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Outriders: Pyromancer guide - best builds

 In this Outriders guide, we'll introduce the Pyromancer class and give you tips on skills, builds, and Firemancer abilities that you can use in both the main game and the Worldslayer DLC.

Outriders: Pyromancer guide - best builds

In the following build guide for Outriders we explain:

  • What to expect from the Pyromancer class
  • How the skill tree is built
  • How the skill branches differ
  • How to skill our example builds
  • Which build you can use in the Worldslayer DLC

The pyromancer in Outriders: description and characteristics

The pyromancer, also called the pyromancer, is the ruler of fire in Outriders. With this class, you summon flames and set your opponents on fire. The Pyromancer is suitable for medium-range combat, placing it between the front-line Assassin and Devastator and the long-range Technomancer.

Unlike the Technomancer, the Pyromancer deals more area damage with its burning abilities. For those who prefer using firearms, the Pyromancer can specialize in sniper rifles and handguns. The Pyromancer heals itself by inflicting Burn damage on enemies. As long as the attackers are on fire, his life energy increases.

This also applies to the melee attacks available from the start. Both can invoke the Incinerate status on enemies:

  • From a standing start, the Pyromancer uses a Fire Blast.
  • If you run towards enemies, he will leap into the air and unleash a massive punch on the ground. He launches a wave of fire that catches all attackers in the impact radius.

These active abilities are mastered by Technomancers in Outriders

Pyromancers earn a total of eight active abilities throughout the gameplay of Outriders. You can equip three of them at the same time. However, you can exchange them at any time as long as they are not currently in cooldown. Pyromancers have mastered the game of fire. Her abilities deal burn damage, interrupting, and causing explosions, damaging large numbers of enemies at once.

heat waveSummons a wave of fire that damages and burns all enemies in front of you.
  • Damage
  • inflammation
  • Cooldown: 13 seconds
Consuming FirePull the target enemy towards you with a fire hook, draining their life force while hooked.
  • Damage
  • immobility
  • withdrawal of life energy
  • ash
  • Cooldown: 17 seconds
FirebombIgnites a ranged enemy. If he dies, he explodes, damaging all attackers around him.
  • explosiveness
  • Interrupt
  • Damage
  • Cooldown: 14 seconds
overheatingDamages all enemies in a certain radius and interrupts their actions. Enemies affected by the Burn effect take additional damage, consuming the effect.
  • explosiveness
  • Interrupt
  • Damage
  • combustion
  • Cooldown: 22 seconds
LavageschosseFills your equipped weapon with incendiary ammo. Enemies around you will be ignited. The projectiles penetrate enemies and also damage the enemies positioned behind them. The ability is canceled by reloading or switching weapons.
  • Damage
  • combustion
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
AschedetonationA blast of ash freezes all enemies in a large radius.
  • immobility
  • Interrupt
  • Cooldown: 25 seconds
FIBER beamA blast of fire that deals damage and ignites enemies. Attackers in a small radius around you are additionally interrupted.
  • Damage
  • Interrupt
  • combustion
  • Cooldown: 12 seconds
EruptionChoose an enemy under which a volcanic eruption erupts.
  • Damage
  • combustion

The Pyromancer skill tree

As with all classes, the Pyromancer's passive abilities are divided into three main branches. For the Pyromancer, these are Ashbreaker, Firestorm, and Arsonist. You unlock the skill nodes listed on it with the total of twenty class points that you earn during the campaign. You can distribute them as you like in the various branches, but you can only achieve many of the perks if you specialize.

Tip:  The passive skills can be reset at any time and at no cost. You can then redistribute the earned class points. So you can easily try different skill paths during gameplay.

What is the difference between the Ashbreaker, Firestorm, and Firestarter Pyromancer branches?

The Ash Crusher class branch increases the values ​​of immobilized skills and abilities that inflict the Ash status effect. You can also train your pyromancer here to become a weapon specialist. Many buffs increase weapon damage and armor penetration.

The best way to jump into the fray is with the Firestorm branch. Here the Pyromancer becomes robust, increases its life points and armor values, ​​and optimizes its ignition abilities.

For those who prefer to use Pyromancer's active abilities best, consider the Firestarter branch. Here you increase the anomaly power, improve explosiveness skills and get a second chance with the “Phoenix Chick” perk if your life energy actually drops to zero.

