss will also throw chili in a straight line.

Howling Aces (Battle of the Bulldog)

Set in a plane next to a graveyard and hangar, Howling Aces is an episode where you fight a trio of dogs. All three battles take place in the sky. You will fight on your plane.

Howling aces. First phase

The first boss is a large dog accompanied by a smaller ally. Staying in its single plane, the big dog doesn't really do anything: periodically the enemy will land on one of your sides and then attack. However, the smaller dog shoots three tennis balls in a row every few seconds. You need to shoot the big dog as he is the only one taking damage.

As for the movements of the older opponent, the big dog grabs the cat and throws three balls out of his mouth. They move fast, in a straight line. You just have to duck to avoid them. Another attack is related to the tattoo on his shoulder. You can avoid the first two shots by simply standing still, and you only need to dodge the last shot. However, be careful, because they act like a boomerang: after a while they return to the dog. The good news is that one of the dice is always pink and can be parried. And there is a small chance that two shells will turn out to be pink at once.

You will be able to telegraph all enemy attacks because the big dog opens its mouth and smiles before appearing with the cat.

The hardest part of this battle will not be the attacks of the big dog, but the mixture of tennis balls/cannons and fire hydrants that pop out from time to time from another vehicle in the background.

What you need to do is destroy those fire hydrants as soon as possible (they are pretty weak) and keep moving around to avoid the tennis balls as soon as they fly across the screen. Then focus on dealing damage to the boss. You need to act quickly, without delaying the first phase.

Howling aces. Second phase

When the older dog takes enough damage, its plane will explode and you will move on to the second phase of the battle. Here, your plane will move to the center of the screen, and four puppies with jetpacks will start flying in a circle.

Each of these little dogs will throw a projectile at you after a few seconds. However, you can easily dodge it. Watch the number of letters on the screen and avoid falling planes. There will definitely be one pink letter that can be parried.

To defeat this boss, you need to shoot each puppy individually until the jetpack it uses explodes. There are not many attacks, so if you take a long-range weapon, you can shoot at enemies from a safe distance.

Keep an eye on the movement of your aircraft at all times. It automatically moves to the edges of the screen, which may put you too close to the puppies.

Howling aces. Third phase

After you deal with four small dogs, the third and final phase will begin. During this stage, you will encounter another dog who will be driving a huge air vehicle.

This battle starts with three shots of laser beams. The location and number of devices in each round will be random, but the third will always have two guns on the ground firing a pink laser beam that can be parried. Shoot laser cars while dodging their attacks. Each weapon will allow you to understand in which direction the laser shot will be fired.

The most interesting part of this fight will take place after the laser is fired. The vehicle will move your plane, moving it out of the way. Then an enemy will appear, at which you must shoot, avoiding the plates of food that he throws at you. The red ones go down to ground level, and the yellow ones go a little higher than you (at the height of the jump).

You can crouch in case of yellow and jump over red projectiles. Also, if you're playing as the Golden Chalice, you can double-jump over the yellows and use the special dash with the reds. But they all fly at different speeds, so you have to get into the rhythm, which is difficult.

However, the most important thing you need to know is that you will have to use inverted control. To go down, you have to follow the left, and vice versa. This will change when the enemy moves your plane to the top of the screen again and you are flipped, but then the controls will go back to default.

It is difficult to get used to the inverted control, especially during combat. Fortunately, you can change this by pausing the game and switching to a different control scheme. The boss will keep moving you counterclockwise until you kill him. It might be easier to shoot at the laser guns and avoid flying projectiles.

Howling aces. Secret third phase

The Howling Aces have a secret third phase that you can unlock. If that happens, the battle will be completely different. To unlock this stage, you must not kill any of the puppies with jetpacks in the second stage. Instead, fire at them until their jetpacks start emitting gray smoke and they are close to being destroyed. When this happens, shoot the other one, and do this with all four puppies. All four jetpacks should smoke.

You will understand that you have achieved the desired state not only by the color of the smoke but also by the sound that the enemies make - as if something has broken.

