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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Travel Back to Kamura

Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak: How to Travel Back to Kamura

 Here's what you need to know to unlock the journey back to Kamura Village from Elgado's outpost in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak allows us to travel to the outpost of Elgado, where new monsters are plaguing the people who live there. This means that the story of the expansion does not take place in the beloved village of Kamura, and when traveling to the new area we will be told that we will not be able to return to Kamura until later.

If you are in a hurry and you are eager to return to Kamura as soon as possible, in this entry of our complete guide we explain what you must do in order to unlock the trip back to Kamura from Elgado.

How to unlock Kamura return trip?

Unlocking the trip back to the Kamura village in the Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak expansion is something very simple and there is really no greater mystery than advancing the game a bit. The first time you visit Elgado you still cannot travel between the two regions, so Kamura is temporarily blocked.

However, you just have to keep this in mind in order to unlock the return to Kamura.

  • After reaching Elgado, proceed through the story and play the quest where Utsushi teaches you the technique of swapping skills.
  • After that, you have to complete at least two master rank 1 key quests at Chichae outpost.
  • Upon doing this, Chichae herself will inform you that you have unlocked the round trip between Kamura and Elgado.

From then on you can travel to Kamura whenever you want by talking to Collen the sailor at the Elgado dock. However, the most convenient option for traveling between the two central zones is to use the open-world map quick action. From the world map tab, you will see that you can now press the L or R buttons to toggle between the Elgado and Kamura zones.

You just have to choose the location you want to visit and in a jiffy, you will make a quick trip there. That easy. Now you can freely travel to Elgado or Kamura whenever you feel like it.