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Multiversus: Who is Perreno?

 We tell you everything you need to know about Perreno, one of the characters available in Multiversus. Where does this creature from the Warner Bros melee come from?

Multiversus, the cutting-edge fighting game similar to Smash Bros, currently offers us around a dozen different characters to choose from. They all come from different Warner Bros universes... except Perreno.

Who is Perreno and where did he come from?

Perreno, the huge green hybrid: origins and how to unlock it

Perreno, the huge green hybrid: origins and how to unlock it

Perreno is an original character, created expressly for the game. He is a 165-year -old green reindeer-dog mix. He is a support-type character who can latch onto allies and prevent them from falling off the edge of the stage. The description of him also states that he is the sixth Guardian of the Power Gem. No, he is not from the Infinity Stones (this is not Marvel).

Perreno is unlocked from the start, so you can enjoy the experience of controlling a beast so out of place that it will be a change from what we are used to in fighting games. Of course, having Tom and Jerry on the same team, anything goes... His official description on the Multiversus website reveals the following about Perreno:

The world of Zanifeer was one of the first to fall into Nothingness as a victim of the great dimensional cataclysm. As most believed, there were no survivors... except one: Perreno, the royal guardian. A long-time protector of the royal family of Zanifeer whose mission is to keep it safe. Although he may seem soft and cute, a warrior's heart beats strong within this creature, half dog and half reindeer, who will do whatever it takes to protect his own. With the incredible magical powers of his gem, Perreno dreams of finding a way to get his beloved family back.