A big ship will arrive to help the puppies, and the last, secret, third stage will begin. In this secret stage, you will encounter a dog and puppies at the same time. Each of them appears from one of the six holes that are displayed on both sides of the screen.

You might think that due to the larger number of enemies, this phase will be much more difficult than the usual one. However, there will be no laser beams, flying saucers, your hero's plane will not be inverted, and so on. The only things you'll have to deal with are the homing fire hydrants and the projectiles the pups throw at you. You will have to constantly shoot at some specific targets.

Like fire hydrants, pineapples have low health and are easy to destroy, but you can dodge them instead. The fact is that when pineapples explode, three small projectiles fly out, which are quite difficult to dodge, given the limited (and moving) space you have.

From time to time, a pink pineapple will appear. You can parry it as it won't scatter into small projectiles. If you complete the alternate third phase, then complete the battle itself.

Mortimer Coldway (Cult Ice Slaughterhouse)

This boss is located in the eastern part of the island, where you will find a cold region with an igloo. Mage Mortimer Frostbite awaits the Cup, Mug, or Golden Chalice inside the hut.

Mortimer Coldaway. First phase

During the first phase, the enemy uses three moves against you. The first is to summon four small ice minions that will approach you a few seconds after touching the floor. You can destroy them with a few hits (they are quite weak), and you need to do this immediately after they appear, and after that continue the fight.

The magician can also throw cards from a crystal ball. They move in a straight line, and he cannot throw more than one row at a time, although he can throw a second row a few seconds after the first. One of the cards will be pink, so use it to parry.

The last attack you have to watch out for is the Giant Orange Whale. It takes a few seconds for the wizard to charge the attack, and then he slams the animals on the floor. Dash in any direction to avoid damage, and simultaneously shoot upwards to deal damage to the boss himself.

Mortimer Coldaway. Second phase

After receiving enough damage, the magician will use the snowman armor, which will give him new tricks. For example, now he can roll his large body from side to side or tilt his head over you.

The first lunge can be avoided by simply jumping to the side (use dash to make it easier), and you need to stay in the middle of the path to avoid hitting your head. In fact, the boss can flip twice in a row and then throw his head, but he will never flip after throwing his head.

You can tell what move it's about to make: the monster tilts its head and crouches for a second as it prepares to throw.

Another move of the snowman is the transformation into a huge refrigerator, followed by throws of ice cubes. These cubes, when touching the ground, turn into smaller particles, bouncing in two different directions. The best strategy against this move is to make the ice cubes fall in one place, closer to the edge of the screen, so that you can later move to the other end of the screen and shoot the boss from a safe distance.

However, in refrigerator form, the boss can release several flying popsicle sticks located in the freezer. After a moment, he will begin to attack you, moving in a crescent. Luckily, he doesn't throw anything at this point, and you can always use a parry against flying popsicle sticks.

The last attack the snowman can perform is a hand slam on the floor, which does no damage on its own, but blades emerge from the ground. You can figure out where the swords are coming from from the marked snow, and you'll have about two seconds to move to safety. Keep shooting while moving, keeping an eye on the boss, because he will prepare the next attack before the blades are gone.

Mortimer Coldaway. Third phase

The third and final phase of the battle against Mortimer Coldaway is that the wizard becomes a huge frozen snowflake. The arena will transform, and instead of a straight line, you will have five floating platforms.

The general recommendation is to stay on the last platform opposite the boss, as this will be the best place to maneuver. Also note that after each attack, the enemy will change sides.

One of the boss's first attacks is a bucket throw. It will first show its hands by creating an object and then throw it away. It will throw up to three buckets, one of which will be pink, all of which travel in a straight line at a slower speed compared to other Coldwater projectiles.

However, as soon as these buckets touch the edge of the screen, they will turn into three small moons that will jump up and down and try to reach you. Do not forget about it and be always ready for such a transformation. If you jump too high, then one of these moons can deal damage.

