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How to fish in Youtubers Life 2

How to fish in Youtubers Life 2

 Just as there are alternative activities to the missions, such as the Dancing Challenge, doing graffiti, or exercising, you can also fish in Youtubers Life 2. Without a doubt, it is a good way to clear your mind and try something new in the game, especially when the #Fishing trend is active.

Although it is not something difficult to do, you will need some recommendations so that the fishing is carried out correctly. In our complete Youtubers Life 2 guide, we have all the steps you need to enjoy this new experience with many fish.

What are the fishing materials in Youtubers Life 2

In order to fish, some materials are required such as the Fishing Box and a Rod, both objects can be purchased at The Fisherman store where Captain Vain is (in the Port neighborhood). In addition, you can also get the expert diver suit so you can wear the right outfit for the activity.

How to learn to fish in Youtubers Life 2

Once you get the materials you have to leave the store and go to the chair that is on the right side of the other chair in the corner. Here it will say "Fishing" you have to press this action and immediately the character will start using the fishing equipment to get fish.

There is no trick or tactic to catch something, you just have to do the action until one falls on the rod and you can acquire it, however, this happens very rarely, since the activity is done mostly to use the #Fishing trend. On the other hand, the season of the year influences the results, for example, there are more chances to get something in summer than in winter.