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How to find Captain Vain's lost item in Youtubers Life 2


How to find Captain Vain's lost item in Youtubers Life 2

Among the companions of the Port that will accompany us during various adventures is Captain Vain, a sailor who has had many missions through the ocean in search of treasures, and who is also the owner of the fishing shop "The Fisherman". In this place, we will always be able to find him selling his products, and one of the first things he will ask us after interacting with him is that we help him.

Like the other inhabitants, if we get between 1 and 2 hearts by talking to Captain Vain, he will give us a task that is mainly based on finding a very important object that has been lost. However, he does not give us any explanations other than that he can be found with the trash on the beach. So that you lose time, in our complete Youtubers Life 2 guide we are going to show you where you can get it without going around the Port of NewTube City so many times.

Where is Captain Vain's lost item in Youtubers Life 2

When talking to Captain Vain you will only get a clue, because according to the character Agora, the owner of the Treasure Truck has something to do with the disappearance of her object, since she may have collected garbage from the beach before you arrived. However, if you go to talk to her she will explain that he hasn't gotten anything that belongs to Captain Vain, and if you try to buy a Trash Bag for Vain, it won't do any good because he won't be there.

Since the lost item is not with Agora, your second option is to search along the shoreline of the beach. The lost item is a Travel Journal of a castaway, you can find it at the left end of the entire beach, right by the rocks that are near the Calypso Beach Bar. You have to pick it up by pressing "Pick up" and take it to Captain Vain, giving it to him as "Dar gift". It should be noted that this can be sold for 300 Coins, but it is better that you complete the mission because the reward will give you more of this resource.

When you bring the Travel Journal to Captain Vain, he will give you a Pirate flag that you can display in your house, or sell it for a certain amount of Coins. This will open up new quests related to the sea that will also make you interact with Famous Youtubers like Crainer. Remember that it is good to know how to place orders on Youtubers Life 2 to make long-distance purchases with Amazing-On. In addition, it would be good for you to upgrade your Drone to go smoothly in all the maritime missions that you have to do around the Port.