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How to dress a beginner at level 100 in Allods Online

How to dress a beginner at level 100 in Allods Online

How to quickly get dressed so that your character is ready for any challenge!

The first thing everyone who reaches level 100 in Allods Online wants is to find the right gear for themselves. After all, dressing up your character is one of the most important aspects of any MMORPG.

All equipment in the game is divided into 3 ranks or tiers, not counting the initial zero. As the rank increases, the power of items and, accordingly, the strength of the character increases. You can dress up well in Allods Online quite quickly if you know where to go and what activities to focus on. That is what this guide will be about.

First steps

You just got level 100. The first step is to take a free container with initial equipment. To do this, you need to find the NPC standing next to the Relic Master in the Astral Academy. We take the chest from him, open it and get the equipment. All things from this box are rank 0, that is, the weakest. A start has been made and now your character will have enough strength to start playing “in a serious way”.

astral islands

Having received some kind of gear, we have the opportunity to start farming the Astral Islands. There you can get gear 1 rank.

Astral Islands are the most popular farming method. You can enter the Astral through the Adventure tab, after which you will find yourself on a separate map with a group of the same players. At least as it should ideally be, however, sometimes it is not possible to quickly find a complete group. In this case, you can plug holes in the squad with the help of NPC mercenaries.

On the Astral Islands, boxes of equipment are falling. In order to open them, you need to spend Astral Keys. Every day everyone gets 14 keys, which limits the pace of farming. That is why it is better not to limit yourself to traveling to the Islands alone, although you will spend the lion's share of your time here.

In addition to the equipment itself, special resources can be obtained on the Islands, including Enchanted Shards, which are used to create other gear in the future. In addition to the resources for crafting items, you will need blanks that you can either create yourself by upgrading the appropriate profession or buy from an artisan at an auction.


Another way to earn new gear is Distortions. Unlike the Astral Islands, Distortions require a small group of up to 3 characters, and if desired, they can be completely soloed.

In the Distortions, a certain amount of resources drops, including Dust of Creation, and you can also knock out new equipment there with a small degree of probability.

In addition, Insignia is mined in Distortions to change characteristics, which will certainly be useful in the future.


Each guild has the opportunity to build a Stronghold and populate the Guardian there. The Keeper is a boss, having dealt with which you will receive resources for crafting equipment. Keeper Farm is an additional way to get Dust of creation and Essences of the worlds. Another reason to quickly find a guild.

For PvP lovers

Allods Online has a huge amount of various PvE content, but PvP has always played a special role in the game. So if you prefer fights with your own kind to battles with mobs, then you will have something to do. However, in order to get dressed as quickly as possible, PvE and PvP must be combined.

Ruins of Al-Riyat. This is a huge location with a bunch of different activities. Here you can buy equipment and Insignia to improve items.

Battles are an activity in which PvP battles take place. The goal of the match can be to capture a flag, a point, or a golem. Achievement marks obtained in random Battles can be used to buy equipment from a PvP vendor.

Once a week, a battle enters Chaos mode. In these battles, modifiers appear that change the look of the battle. Such Battles are of particular interest to us, as additional rewards are issued for them, so try to never miss them.

An arena with 3v3 or 6v6 fights is suitable for those who just want to fight other players. Battles take place on small maps, and the team that destroys all opponents wins.

The arena of death is a huge battlefield where two raids of 24 people each fight. The most massive PvP in Allods Online.

Jun catacombs are one of the most beloved PvP modes in the game. It combines elements of PvE and PvP. The match takes place in three stages. First, you need to find the mob and kill it, then come first in the race, overtaking other players, and then just defeat all rivals in a desperate fight "all against all".

Dominion is a battle between two guilds, requiring teamwork from all members of the group. Players are required to capture and hold points by fighting in a 6v6 or 12v12 format. Dominion tools can be obtained for victory, which breaks Enchanted Shards. The latter, in turn, are issued for the use of Astral Keys.


It's time to go up a notch and enter the first raid. The Observatory raid (or OBS, as it is more commonly called) will allow us to get equipment of rank 2, as well as farm Essences of the worlds.

In the Observatory, you have to fight 4 bosses for defeating which you will receive gear, resources, artifacts, as well as the items necessary to improve them.

The observatory has three difficulty levels: easy, medium, and hard. On an easy level, you can assemble a team automatically. The higher the difficulty, the greater the reward. Just keep in mind that you can only get a reward for killing the boss for the first time in a week, so hanging out at the Observatory all day does not make sense. Bosses in OBS reset and change every Thursday.

Improving things

It's not enough just to get equipment - it needs to be improved. Initially, items will have 100% effectiveness, but it can be increased to a value of 115%. The effectiveness of items is increased by the Insignia of heroes. These important resources can be purchased from PvP vendors. Before opening the chest with Insignia, it is better to activate the Replicator.

If there is no desire to go to PvP, but you want to get Insignia, then the Compass of the Hero is waiting for you. This is nothing but complicated Astral Islands. To complete the Heroic Adventure, you will need a good group and knowledge of battle tactics. When killing bosses, bags with Insignia of heroes drop.

In this mode, the Astral Islands are divided into levels. The higher the level, the more difficult the fights and the better the drop-down Insignia.

Nihaza Citadel

Even after doing all of the above, you will still encounter characters with higher equipment ratings. These players are wearing the third and final item rank that drops in the Nihaz Citadel raid. Such gear is hard to get, and farming will require a lot of effort and time since the bosses in this raid are much more difficult than in that Observatory.

We are talking about the top PvE content for the passage of which you will need a permanent played group of 12 people. Nihaz Citadel drops both rank 3 equipment and related resources, including Dust of Creation and Essences of the Worlds.


Separately, it is worth talking about Artifacts. They are divided into three types: PvP, PvE, and main. If everything is clear with the first two, then the main artifact, called the Legacy of the Gods, is a separate issue. Once you get the Legacy of the Gods, you are unlikely to shoot it often, as it is suitable for all classes and provides a bunch of the most necessary characteristics.

First, the Legacy of the Gods will need to be crafted. To do this, you need to farm Dream Gifts (obtained from the Dust of the Universe) and the Essence of the Worlds, after which the artifact is created on the Anvil of Artifacts. Further, the main artifact can be pumped up to level 100. To do this, you will need all the same Dream Gifts and Essences of the world. Both resources are mined by different methods, including those described above.

How important is the equipment?

If you mainly do dailies and are not going to join a serious guild, then rank 1 gear will be enough for you. However, everyone who wants to achieve some significant success in the Dominion or perform complex PvE content will not be able to do without cool equipment. The difference between a green rookie and a dressed player is more than significant, so if you want results, you will have to be patient and farm. I hope that with this guide the process will go a little faster.