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How to go to exclusive Dock 54 parties in Youtubers Life 2

How to go to exclusive Dock 54 parties in Youtubers Life 2

 These are the requirements to attend the secret meetings of Dock 54 in Youtubers Life 2.

In Youtubers Life 2, the inhabitants of the city usually participate in many activities on a daily basis, and one of them is going to parties anywhere depending on the time of year. Although Galaxy Disco is the site that is always active with this type of event, there is another that stands out for its exclusive meetings.

Dock 54 is a secret location in the Harbor where parties are held here with some guests from NewTube City, but only on certain days of the month. In our complete Youtubers Life 2 guide, we have all the information you need so you can reach this area without problems.

When can you go to Dock 54 in Youtubers Life 2?

Dock 4 parties are only held 4 times a year , since you can go to them the first weekend of each month, thus being the most complicated place in terms of opening hours. Therefore, your mission is to keep an eye on the days of the calendar so that you know when the doors are open in Dock 54, and in this way, you can access the yacht where the meetings are held. In fact, here you can complete some missions related to some friends in the city.

There is no other way to enter Dock 54.