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Outriders: Level up character, world level and apocalypse ranks

 Do you want to quickly reach the maximum level in Outriders, increase your world level effectively and know what the new apocalypse ranks in the Worldslayer DLC are? Here you can find out everything about the level systems.

Outriders: Level up character, world level and apocalypse ranks

In this Outriders level guide, you'll learn:

  • What is the highest level and highest world tier in the game
  • How to efficiently farm XP for character level and world level
  • Which missions and battles you should repeat several times
  • What the new Apocalypse tiers in Outriders Worldslayer are all about

Outriders Level Cap: What is the maximum level?

In Outriders, you can level up your character up to level 30. Once you have reached the maximum, you will no longer receive any more XP for your character level and the blue level bar at the top of the screen will disappear. At level 30 you also unlock the last skill points that you can place in your skill tree. From level 30 you can play the Outriders endgame, the so-called expeditions.

The maximum world level in Outriders is level 15. World-level controls the difficulty and quality of loot you receive from enemies and quests.

Outriders: These activities earn you XP

In Outriders you can basically earn experience points in three different ways:

  • Complete main story missions
  • Complete the optional side missions
  • Kill enemies - each kill gives a bit of XP
You can repeat both main and side quests and play them again at higher world levels. To play side quests again, you pick them up in the game world at the same place where you got them the first time. You not only get XP again for completing it but also loot as a reward. You can restart main quests from the lobby by selecting the stage you want to enter under “Choose Story Point”.

Level Up Fast: Best Missions & Strategies

In general, you should first play through the story in Outriders. Depending on how many side quests you complete during this time, you may already have reached the maximum level of 30 by the end of the final battle. If this is not already the case, pursue one or more of the following strategies:

  • Replay side missions - ideally ones in which you have to kill as many enemies as possible. The side mission “Revenge” in the first large area, Rift Town, is well suited, in which you defeat a bunch of opponents and a captain in just two areas.
  • The special side quests “Hunter” and “Wanted” are also a good source of XP. There are ten of these quests each, they all lead you into short skirmishes with many enemies and also drop loot. If you have completed all ten missions of a type, you can reset the quest line and start over. Typically, for completing all ten quests of a type, you'll also get a piece of legendary gear.
  • Replay certain parts of the main quest where you have to defeat many or strong opponents. The section “Fight your way through the rebel fortress” in Eagle Peaks is a good one. Load the save, kill all enemies, return to the lobby, reload, and repeat. Also well suited: the story point “Push the rebels back into no man's land” in the Trench Town area.
  • If leveling monotony doesn't bother you, use the following trick: Reload the story point "Find the Chrysalis Mutant" in the Forest Enclave area, lower the world level to 1 and defeat the boss as quickly as possible. Reload the save and repeat the process. Every time you defeat the opponent, you will be credited with more than 1500 XP and some loot on top of that.

What world tier should I level at?

The question of which world level it levels up most effectively is not that easy to answer. Basically, speed is key! If your build is so good that you can mill your way through the hordes of enemies at the highest unlocked world level, then choose the highest level - that's where you get the most experience per opponent.

However, if you have problems killing enemies quickly with your build, then it is better to lower the world level a little. You will then get less XP per opponent, but the higher speed ideally compensates for this loss. This is especially true for missions like the above-mentioned main quest “Push the rebels back into no man's land” in Trench Town, in which you play best at a low enough world level that the many strong opponents can't harm you and you don't have to remain in cover.

If you really want to play at your best, you can of course make detailed calculations and find the perfect balance for maximum efficiency. Our tip: The ideal world tier for leveling is the one where you have the most fun and where the challenge versus reward feels the best. Just note: If you want to level up the world level parallel to the character level, you have to play on the highest possible world level!

Level Outriders world level: The best tips & tricks

Have you reached level 30 but haven't increased your world level to the maximum level 15 yet? There are a few strategies for that too. First of all, the following is important:

  • World Tier XP is only gained by killing enemies, not by completing quests. Of course, enemies you kill as part of quests still count.
  • You only get experience for the world level in a level section if you survive it to the end alive. If you die, you lose the progress you have made and a bit of your previously earned world level. You should therefore avoid bless the temporal as much as possible.
  • Also, note that you will only receive world-level progression if you play on the highest level unlocked so far.
  • In the endgame of Outriders, the expeditions, you can not level the world level - there is a completely new level system here, the so-called challenge levels.

In Outriders, there is a very clear recommendation for leveling up the world level: Play the story point “ Reach the other riverbank” in the First City area over and over again. The small Perforo enemies that harass you here are easy to defeat and so numerous that you can skim good XP for the world stage. If you get bored: Other missions with perforos or other monster opponents are also suitable - the main thing is that you have as many of them as possible in front of the gun!

Less convenient are missions with enemies taking cover and attacking from afar: running around the battlefield to catch them all just costs you time.

Outriders Worldslayer: What Do Apocalypse Ranks Bring?

With Outriders Worldslayer, the developers have integrated a new system into the game: Apocalypse Ranks. These supersede world stages, but work much like the old system and become accessible once you unlock Expeditions.

The Apocalypse ranks scale the difficulty of the game. They grant you better loot, more experience points per rank, and additional stat improvements - but at the same time increase the strength of the opponents. The higher you level up, the more modifiers your enemies will gain. At the lower ranks, your enemies get more life or increased damage, for example - at higher apocalypse ranks you get better accuracy or life steal from weapons.

You start at Apocalypse Rank 1 and progressively unlock up to 40 ranks . By killing monsters you gain experience points and rise in rank.

Also, you will only get the special Apocalypse items at the new ranks . These are more powerful variants of the epic and legendary items that not only have higher stats, but also a third mod slot.