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How to find the underground plan of the Mayor in Youtubers Life 2

How to find the underground plan of the Mayor in Youtubers Life 2

 In NewTube City we find all kinds of characters that day after day go to carry out their work in different parts of the city. In the case of the Mayor, her mission is to make sure that all the inhabitants are well and that the laws are followed to the letter, although sometimes there will be problems with a crime where you will have to help.

One of the tasks that the Mayor is going to ask you to do is to find the underground plan of NewTube City to obtain information about the whereabouts of the thief that is hiding in the sewers. She is only going to give you some clues, but they may not be helpful if you do not know all the locations of Youtubers Life 2, so in our complete guide to the game, we have compiled the tips that will lead you to fulfill this important mission for the city.

Where to find the underground city plan in Youtubers Life 2

It is very possible that you have confused the underground plan with the one in Katsia's house in the Center Sewers, but it is not really that one. When you communicate with the Mayor, one of the things she comments on is that the underground plan might be in some special collector's place. Of course, the only collector you might meet is Edgar, who runs the Geektopia shop, which has a door you can't get to.

What you are looking for is behind said door, because here is the Geektopia Basement where Edgar keeps his most precious collectibles. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is try to open this secret door, earning the trust of the owner, it is something that takes time, although you can see the tips in our guide to unlock it more quickly.

Once this is done, in the corner where the boxes are near the door, there is going to be the underground plan on the floor. You have to click on "Collect" and take it to the Mayor to finish the mission, she will give you a Mount Tibi Candle Holder as a reward.

This is one of the missions that will open the way for you to unlock the entrance to Dr. Ermingaut's Secret Laboratory, which is the same space you have to go to to overcome the NT Codes mission.