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Elden Ring guide - how to complete the White-faced Varre quest chain

 Everything you need to know about the White-Faced Varre questline

Varre's quest in Elden Ring is not tracked in any way and can be easily missed, especially if you're not keen on exploring Interearth thoroughly. Like many NPCs in Elden Ring, Whitefaced Varre's quest line requires you to complete certain conditions before you can proceed to the next step. This is the only way to get the Bloody Finger item, which allows you to invade someone else's game as many times as you want, and it also opens up early access to one of the bosses.

Elden Ring guide - how to complete the White-faced Varre quest chain

You will meet Varre at the beginning of the game, at the first place of grace that you find when you leave the Lost Graveyard. But after some time, having returned here, you will no longer find Varre. Luckily, Varre's quest contains a minimum of steps (especially when compared to Rennie's quest), but there are a few obscure steps, and you may well get stuck trying to figure out where to go next. We tell you what you need to know in order to complete the Varre quest in Elden Ring and how to get to the Mogvin Palace without it.

How to find the Temple of the Roses and talk to Varre again

After you first speak with Varre at the place of grace at the beginning of the game, you will not be able to find him again at the same point until you get to Lake Liurnia. It is also worth noting that you can skip Thunder Veil Castle, but you must definitely defeat Godric the Hundred-Handed, return to the Round Table Keep and talk to Enya, Reader of Fingers, and after Varre will appear in a new place.

The Temple of the Roses is located on a small island south of the Lukaria Paradise Academy. When you speak to Varre at this location, he will ask you about what you saw in Round Table Keep. As a result, he will give you five Rotten Bloody Fingers, and you can continue the quest. If you answer with the option "They were great!", Varre will say that his work is completed. You can talk to him again to change your mind and continue the quest by choosing a different phrase.

Now you need to use Rotten Bloodstained Fingers to invade other players' myos three times. It doesn't matter if you defeat those players whose world is invaded: your PvP skills do not affect the completion of the quest. Once you complete this step, Varre will ask you to join his order. You won't be able to continue this quest if you refuse, so agree to get the Blood Lord's Grace item.

Naturally, you need to soak this cloth with the maid's blood. The easiest way to get to the Temple of Restraint is in the eastern part of Lake Liurnia and southwest of the great Dectus Elevator. The fastest way to get to this location is from the north, so in the lift area, use the Stream to race up the hill towards the cliff-top temple.

There are a lot of enemies to fight through here, but the biggest problem is the Crazy Flaming Tower nearby - if you're familiar with the "Nightmare of Mensis" area from Bloodborne, you'll get the idea. Impacting the tower causes a frenzy effect, so you need to hide from it as much as possible using the terrain. As soon as you pass through the hillside village, be ready to rush to the place of grace in the temple ahead, as your world will be invaded by an NPC.

Once you're safe in the Temple of Restraint, look at the chair next to the place of grace. There is a corpse on the chair and you can get armor. But, more importantly, you can apply Blood Lord's Grace Cloth to the corpse.

An alternate option that requires you to take out the Augmented Scion boss you encountered at the start of the game is through the Four Bell Towers found northwest of Lukaria's Paradise Academy. You can race past the spawning giants to reach the place of grace with four bell towers.

Look for the key on the highest bell tower, then use it on the second tallest tower in the region. This will teleport you to the Augmented Scion. Once you defeat him, cross the bridge and go up the stairs on the left. You can use the girl's corpse to get the servant's blood.

Where to get the Pureblood Knight Medal

Whichever method you choose, return to Varre at the Temple of the Roses. Talk to him and he will hand over the Bloody Finger. Talk to him again to get the Pureblood Knight Medal. This medal is a reusable item that allows you to teleport to the Mogwin Palace, a late game area in the Siofra River area where you will encounter the Mog boss.

If you teleport to the palace using this item, you will find an invasion call sign next to the Dynasty Mausoleum at the middle place of grace, which gives you the opportunity to invade and fight Varre. After defeating him, you will receive the Bouquet of Varre hammer.

How to get to the Mogvin Palace without Varre

You can still get into the Mogwin Palace if you accidentally kill Varre before getting the Pureblood Knight Medal, but only later. There is a portal on the western edge of the Peaks of the Giants area.

The nearest place of grace is the Yellow Anix Tunnel. From here you need to head north, and once you get to the right place, go to the edge of the cliff and find a path that leads down the small southern slope. The trail is well hidden by tilted stone pillars.

Once you find the portal, use it to teleport into the dark tunnel. Follow this path until you come to a rock next to the Mogvin Palace.