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How to unlock and defeat the secret boss in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

 We tell you why you need a broken relic, how to fix it, how to solve the tombstone puzzle and defeat the secret boss

To unlock the Cuphead DLC secret boss, you need to follow a series of steps and solve a puzzle.

First of all, you must have the Howling Aces region unlocked on the new island, because you need to interact with nine tombstones next to the detective's ghost. This will be a key piece of the puzzle, but we'll come back to it later.

How to unlock and defeat the secret boss in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Next, you need to buy a new item in the store - a broken relic. This item costs one gold coin and does nothing at the moment, but you will need it to interact with the aforementioned tombstones.

There is only one shop on the island, and it is located in its northern part. There will be a STORE sign.

Now you need to talk to three NPCs that are located between the store and the Giant Grimmountain. These are the participants of climbing competitions who took the first three places. Talk to each of them and they will tell you a little about their results. These short texts have the solution to the puzzle, and you should write down any hints of direction. Three clues tell you the order in which to interact with the previously mentioned tombstones.

Unfortunately, the clues (and thus the puzzle solution) are randomly generated for each save, which means you'll likely get different clues than the ones we got. In any case, I will use the instructions I received to give an example of the solution to the riddle.

The winner of the competition said to me: “I was the first to go up, and the losers were left at the bottom!” This "bottom left" means you have to press the first tombstone on the left in the bottom row - or tombstone number 7 if you want to assign a number to each tombstone, starting from the top and left to right, like the buttons on a phone.

Sometimes these directions can be misleading because they refer to more than one possible location. For example, from the text above, you might think that “the first one was upstairs” is a reference to the first tombstone (number 1).

Then, when referring to the second place, you should pay attention only to the phrase "stood on the right", which means that the next tombstone is in the upper right corner (tombstone number 3).

Finally, the third participant says that they came "third", which means that the second tombstone can be number 6 or 9 (number 3 was already taken earlier).

In this case, it is tombstone number 6, so the correct order is 7-3-6. After clicking on the three tombstones in the correct order, the tombstone in the middle will start emitting light and you can interact with it to go up to the secret boss. You don't need to equip a broken relic. The main thing is to buy it.

How to beat the secret boss in Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course

Compared to all the other bosses in the game, the secret one from the add-on has a unique feature. You will start the battle against one angel and one devil. When you move to the right, everything stays that way. But as soon as you go to the left, the angel and the devil change places.

The fact is that the direction in which your character is looking shows where the boss will be. And the devil is the only target that takes damage. The angel will be invulnerable, but he will not be able to damage you while he remains in this state.

Projectiles fly continuously, but they look transparent. They will only be able to deal damage after you change direction, so don't turn around if there are projectiles nearby.

Enemies can throw two to five orbs in a row. Watch their head movements to see when they are about to throw the orb. However, this happens quite quickly and it's hard to telegraph the reception, so don't try to predict it too often, especially if you run out of projectiles.

All this would be much easier, but there are still some nuances. Soon things will get complicated. Both the angel and the devil will summon a beam that will pass through the arena from one side to the other (depending on who called it).

As long as the angel is casting the beam, you won't have any problems because it won't do any harm, but the devil will also throw the beam from time to time. And then you will have to move in the opposite direction. At least for a few seconds to dodge the beam, which then becomes friendly (does no damage).

It is important to study the environment before each turn, pay attention to the nearest friendly or hostile projectiles. While you are distracted by the beam, there is a high probability of losing focus, and then when you turn around, you are guaranteed to take damage.

Last but not least, a cloud will move around throughout the fight. You will have to jump over or jump (with invincibility) over it from time to time, because there will always be light underneath it.

You can equip the special dash enchantment from the original game or Mugman to fly through the beam and other projectiles in this fight. A much better option is to play as the Golden Chalice and use her invincible charge, but keep in mind that it does not work in the air.

Even if at first glance the cloud seems like an added nuisance, it can actually be one of the best tools you can use during a battle. While on the cloud, you will move from one side of the arena to the other, avoiding a lot of projectiles and doing nothing for it.

Of course, there will be spheres that will hit you if you stop moving and you still have to deal with the beam, but the cloud will avoid most of the dangers and provide an excellent position to shoot any of the enemies. Use this while keeping an eye on incoming projectiles and win the battle soon.

Once you defeat the secret boss, your broken relic will turn into a cursed one. By equipping this item, you will have only one life, and the current weapon will randomly change every few seconds. Thus, experienced gamers will be able to use the cursed relic to get another challenge with additional difficulty. In addition, when equipped with a cursed relic, you will hear new, more creepy tracks.