Builds for the Pyromancer in Outriders

Here are three examples of how you can use the passive skills for your pyromancer in Outriders. Each build is accompanied by a screenshot of the skill tree and a list of nodes chosen. We'll also provide a few examples of legendary armor that will perfect each Pyromancer build in the endgame.

Aschebrecher-Build: Burning Gun

The Burning Gun build maximizes weapon damage, making the Pyromancer an expert at handguns and ranged weapons. If possible, equip him with the legendary armor “Torturer”: The set bonus triples the damage aura of the incendiary balls when you use the “Lava Bolts” ability.

For our Burning Gun Outriders build, we're staying in the Ash Crusher branch and upgrading the weapon abilities.
For our Burning Gun Outriders build, we're staying in the Ash Crusher branch and upgrading the weapon abilities.

Burning Gun Passive Skills:

  1. inferno weapon
  2. Like moths to the light
  3. times of anomaly
  4. Mastery Assault Weapons
  5. Expert handguns
  6. Melting Armor
  7. Calm hand
  8. ash sample
  9. times of anomaly
  10. Feuerbrunst
  11. times of anomaly
  12. Sniper Weapons Championship
  13. inferno weapon
  14. times of anomaly
  15. Like moths to the light
  16. Fast as fire
  17. Hurts twice as much
  18. ash sample
  19. marble garden
  20. Fire hazard

Firestorm Build: Firestarter

The “Firestarter” build increases the Pyromancer's health to a maximum. The attack focus is on his active skills. You lower the cooldowns while increasing the effect duration of Incinerate. With the set bonus of the legendary armor "Lava Lich" you improve the damage values ​​​​of the ability "Eruption" and reduce the cooldown.

Firestorm Build: Firestarter

Passive Skills for the Firestarter:

  1. Magmagolem
  2. warm up
  3. Magmagolem
  4. wildfire
  5. Fire test
  6. melting down
  7. Magmagolem
  8. cremation
  9. obliteration
  10. let them burn
  11. Talented
  12. Magmagolem
  13. distant flame
  14. let them burn
  15. Magmagolem
  16. Insatiable
  17. Abnormal Lava
  18. Fan the embers
  19. warm up
  20. Magmaelementar

Arsonist Build: Explosivo

With our build "Explosivo" the name says it all: You increase your character's anomaly powers and at the same time improve explosive abilities such as "Overheating" and "Incendiary Bomb". The perks "Phoenix Hatchling" and "Phoenix" let you rise from the ashes again and again when you die. The ideal complement later in the game is the legendary armor “Reforged”: the set bonus increases the damage of the “Incendiary Bomb” and “Consuming Fire” abilities.

Arsonist Build: Explosivo

Passive skills for Explosivo:

  1. Erzmagier
  2. explosiveness
  3. Erzmagier
  4. With fire and gun
  5. Talented
  6. wildfire
  7. Fire test
  8. Accumulation of the mark
  9. Erzmagier
  10. melting down
  11. Erzmagier
  12. With fire and anomaly
  13. Master of Resistance
  14. Erzmagier
  15. phoenix chick
  16. Phoenix
  17. conflagration
  18. Fire that burns twice as hard
  19. burning world
  20. Fiery Grave

Pyromancer build for Outriders Worldslayer: Explosivo - Worldslayer Edition

Our Explosivo build also works beautifully in Outriders Worldslayer and is made even more powerful with the PAX talents and Ascension tree.

In the class tree you award the talent points as stated above - but you have a little more leeway. For example, you can trade “With Fire and Gun” for “Annihilation”.

Also, get the Heat Seeker armor set that was added with Worldslayer. You get the set bonus when you equip three pieces of armor and it boosts your “Fire Bomb” skill. The bonus causes the incendiary bomb to jump to the enemy with the lowest life points after a successful explosion - up to three times. However, this Incendiary Bomb does 50 percent less damage. Nevertheless, you increase the AoE damage significantly with the set.

To add the finishing touches to your gear, you should target your mods to boost the Incendiary Bomb.

PAX talents for the Worldslayer Explosivo

  1. melting point
  2. Demolitionist
  3. Convection
  4. smoke explosion
  5. trigger sequence

Ascension Points: Full anomaly power ahead

In the new Ascension system, invest your points in Anomaly Power and Damage first, then Resistance Puncture and Elite Monster Damage, then Cooldown Reduction to get the most out of the Worldslayer Explosivo build.