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Cuphead: Walkthrough of Bosses (All Bets Are Off)

 A detailed guide to passing the bosses of the third game world Cuphead: how to kill the King of Bones in the casino (roulette)

Welcome to the final stages of Cuphead. I would say that now you are waiting for one of the most difficult challenges of this year's games. Before you can give the Devil what he deserves, you will need to deal with his main assistant - the King of Bones. It is located in the casino, so enter it as soon as you find yourself in the Underworld.

Roulette of death

A difficult part of the game awaits you, consisting of several stages, the number of which mainly depends on your luck. The King of Dice will throw a pink dice at you, which you must stop with a parry. One of three values ​​falls on the dice - "1", "2", "3". Depending on which numbers fell out, you make a move on the roulette dial.

You will have to destroy at least three bosses to get to the final and fight the king himself. We will show you how to choose the most suitable ones.

For the right choice, you need to set yourself up for a quick response.

Roulette of death

If you feel confident in your reflexes, then wait for the right value to appear on the die, and then quickly parry it. Feel the rhythm of the rotation of the dice and soon you will understand how to act in order to knock out the desired digital value.

In three random spaces, you will be given +1 HP. This is a trap that is designed to lure you into a boss fight. Ignore these items. In my playthrough, I managed to land on slots "3", "4", Second Safe, "7", Third Safe and Fin. If you land on the slot before Fin, the game will return you to the beginning of the roulette table. Fortunately, after that, the slot will become safe and hitting it again will not lead to anything bad.

Slot 3 - Cigar

Position yourself on the third slot to fight the giant cigar. This is a very easy fight! There are two ashtrays in the arena - on the left and right sides. The cigar will initially spawn on the right and your character on the left. Shoot the Cigar opposite and dodge the fireballs. When the cigar turns to ash, jump up and dash to another ashtray. Now shoot the cigar from this side.

Slot 4 - Dominoes

This fight is very easy if you have the Chaser weapon. Domino uses a small number of attacks, so run along the conveyor and avoid the spikes. When Domino fires at you, dodge the small bones and parry the pink ones. Attack the enemy and he will soon be defeated.

Slot 7 - Roulette

In position 7, you'll be fighting with a simple roulette that will also allow you to parry some projectiles to stock up on energy before the final battle.

When the fight starts, immediately jump up and parry the platform. When the tape measure starts jumping towards you, then jump over it and parry the platform to land. Another attack that you should avoid is the balls falling from above. Wait for the right moment to slip under them. Keep shooting and soon destroy the enemy.

Boss King of Bones

As soon as you reach the last Fin slot, then don't even try to "relax the rolls", because the battle is not over yet. Now you have to fight with the King of Bones himself. Start shooting him in the head. Fortunately, the King only has one attack. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to avoid it.

So, the king will put his hand on the table to start the attack, then he will start moving two fingers as if walking on the table. Cards will appear from your hand. Contact with cards will hurt you. In addition, they will go in a large column, so jumping all at once will not work.

What to do? Look for pink cards to jump on, parry and fly to the next. So you can fly over the entire column. Once again, Chaser is ideal for this fight.

Of course, you can't do without a bit of luck here, but after the cards are finished, attack the King, and then repeat the steps until he is completely destroyed. Once you deal enough damage, you will destroy the King of Bones once and for all.