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Guide to fast leveling in Allods Online

 We tell you how to take the top level in a short time

Allods Online has a very beautiful and original world full of interesting locations and quests. If you are an ordinary casual player, then I strongly recommend pumping as intended by the developers, and not rush forward headlong. Slowly traveling through the lands of Sarnuath is a pleasure. However, not everyone has the time or desire for this. Some players want to quickly find themselves at the maximum level in order to start playing top content and participate in serious competitive PvP. In the event that you are one of these hardcore players, then this guide was created just for you.

Leveling from 1 to 25 level

First of all, you need to decide on the choice of race. For optimal pumping speed, you should take Praiden. The fact is that the plot missions of the Prydens are completed much faster than those of other races. The difference in the length of the missions is so great that by creating Praiden we save ten hours, if not more. If you are allergic to cats, then in the future the race can be changed.

Leveling from 1 to 25 level

We take as many secondary quests as possible and complete them for Fate Points. Destiny Points is a special system that allows you to instantly turn in quests, receiving a full reward. Of course, this greatly increases the pumping speed. There are several add-ons that will automatically accept and turn in quests for Fate Points.

At the end of the storyline, you need to go to the list of guilds and find one where the buff for + 20% of the experience gained is open (the description of the guild always indicates that the guild has this milestone open). Contact the leader and join the guild. Most likely you will be immediately taken into it, since such guilds exist just for quick experience in farming.

Leveling from 26 to 60 level

It's time to go to the Timeless. Start getting used to the local landscapes, because you will have to hang out here for a long time. This is a separate instance, designed for farming, including solo. In this location, you need to take the quest "The Bulwark of Light". During this quest, we will earn the lion's share of the necessary experience, and you can take it again and again. The difficulty lies in the fact that first this quest must be found, and in the Timelessness, there are a bunch of other quests that do not interest us. To save precious time, you can download another add-on called MysteriousLandSkip, which will skip all quests except those that we specify in the settings (you can find the settings nuances on the add-on page).

The Bulwark of Light quest itself is quite simple and consists of clearing waves of mobs. Actually, due to the large number of elite mobs, it turns out to farm experience so quickly. During the quest, an ally, the Spirit of Light, is fighting with us, who will quickly deal with enemies without our help. We just need to hit each of them at least once in order to "tag" them and get experience for killing. It is safest to use ranged abilities. The further, the stronger the mobs, so be as careful as possible. Use high ground so mobs can't reach you. When the usual mobs run out and the bosses go, it's better to exit the instance and take the quest again, since it takes a lot of time to kill the bosses, and not enough experience is given for them.

The ability to kite mobs and find safe points on the map will play a decisive role in the effectiveness of pumping in the Aftertime. If you need to take some time to get your hands on it, then it's worth it. It will be easiest to level as a Priest or another ranged class, although this method is suitable for leveling any character if he has the ability to attack from a distance.

In the event that you created an account through a referral link (I strongly recommend doing this), then you should have plenty of chests with equipment. Free gear should be enough for comfortable pumping.

Leveling from 60 to 70 level

At level 60, we approach the postman and take the quest that sends us to Avilon. In Avilon, we need to visit the Galleon Palace. As soon as we do this, the path to the previously inaccessible Allod Ferris will open for us. In this location, we will need to follow the main storyline, since it is really interesting in Ferris. You don't need to perform any special tricks on this stretch of pumping. We just turn in quests in the Ice of Doom until we get level 68.

After level 68 has been upgraded, we have to return to the painfully familiar Timelessness and continue to swing by the already known method, reaching level 70.

Leveling from 70 to 95 level

At level 70, another letter arrives. We get it from the mailbox and go to the Ammr zone. Here we also have to complete the entire main storyline. In addition to the yellow quests, do not forget to close the white quests using Fate Points, which should have accumulated in abundance by this point. Of course, no one bothers to complete the side quests "honestly", but then we will swing much longer. By the way, here's a useful trick for you: you can close the white quest for Fate Points, gain experience, then cancel the quest in the Quest Book, take it again and so on ad infinitum.

In the end, after a lot of story quests, we will reach the mission Operation: Infinity. At this point, you can quit going through the storyline and go ... yes, back to the Timelessness. If you're not in the mood to farm mobs in the Aftertime, you can continue to do quests in Ammr, but closer to level 90, the rewards for quests become too scarce and not worth the time spent on them.

Leveling from 95 to 100 level

We are at the finish line. We get three more letters from the mailbox. The first one came at level 40 and contains an item that takes us to the Gipat Shard location. We are also interested in the last and penultimate letter in the mail.

It's time to go to Eden. Since we are talking about a whole new world outside of Sarnaut, getting there will not be so easy.

Leveling at an accelerated pace has its drawbacks, one of which is the lack of open teleports for our character, since we missed a bunch of story missions.

To reach Eden, you must first get to the desert Suslanger. The path to Suslanger is also booked for us, and first we will have to find the NPC living on the Gipat Shard. We use the stone from the letter and find ourselves in the first zone of the Gipat Shard. We reach the Village and start a conversation with Veronica Gipatskaya, after which we finally get to Suslanger.

Then comes a series of story quests that will take us to the Old City. It is better to complete the plot, even if it does not give a lot of experience, because otherwise the character will be constantly thrown to NPCs that issue quests, which will seriously complicate our life. So, having completed all the story quests, we will get to Eden - a new location and the last point on our journey. It remains only to complete a dozen or two tasks in Eden and your character will reach level 100.

What's next?

So you have reached the maximum level, but it's too early to celebrate. First, you will have to return to the very beginning of the game and go through the entire storyline, because without this you will not receive the Milestones necessary for a full-fledged game. Fortunately, a level 100 character will complete all low-level tasks with lightning speed, so the whole process will take very little time.

For everything about everything, if you are not a complete beginner in the MMORPG genre, it will take you one weekend. With proper skill and the presence of a couple of cans of energy drinks, you can manage to pump even in one day. Well, then it’s up to the small: learn to play for your class, since one day will definitely not be enough for this.