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How to erase the memory of enemies in Youtubers Life 2

How to erase the memory of enemies in Youtubers Life 2

 Developing a life in Youtubers Life 2 takes time, especially since we have to make new friends to help us on the journey of becoming a great NewTube City youtuber. As we advance in our social relationships, the bonds of friendship become stronger, either because we are aware of them daily or because we help them in certain missions.

In the same way, just as we create bonds of friendship, an enmity can also be reached by various means. For example, one of the ways to do this is to divorce someone and stop living with them. Whatever the reason, it will be difficult to rebuild your friendship with that person, and that is why there is the "Memory Eraser" that will help you solve this problem, so we leave you the tips to do the procedure in our Youtubers Life 2 complete guide.

Why do you have to erase someone's memory in Youtubers Life 2

When a person becomes your enemy, you can no longer do certain actions with them and they will always stay angry with you. You can only talk and take photos, but not give gifts, which will make it very difficult to increase the hearts in the friendship relationship and will not let you continue getting missions from this person.

Where to buy the device to erase memory in Youtubers Life 2

As a solution, Dr. Ermingaut has created a device similar to that of the Men in Black, which allows people to have their memories erased so that they can become friends again. This one is called the "Er-Brainlyzer", it is small and it is priced at 10,000 Coins in the Er-Tech technology shop. You just have to buy it to add it to your inventory and start using it.

How to clear the memory in Youtubers Life 2

Once you buy the Er-Brainlyzer you have to go to where the enemy is, get close to him, and press "Clear Memory". Immediately, the character will forget everything about you, he will even reintroduce himself when you speak again as if nothing had happened before. This also implies consequences such as having to redo the quests the character asks for from scratch while restoring friendship by increasing the level of hearts.

When doing the memory wipe, the Er-Brainlyzer will disappear from your inventory, as it can only be used once. That is, if you are going to erase the memory of 3 enemies, you will need 3 Er-Brainlyzers (30,000 Coins).