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How to get divorced in Youtubers Life 2

How to get divorced in Youtubers Life 2

 To get married in Youtubers Life 2 you have to make a great effort on the part of the characters that make up the couple. This takes time and a long process to come true, but just as everything begins, it can also end, especially if the romantic relationship is no longer working or becomes boring.

If you are looking for a way to separate from your partner, then you will be happy to know that you can divorce her whenever you want, although this requires a series of steps that you may not know about. For this reason, in our complete Youtubers Life 2 guide we leave you the complete procedure so that you can ask for a divorce in NewTube City.

Where to File for a Divorce on Youtubers Life 2

If you are ready to leave your partner behind in Youtubers Life 2, what you have to do is travel to the Town Hall and talk to the receptionist. This will give you a list of options, so you will have to click on "File for a Divorce". Obviously, to do it you must first be married because if you are not, the receptionist will tell you that the action cannot be fulfilled.

This will tell you who you are currently married to and will give you the option to think it over because it is a very difficult decision. Here you must select "I think so, there is no longer anything that unites us" so that your request will be immediately registered. The procedures are carried out effectively the next day, so that day of the request will be the last with your marriage partner.

What happens when there is a divorce in Youtubers Life 2?

When you end a marriage with a divorce, your partner is going to move out of the house, and with them, the extra room is added when you move in together. In addition, your bed becomes single again and the couple will no longer have access to your house. Regarding the relationship, all hearts are lost, and this ex-partner immediately becomes your enemy. In fact, when you talk to her, she answers you are annoyed, and she will not allow you to give her a gift, if you want to get her back, it will take a long time to fill her heart again.

After this, you can remarry following the same procedure that you did with your previous partner.