Another trick from the snowflake is the call of spirits. You will understand that the boss is going to do this when the magician's soul leaves the body. Four heads will appear with cones moving in a straight line. But if you get too close to them, they will get you. They cannot be destroyed.

The magician's last special move involves gouging out one of the snowflake's eyes, which flies randomly to another part of the screen. In addition, after a few seconds, it will emit light both below and above itself, so try to stay away from eyes if possible.

Chef Solonkin (final boss)

Once you've collected all the ingredients by defeating the main bosses in the game (listed above), the Golden Chalice will send a message telling you to visit Chef Solonkin so he can make a miracle cake out of everything you've found.

Go to the chef's shop at the beginning of the island and notice that he is not there. Instead, a secret door will appear in the floor. Use it to find a secret lair.

Go to the end of the corridor, where a cut-scene will start: it turns out that Solonkin is the main antagonist of the game!

Chef Solonkin. First phase

The first phase of this battle is the most intense. The chef will attack with all the ingredients stolen from you. Each of them is special in its own way, so we will consider them all below. To complete this stage, you need to shoot the cook whenever the opportunity arises. Shooting at ingredients will do nothing.

One of the ingredients is sugar cubes, which move unevenly around the stage in a crescent shape. You can jump over or run under them. Also, one of the dice will always be pink, which means that it can be parried. A small flame will stick to the top of the screen, descending in a crescent shape and then returning to the top.

Another ingredient is lime slices, which will move from one side to the other twice in a straight line only. Pay attention to their height, because the second time they will go on a lower or higher trajectory. Use jumps to go around them. Dash of the Golden Chalice or the hidden dash skill available to each character (if there is an amulet) will be useful.

During the entire first stage, stick to the middle and beware of the edges of the screen. The reason for this is because the ingredients will randomly appear on one side or the other, and they will damage you even if you can't see them.

Strawberries fly in a straight line. At the same time, it always flies diagonally from the top of the screen. This is the ingredient with the least complex movement, so just dodge it by moving to the sides.

Finally, Chef Solonkin will try to attack you with a magic cookie. The cookies are shaped like animals and jump from one side to the other. How long they jump depends on your position - if you are close, the jumps will be less and vice versa. Luckily, they can be destroyed and the cookies don't have much health.

You can figure out which attack is next by checking the ingredient Solonkin is using in the background.

Chef Solonkin. Second phase

When you deal enough damage to Solonkin, the boss will grab you and leave for another arena. Now there will be salt shakers in every corner of the screen. In the background is the huge face of the chef, which can no longer be directly damaged.

In order to deal damage to the boss, you must attack the salt shakers, which will subsequently fly into the salt shaker (when they receive enough damage). They have quite a lot of health, so you will have to shoot at the salt shakers for a few seconds.

Solonkin will not give you any special problems. At this point, there are three projectiles to keep in mind. First, from time to time the salt shakers will sneeze, causing a small projectile to fly in your direction in a straight line. The boss then drops a few leaves from time to time, which slowly descend from the top of the screen. There are only four safe positions left, so keep an eye on where the leaves fall and the rest of the projectiles fly.

The arena will still have the flames from the first phase, but this time it will be on the ground most of the time. However, it can move to the sides. Don't get caught in the flames and don't stand too close or you'll take damage as a result of his movement.

To complete this phase, you need to throw salt shakers at the boss about 10 times. Jump from side to side to dodge projectiles that fly in all directions and give you more freedom of movement.

Chef Solonkin. Third phase

The third phase of the battle against Chief Solonkin is shorter than the rest, since he will have a minimum of health points. You will be transported to a snowy area, where a saw moves from side to side along the ground. Notice the two big jumping and dancing snowmen. Just get to the other side of the screen by jumping over the saw and shooting at the snowmen. Then predict from the movement in which direction they will jump, and try to dodge enemy attacks.

Chef Solonkin. Fourth phase

Finally, the area will become smaller and two tornadoes will appear on both sides. The floor will disappear and you will see falling platforms that you need to jump on. After a few seconds, Chef Solonkin's heart will appear, moving diagonally and bouncing when touched by a tornado. Luckily, it won't throw projectiles at you, so you just have to avoid falling and touching the heart. To win in battle, you need to shoot in the heart.

