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SCUF REFLEX Review | More customization is almost impossible

 SCUF is known. The controller forge shone with high-quality input devices even before it was taken over by Corsair. The manufacturer is now focusing heavily on customizing and has already brought a configurable Xbox controller onto the market with the SCUF Instinct. Now there is also a corresponding alternative for Playstation owners, which also supports all the functions of the DualSense controller of the PS5 and a little more. However, the luxury of the individual gamepad comes at a high price.

Before you can call a SCUF Reflex your own, you have some work ahead of you. It all starts with deciding which base model it should be. The SCUF Reflex is the base model, the Reflex Pro adds textured grips to the base model, and the Reflex FPS replaces the adaptive triggers with click triggers (ideal for pure shooter players). But you can also configure all of this based on the basic model of the Reflex.

The second part of the work then concerns the web configurator, which is part of the SCUF store. There you can let your creativity run free. There are different front panels - monochrome or with a design, as well as different colored covers. The sticks are available in different lengths and with different curves (concave/convex). You have the choice between adaptive triggers like the PS5 or click triggers, which are wonderfully suitable for shooters due to their short switching path. But be careful: Click triggers are hardly usable in racing games.

You can also select the d-pad and button colors and use the entire list to create a very individual controller. Even the rumble function is freely selectable. But be careful, almost every option is chargeable, except for simple colors. As a joke, we made all the configurable options with the most expensive selection and also added the SCUF Reflex Player Pack, which in contrast to the normal delivery condition contains at least one case, and ended up at a whopping 469.82 euros. Uff. A few euros on it and it's enough for a Playstation 5 - that's terribly expensive.

The SCUF Reflex is otherwise very closely based on the original DualSense controller and, by and large, has the same functions. The connection is wireless, via BlueTooth or via USB cable, which is also used as a charging cable. Shape and dimensions are also close to the original, the SCUF Reflex is a little bit heavier. This is mainly due to the additional attachment on the underside, which offers you four removable and configurable paddles.


By the way, they are not only practical but also well arranged and basically perfectly adapted to the position of your middle finger. The pressure points are tight enough that you can't trigger them accidentally, but not so tight that the whole thing degenerates into work. Three configurations are available on demand via a profile button, and you can also use it to change the button assignments. It is annoying that there is no app for further configuration, as with some other gamepads that are cheaper and offer significantly more in this regard. The Reflex thus gives away a lot of potentials to justify the immense price.

In practical use, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the SCUF Reflex. The functionality of the DualSense controller is completely covered, and the feel is similar or even better, because thanks to the possibility of giving the handles a textured rubber coating, the Reflex is even safer and has a better grip. Slightly irritating that SCUF left out the key labels - possibly a copyright issue. getting used to. But anyone who has played a bit of Playstation should know which button is which.


The exchange of the front panel or sticks also deserves a mention and is wonderfully quick and intuitive. In the end, the price remains a brake, because spending three times or much more for a gamepad that basically has little more to offer than the original apart from paddles and customization is questionable or only something for die-hard fans and individualists.


Expensive fun for individualists

Even at the basic price of just under 220 euros, the paleness of the face increases a little. That's a hell of a lot of money for a custom controller. If you add the comprehensive configuration and customization options, the SCUF Reflex can quickly break any budget and is almost as expensive as a complete Playstation 5. In return, however, you get an extremely high-quality, individual gamepad that does not lack any of the DualSense functions and even more, like textured grips, configurable, well-placed paddles, or different sticks.

Basically, there is nothing wrong with the SCUF Reflex, apart from the lack of the option to carry out button assignments, profiles, or detailed configurations via app, as is quite possible with some custom controllers. Everyone has to decide for themselves whether the individuality and the wow effect of a tailor-made gamepad are really that important to spend at least (!) three times the price of a DualSense controller. To be honest, it wouldn't be my thing.


  • great workmanship
  • easy replacement of front panel or sticks
  • well arranged additional paddles
  • immense customization options
  • all functions of the PS5 DualSense controller present
  • simple web configurator


  • insanely expensive
  • Key assignments cannot be changed
  • no app for detailed configurations or profiles