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Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Unlock Mercenary Whistle

 The so-called Mercenary Whistle is unlocked later in the game in Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes. We explain the requirements, how it works, and the ideal use of the gadget in detail.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes – Unlock Mercenary Whistle

In this guide to Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes you will learn:

  • How to unlock the mercenary whistle
  • What gameplay benefit it has
  • Which game characters you best give them as gifts and which skills your hero or heroine can acquire as a result

Get and use the Mercenary Whistle

To gain access to the Mercenary Whistle, you must complete the tenth of the 16 chapters in at least one of the three-story campaigns. The leader of each house will then engage you in conversation and you will receive the object of desire in the form of a gift.

You can then gift the whistle to any other friendly character. In return, your hero or heroine will receive a special accessory. Once you equip this, your Action Signature Skill (SR key) will be overwritten with the giftee's Action Signature Skill.

Used correctly, you adapt the maneuvers of your character even better to your playing style. For example, if you gift the Mercenary Whistle to Byleth, you can take its Freeze ability and use it to your advantage in battle from now on. But be careful: The mercenary arrows are only available once per campaign run and cannot be transferred to a new game plus.

The gifting of the mercenary whistle also only works when the support rank between your protagonist and the person to be gifted has reached level A. Characters with lower support ranks cannot accept the Mercenary Whistle and therefore cannot give you access to their action signature skill.

How can I improve the support rank?

You can find detailed tips on how to do this in our Fire Emblem Three Hopes: 8 Tips to Get Started guide. In short, the following rule of thumb applies: It is best to focus on regularly dining with the appropriate team member in camp, giving him or her suitable gifts, and engaging in other joint activities.

This includes camp work, but also an invitation to an expedition. If you answer the various multiple-choice questions correctly during an expedition, the support rank between you and this character increases noticeably. Furthermore, it helps to determine the desired person as a partner during a battle and to carry out partner special attacks together again and again.

Who should I gift the mercenary whistle to?

Who you give the Mercenary Whistle to is heavily dependent on your playstyle and how you want to customize it. In the following, we tell you the action signature skills of different characters. This way you can better assess whether gifting the Mercenary Arrows to this character is worthwhile and what Action Signature Skill you will receive in return.

Blue Lions:

Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd: With Dimitri's signature action skill, you temporarily boost your attacks with lightning.

Dedue Molinaro: Using Dedue's action signature skill, holding down the ZR button on a strong attack intensifies its impact, dealing additional damage.

Felix Fraldarius: If you dodge attacks in time after activating Felix's action signature skill, your speed will increase for a certain period of time. The more times you successfully dodge, the faster you will become. After seven evasive maneuvers, the maximum speed is reached.

Mercedes von Martritz: Successful attacks with Mercedes' Action Signature Skill cause a small amount of lost Health to be restored and the Signature Skill gauge to fill up. Once completely full, a press of the ZR button is enough, and allies are healed while enemies take damage.

Ingrid Brandl Galatea: Enemies thrown into the air explode, dealing ice damage in a predetermined area.

Golden Deer:

Claude von Riegan: Claude's action signature skill empowers your attacks with wind that knocks enemies back.

Hilda Valentine Goneril: Holding down the ZR button during powerful attacks increases attack damage and is also boosted by lightning energy. In addition, it attracts enemies in the immediate vicinity.

Ignatz Victor: Ignatz's action signature skill knocks enemies into the air and then to the ground. The latter is soaked with paint. If a unit runs into the colored ground area, it will suffer damage that matches the respective element color.

Leonie Pinelli: With her unique skill, you chain regular attacks together. The speed of your attacks increases temporarily based on the consecutive hits. In addition, the signature skill strengthens the final attack of the attack.

Marianne von Edmund: After 300 or more hits, balls of ice fall onto the battlefield at intervals, dealing ice damage.

Raphael Kirsten: Once activated, Raphael's signature action skill charges up and buffs attacks for a set amount of time. Especially useful if your hero uses a weapon that does a lot of damage.

Black eagles

Caspar von Bergliez: Holding down the ZR button while performing a powerful attack increases range and damage dealt by a full level.

Edelgard von Hresvelg: Edelgard's action signature skill imbues your attacks with fire.

Ferdinand von Aegir: After 300 hits or more, there is a speed boost relative to the current hit count.

Linhardt von Hevring: If you complete a regular attack after activation, it creates two wind globes that attack nearby enemies.