At first, the heart will be pink, which means you can parry it. After a couple of seconds, it will return to the same state. Pay attention to the approaching platforms, otherwise, you may fall while trying to parry the heartbeat.

After defeating Solonkin, you will see the epilogue of The Delicious Last Course. In addition, you will unlock the Expert difficulty level for all main boss battles and you will be able to repeat the battles with them as many times as you like.


To get to the platform with the king, you need to use the stairs, which is located near the Contra-gang cave. Here you will meet a new NPC who will offer a series of challenges. During these trials, no weapons or magic can be used, only the ability to parry. Pawns is the first of these unique battles.

These enemies only have one phase, but there are quite a few of them, so you have to keep a close eye on each opponent. The battle will begin with a series of eight pawns standing on a platform from above. What you need to do is parry their heads as they approach your chosen hero.

However, even when you beat off the pawn's head, it will return to the platform, ready to jump down again and attack you without the head. These headless pawns jump down more often than usual: you need to wait for the head pawns to jump down and recapture them.

Even though there will be a maximum of one or two pawns running at the bottom at the same time, there is a chance that you will get confused if you are not focused and give a little slack. First, you have to keep an eye on those pawns that still have a head. Secondly, you need to keep moving from side to side and watch where the pawns stand and where they fall, both headless and headless. You need to jump over the pawn right after it lands, and then you won't lose precious lives. But do not forget about your main goal, and do not miss the moment to attack when the head pawn falls.

Another important thing: pawns can change their speed. This means that they can fall faster or run to the side instantly, leaving you with minimal time to react. Keep a good distance from the falling pawn before it touches the floor.

Golden Chalice is the best character as she has a great dash mechanic when she becomes invulnerable.

As soon as you defeat each pawn, you will receive two gold coins and unlock the second challenge, "Knight".


A knight is a battle with a horse in armor. His weak point is the hair from under the helmet, which is only available for parrying at certain moments. To win, you need to complete 20 successful parries.

There are two times when you should not try to parry the enemy. For example, in the default pose (sword above head and shield above) - don't even try. You will take damage on contact with the enemy, since his hair will not be pink. Another situation: when the horse taunts you. You can parry the Knight if you use the Golden Chalice and make a perfect double jump at the right moment, but this is a tricky move that can cost you one life.

When a horse taunts you, don't walk in the opposite direction. This will provoke the enemy to attack with a fairly fast strike that requires extreme accuracy to parry or dodge.

There are three more situations in which you can parry an opponent's blow. The least recommended is when the boss strikes with a sword with an uppercut. You should only go for it if you are close to the horse when it makes the move. There will be a small window in which you can parry the attack right after the movement of the sword.

There are also two more friendly moves where you'll find safe parry windows. The first is when the boss makes a direct attack. This movement can be predicted by the flickering of the sword for a short time. The first chance to parry the attack will be the moment the horse approaches you, but you will also have even more time after it has finished moving - the horse will stop for a few seconds to catch its breath.

A similar situation occurs when an enemy makes an open slash over himself. You will be safe on the side, and then the horse will decide to catch his breath again for a few seconds. This and the previous moves are the preferred parry options, and you should not miss these moments.

The battle requires patience and endurance, as the boss will move from one side to the other while remaining vigilant and taunting you most of the time. Don't get distracted by these moves and practice parrying for other, safer situations. You will be able to perform three parries in a row in the two techniques described above.

Again, the Golden Chalice is the best character for this challenge thanks to the extra life and better parry.

After defeating the Knight, you will receive two gold coins as a reward. You will also unlock the next challenge, with the Bishop.


This fight mainly consists of a floating, multi-faced bishop's head that will try to attack you. It will move in any direction over uneven matter - it doesn't always move straight towards your hero, but it almost never stops.

