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How to find Katzia's trunk in Youtubers Life 2

How to find Katzia's trunk in Youtubers Life 2

 In NewTube City we are going to meet many people who are going to be present throughout the process of our career as YouTubers. Little by little, we are going to strengthen these friendships that grant secondary missions and allow us to unlock new things throughout Youtubers Life 2.

One of the characters that we will eventually meet is Katzia, a mutant girl who stands out for her interesting green skin. Normally, during the time of Halloween, she usually appears in various places in the Center, also in Player 1 when there are special events. Regardless of the place where you found it, the first mission that it will ask you is to bring it into a trunk, although you will need to search many areas to find it, so so you do not waste time in our complete Youtubers Life guide 2 you can see where to buy it.

Where to find Katzia's trunk in Youtubers Life 2

In the event that you have not found Katzia anywhere in the city, you will have to go to her house, so you have to learn how to access the Center Sewers. Yes, this character is positioned in this secret area and very few people can get close. When you enter and talk to her, she will tell you that she urgently needs a large trunk to put some things.

To find it you have to go to the Port and approach Agora's Treasure Truck (it's near the Tent). Click on "View Store", a catalog will open with many strange things that can only be purchased on this site. Here you must select "Treasure Chest" , it has a price of 5,000 Coins. Having it in your inventory you have to take it to the Sewers and give it to Katzia. As a reward you will get an exclusive Geektopia poster, in addition, you will start the new missions that Edgar prepares for you.