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How to solve the well puzzle in MADiSON

 We tell you where to find the correct combination of symbols for the three locks on the well behind the basement of the house.

MADiSON is a first-person horror game with puzzle elements and lots of atmospheric, scary moments. The addictive MADiSON experience is sure to appeal to all PT fans, although there are some adjustments for the difficulty associated with the many puzzles.

How to solve the well puzzle in MADiSON

For example, in MADiSON there is an additional level of difficulty, depending on which the gameplay tips and the difficulty of the enemies that you have to face in the game change. Luckily, the puzzle solutions remain the same, so you should be able to solve your first real puzzle without too much trouble.

If you are trying to complete the game on a high difficulty level, you need to use the camera as often as possible. Almost everywhere. This is due to the fact that in easy mode, players see visual cues indicating where to use the camera, but there are simply no visual cues in hard difficulty.

Finding clues for the well puzzle

The well puzzle will be discovered after Luka goes through the creepy basement and opens the red door, but the solution can be found right at the very beginning of the game. When Luca enters the room with the TV and the messages scratched on the wall, a red safe can be found in the next room, containing an audio cassette. In addition, this safe will be used to store temporarily unnecessary items, since Luka can carry no more than 8 items.

Returning to the room prior to the safe, note the large wall symbol with question marks and empty circles; take a picture of this circuit to see some important details (there are many invisible elements in MADiSON that only become visible in photographs). Go to the dining room, which will turn off the electricity, and Luka will have to enter the basement, where the stairs lead at the end of the red corridor.

Once power is restored, Luka will be able to interact with the cassette player in the dining room and listen to audio cassette #1. After the recording ends, a cutscene will play and Luka will experience what appears to be a migraine, after which a new image will appear in his diary. This image leads to the basement, where the very red door is located.

If you return to the basement and walk past the generator, you can find a narrow hole leading to the same red door. If you went through here earlier, it will be locked, however, if you did it after listening to audio cassette #1, you will have to take a picture of the red door covered with insects. After shaking the screen, the door will open, and in the photo, you will see some kind of creepy picture. Outside the basement, you will find a well surrounded by police tape and candles, which makes the scene even more creepy.

The well puzzle is associated with achievement, and if you try to solve it on your own, blindly, you will miss out on the achievement. Right in front of the well, there are several tools, one of which is a large shovel. You can pick up this item, which can be additionally used on a concrete slab that acts as a well cover. So do it. However, hopes will collapse very quickly, literally with a shovel. The item will break, but you will get an additional achievement.

How to solve the well puzzle

The well is locked with three locks with unusual symbols, so you need a hint that will allow you to figure out the code combination. Fortunately, if you act consistently, you will be ready to solve the puzzle.

If you photographed the diagram on the wall in the TV room where you found the matches, you can easily deal with the task. Otherwise, go back to the TV room and take a picture of the pattern with the "question marks" and circles on the wall. The symbols that you see in the photo are randomly selected and vary depending on the difficulty of the game, so you can't just take and use the sequence from some walkthrough.

After setting the necessary symbols in accordance with their location on the locks of the well and the diagram from the photo, take a picture of the well. And if you did everything right, after that the concrete slab will instantly collapse, and you can go down the drain.