To defeat the enemy, you need to parry his head a couple of times. The enemy will initially be pink, but after the first hit you will not be able to parry him. Note that ten candles are flying around the arena. Some of them will be highlighted and you have to turn them off. To do this, just get in touch with them.

Once all the candles are extinguished, the enemy's head will turn pink and ready to parry. You will have to repeat this process a couple of times until all the candles are lit at the same time. Extinguish them and parry the head for the last time, and then win.

As usual, the Golden Chalice is the perfect character for this fight thanks to its extra life and easy parry.

Enemy movements are not particularly fast and you will have enough room to move around. The only thing to watch out for is the golden items that he will scatter from time to time. They will fly around your hero, but they are not homing projectiles.

As soon as you defeat the Bishop, you will receive a reward in the form of two gold coins. The next test is Rook.


This Rook is an executioner who sharpens his huge ax by throwing various objects at you. First, he will attack you by throwing pink heads, and this is the key element of the whole fight. You should not attack the boss directly but instead should reflect his own projectiles.

To do this, you need to parry one of the heads, which will make it fly off in the direction of the enemy. But the problem is that the head can fly the other way, and then you have to parry it at least one or two more times. Imagine it's a ball.

Three heads will fly around the arena at the same time, but you just focus on one while dodging the others. Also among them will be a skull, which should be avoided by any means. Moreover, you must watch the head you are attacking, because if the head touches the floor, it will disappear and you will have to start over.

After the first successful hit, the task will become much more difficult, as the executioner will start throwing more things at you. In addition to the skull, his ax will begin to scatter sparks that will fly in your direction.

These sparks will always go in a straight line, but they have two heights: a lower one for jumping over, and a higher one for crouching. At first, only sparks will fly that need to be jumped over, but this will soon change.

The key to defeating this boss is not to stay in one place, instead, you have to jump a lot. If you stay in the same position, the heads and skulls will start flying right at you, and it will be much more difficult to run away from them.

Naturally, the Golden Chalice is the best choice here, as a dash-parry will allow you to throw off the pink heads and move to another position at the same time. This way, you will counterattack faster and avoid the rest of the projectiles with ease.

When you defeat the Rook, you will unlock the final mini-boss, the Queen, and receive two gold coins as a reward.


Again, you don't fight the Queen directly. Instead, she moves in the background while you are in the foreground. To your right are three cannons that are constantly moving from one side to the other. You must use them to shoot the boss.

Each cannon has a pink circle on its fuse when the object is ready to be used. Parry the circle and the projectile will fly at the Queen.

However, as mentioned, the cannons are moving all the time, and they will fire in the direction they are facing during your parry. This means that you can miss by sending the core anywhere but at the boss. In addition, the Queen herself moves from side to side, which complicates the task of aiming and calculating.

And that's not it. From time to time you will be attacked by the Queen herself. First, she throws a tower in your direction. It's a big tower that takes up most of the space and you can't jump over it. However, the tower will always be pink, which means that you can parry it and get to the other side.

You can predict this attack: The Queen gives an order to her minions using a specific animation. Just remember it.

In addition, the boss will also throw a lot of small vessels and decorations to be avoided. These are not homing projectiles and they do not fly in all directions at once, so you can stay in one place and focus on the offensive.

The best strategy against this boss is to keep an eye on the positions of the cannons and the Queen. Before firing from a cannon closer to you, you must anticipate the movement of the Queen. For example, if she is at the left end of the area and is about to move to the right, you will have a better chance of hitting her by using the cannon in the middle, which is facing slightly to the left or right in front of the Queen's movement path.

It happens that the Queen stands in one place for some time. And this is a good opportunity to take a direct shot. And you can just shoot from each gun in a row, hoping for chance. They will charge almost at the same time, but such a fight will last longer, and you will have to dodge incoming projectiles for longer.

After defeating the Queen, you will receive three gold coins and the ability to repeat any battle you want by talking to the king. In addition, you can choose an additional option and fight five bosses with one set of lives (which recharge after each battle). However, you will not receive any reward for completing this quest.

A staircase will appear at the beginning of the island, and you can climb it to the secret boss.