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MultiVersus: How to gain experience and raise account and character levels

MultiVersus: How to gain experience and raise account and character levels

 We show you the methods you can use in MultiVersus to gain experience points and increase your account and character mastery levels as quickly as possible.

In MultiVersus all players can raise both their personal account level and their character levels as they play and complete more battles in the title. In this entry of our guide, we explain the methods that exist to get experience points in case you are not sure how to increase your levels. Too easy!

How to earn EXP for your account?

Your MultiVersus user account is linked to a level that starts at 1 and can be progressively increased as you gain experience points.

  • Account XP can be earned simply by playing and completing matches.
  • For playing a match you get +100 EXP .
  • With each new account level, you reach you will earn 100 gold coins.

Keep in mind that if you manage to get wins, you will receive an additional +100 EXP, making it an effective way to gain more experience quickly. Although without a doubt one of the best ways to accumulate more experience with each game is playing with a friend since by doing this you get a bonus of 30% more additional EXP at the end of the games.

Actually, there are no more secrets in this regard, this is all you have to know. If you want to improve your account level, play and play games to gain EXP little by little.

How to level up character mastery?

Characters in MultiVersus also have their own experience levels that increase as you gain EXP points from playing matches, just like your account level (the experience you gain from finishing battles is shared equally between your account level and your account level). character level).

However, keep the following in mind:

  • The level of each character is called the level of mastery and is independent for each fighter.
  • That is, if for example, you play with Jake, the experience you earn in that game will be accumulated only for this character, and not in the rest of the fighters.
  • As a character levels up, special rewards and perks are unlocked to use in matches.

It is worth mentioning that in the MultiVersus Battle Pass you can unlock an item called EXP Boost which is used to receive a bonus to the experience gained from a single fighter , which will allow you to level up a character faster when playing games.