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How to help Nikki see the truth and get her out of the promise in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy


How to help Nikki see the truth and get her out of the promise in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy has several story missions that require the player to be smart to complete. In this guide, we will detail how to get Nikki out of the promise in chapter 15.

The beginning of an illusion. What to do first

Near the end of the game, Raker will take over Nikki's mind with purple energy. In this case, the hero will be in an illusion along with the girl - Peter will have to help her get out of the promise on her own. Once Nikki wakes up Star-Lord, the player needs to complete a few simple tasks.

Perform the following steps one by one:

  1. Exit the room and talk to Nikki.
  2. In the conversation, select "Be Careful".
  3. Light the candles on the cake.
  4. Activate the projector with the button and press the keys indicated on the screen to adjust the focus of the device.
  5. Run to the back room, pick up the gift, and put it on the table.
  6. After talking with the girl, go to the big door and talk to Ko-Rel.

Damage to items. How to Prepare Nikki

After talking with the girl's mother, the player must help Nikki find out the truth and get her out of her promise. This will require you to break some items to ruin the holiday.

Follow a few simple steps:
  • Talk to Nikki after meeting Ko-Rel.
  • Throw the cake on the floor.
  • Break the projector.
  • Get rid of the gift.

Conversation with Nikki. How to get out of the illusion

Once the holiday is ruined, Peter Quill needs to talk to the kid. The girl will say a few rude phrases and inform the hero that she hates him. The player will have to choose the right dialogue lines to calm Nikki and help her get out of the illusion. Sequencing:

  1. After destroying the items, approach Nikki and press the appropriate button to start a dialogue.
  2. Select the item "Help her sort out her emotions". The girl gets angry with Peter and tries to fix the ruined cake.
  3. Use the option "Ease her conscience". The hero will calm Nikki, and a strange sound will be heard behind the big blue door.
  4. After knocking on the door, select Trust Nikki. The girl will believe Star-Lord, put a candle in the cake and get out of the promise.
Please note that if the player makes a mistake, the illusion will restart. Quill will have to do all the activities for the holiday again and talk to the child again.

Once the promise is broken, Nikki will break out of Raker's bonds and confront him. The Guardians of the Galaxy will save the girl, and later face the villain.