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How to complete Crainer's mission in Youtubers Life 2

How to complete Crainer's mission in Youtubers Life 2

 it's a Boooat Time! It is one of those Youtubers Life 2 side missions that is divided into several parts, where we have the collaboration of the famous youtuber Crainer, who needs help finding a boat that will return him to his dimension through a portal that is in the rough sea from the Port of NewTube City.

Although the mission is not that complicated, it requires time and knowledge about the sites of the city, since most of the objectives consist of obtaining certain special objects. However, with our complete Youtubers Life 2 guide we are going to show you step by step all the guidelines that you must follow to make this much easier and faster.

Crainer's mission to return him to his dimension in Youtubers Life 2

You can get Crainer in front of The Fisherman store, when you talk to him the first task he will send you is to record a video with Tendencia #Puerto so that you can upload it to your NewTube channel. Later, he will tell you that he needs a boat to get home and that Captain Vain can help. Therefore, you have to talk to the aforementioned character and ask him if it is possible for him to lend his boat to Crainer. Although he is ready to lend us a hand, he is going to need some materials to finish repairing it, so below, we explain where he can find them.

How to find Squid Ink in Youtubers Life 2

One of the first things that Captain Vain will ask you is to look for "Squid Ink", you can buy this drink in a restaurant called "The Kraken" located in the lower right corner of the Port map, just in front of the dock of Dock 54.

How to find a Hanger in Youtubers Life 2

The next thing is to acquire a Hanger or Clothes Hook, this if you can acquire it in Kiwi since in Seef Surfer there will be no hangers available for you.

Once you have these materials, you must take them to Captain Vain to repair the boat so that Crainer can go to his dimension. As a reward, you will keep the fish of the famous Youtuber called Floppy that you must take care of until you see him again.