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MultiVersus: How To Use All Perks On Any Character

MultiVersus: How To Use All Perks On Any Character

 Did you know that there is a way to use any type of advantage on the fighters of your choice in MultiVersus? Here's how to unlock this useful feature.

In MultiVersus, playable characters can equip passive perks that grant them various benefits during battles. These advantages, which are obtained as you level up the characters, are initially exclusive to each fighter, but... There is actually a way to use any type of advantage on the fighters that you like the most. like.

That is, you can unlock a perk you've gotten on Batman, but equip it on Shaggy, for example. Do you want to know how this is achieved? Below we show you the requirement to have access to this valuable function in this entry of our guide.

How do unlock perks for all characters?

If you want to unlock the minor perks to equip any fighter in MultiVersus, then you have to keep the following in mind:

  • All characters can get "Enhancement Training" in their Mastery Level reward tree.
  • When you reach mastery level 9 with a character, you gain the aforementioned upgrade.
  • When you unlock Upgrade Training for a character, you can now learn any upgrades in-game with that character.

In case it's not clear, let's give an example: Let's imagine that you play a lot with Harley Quinn to the point that you raise her to level 9. Once you reach this point, you will get the Training reward from the upgrades. Now, your Harley Quinn is going to be able to learn any type of minor advantage that you have already unlocked with other characters (those of attack, defense, or function).

Keep in mind that the Enhancement Training upgrade is independent for each fighter, so you will need to level characters up to level 9 to get this feature on each character individually. Remember that the more you play with a fighter, the more experience points you will earn with it.

Of course, this function that we have explained to you is not available for the characteristic advantages, which are exclusive to each character and are designed for the specific movements of each fighter (those cannot be shared with the entire squad).

How to equip any upgrade on a character?

When you have already obtained Upgrade Training on one of your fighters, you can simply follow these steps to equip any upgrade you like on it:

  • From the main menu access the "Collection" section .
  • Select your fighter who has already unlocked the Upgrade Training.
  • Now click on the box under the perk slots that says "Learn upgrades" .
  • Edit the perks you want your character to have equipped in upcoming fights.

You can also decide and equip your fighter's perks from the pre-fight screen before the fight begins.

In the long run, being able to equip any kind of perks on your fighters will give you a lot more versatility and strategizing possibilities in MultiVersus matches, so we recommend reaching level 9 with all of them to get more out of the game's features..