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How to Get All Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Achievements - 100% All Secrets

 Here's How To Unlock All Achievements, Achievements, And Trophies In The New Cuphead DLC

The highly anticipated expansion Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course was recently released, expanding the game with even more bosses, weapons, and challenges. The DLC includes 14 new trophies and achievements, and while some of them are directly related to the story objectives you complete as you progress through the game, the rest are real challenges that will test your parrying skills and make you fall in love with the playstyle of the new character, Golden bowls. The expansion also features hidden levels, S-rank speed runs, and a cursed, broken relic that you don't know what to do with.

How to Get All Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Achievements - 100% All Secrets

Rest at nature

Defeat all the bosses of the Fourth Ink Island. Sounds simple enough, right? The Delicious Last Course adds five main bosses to the game: thus, it is enough to defeat these five to unlock the achievement. You can do this for any character - Mug, Cup, or Golden Cup. All bosses are connected to the storyline, so they (like the achievement) cannot be missed, and for maximum effectiveness, all five bosses can be defeated in the order that they appear in the overworld: Contra Gang, Colt Drill, Grimmountain Giant, Mortimer Frostbite and the Howling Aces.


Get A rank or higher on all bosses of the Fourth Ink Isle. Not an easy task, but not difficult either. The requirements for A-rank per level remain the same: players must defeat the boss in less than two minutes on normal difficulty, save at least 3 hearts, and land three parries and six special attacks. The absence of one (or two) requirements may be leveled by other achievements. This counts both secret bosses DLC counts and if you ask Jimmy the Great for more HP it will invalidate the progress.

alive and well

Defeat Miss Chalice boss. After you can launch the new add-on, put on the Astral Cookie amulet and use the Miss Cup. Defeating any of the main bosses in the Ink Isles (from first to fourth) counts, including battles with bosses from the expansion and original opponents such as Cala Maria and Baroness Bon-Bon.


Defeat 10 Miss Chalice bosses. We are talking about the destruction of only the main bosses: you do not need to pass the tests of the king, and even more so to kill the secret boss in hell. The simplest solution? Equip one of the new weapons introduced in the latest expansion and defeat all bosses in Ink Isles I and II on Easy or Normal difficulty.

golden touch

Defeat the boss with one of the Miss Chalice Supers. Miss Chalice's first Super is the best option. The character fires a vertical destructive beam that can be used against bosses such as the Contra Gang Snail.

The latest in fashion

Defeat the boss with one of the new Pigskin weapons. The game has not only new bosses but also fresh weapons, including Converge, Crackshot, and Twist-Up. Use it, especially in this way you will be able to get other achievements, including "Ranger" and "Decay".

Step and Checkmate

Defeat all Champions of the King of Games. Climbing up the rope ladder dropped from the sky, talk to the Game King to unlock the Champion mini-boss series. You have to fight with "chess" pieces in an unusual way. These are Pawns, Knight, Bishop, Rook, and Queen. The catch is that you are forbidden to use amulets and abilities, so to win the Chalice, Cup or Golden Chalice will have to use banal parries. This is a difficult task, but playing as the Golden Chalice will make it easier to fight literally any boss since she can parry when making dashes.

King's Delight

Defeat the Gauntlet of the King. After defeating the champions, the Game King will introduce a new challenge called "The Gauntlet", which requires you to complete all five mini-bosses in sequence (without errors). This is a tribute to King Dice and casino mini-bosses: the fact is that if you fail, you will restart the challenge. As always, it is worth relying on the abilities of the Golden Chalice.

Thanks Chef

Complete your quest on the Fourth Ink Island. This is about completing the storyline: defeating all five main bosses of the Fourth Ink Island and collecting five ingredients for a miracle cake, which will unlock the secret DLC antagonist, Chef Solonkin. The final showdown in his bakery is one of Cuphead's toughest boss fights, but it can be made a little easier with Crackshot, the Golden Chalice, and, of course, some luck.

Prepare for Ideal

Get S rank on any level of the Fourth Ink Island. As in the main game, S-rank can only be obtained on the Expert difficulty level, which is unlocked after beating the main story and making a deal with the Devil. The criteria for obtaining it are about the same as in the case of the A-rank, and the easiest option for the Fourth Island is Contra-gang.

show off

Defeat the boss on the Fourth Ink Isle without killing his minions. The key point here is "minions": small enemies that appear on almost all bosses, at every stage, and significantly complicate the battle. It will be difficult to deliberately avoid enemies who, on the contrary, are trying to attack you. However, the best choice for the Fourth Island will be the battle against the Boer on the Colt. You just have to make sure you don't kill the mini-cow spitting green cactus.


Have 9 HP. The fastest way to get the "Healthy" achievement is to put on the "Double Heart" amulet before the boss fight and summon Jimmy the Great to grant one of his wishes and reward you with an additional 3 HP. Pay attention to the Golden Cup. You can also use a heart ring.

A terrible night for a curse

Survive a Nightmare (hidden description). To unlock the first secret of the DLC, players will need the Broken Relic Amulet from the Piggy Hide Shop, as it is required to solve the puzzle in the southeastern part of the Fourth Ink Isle. In a separate guide, we tell you how to solve the puzzle with gravestones and a broken relic.


Obtain great power (Secret). Obtaining the Awful Night for Cursing achievement unlocks an amulet called Cursed Relic, a contraption that reduces your health to 1 and randomly changes weapons every time you stop shooting. This is a modifier that nullifies the others when used, but defeating seven or more bosses on normal or expert level turns it into a divine relic that restores 3 HP and adds even more abilities such as coffee, a grindstone, a smoke bomb, and a new ring with heart.