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The best online games to play anywhere

 From battle royale to crazy armed car fights

Long gone are the days when large PCs and consoles were the primary platforms for online gaming. Today, you can compete with other players in an adrenaline match anywhere - the main thing is to have a smartphone with a stable connection at hand. But the game should also be chosen correctly. It should be dynamic and exciting, but with a not very long session - after all, we often play from mobile phones in short breaks. Today we have selected five suitable projects.

PUBG Mobile

Once it was with Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) that the genre of royal battles began - games where the last surviving player (or a team of several) wins. Over the years, the genre has not become less popular, and the mobile version, PUBG Mobile, even surpasses the PC version in many ways.

The rules are simple: players are parachuted almost naked onto an island where weapons, ammunition, armor, etc. are scattered in villages and objects. You need to equip yourself as quickly as possible, and if you play in a team, don’t forget to help your comrades. At the same time, it is not the most aggressive and accurate who wins in PUBG Mobile: those players who act carefully and enter the battle only completely confident in their abilities have no fewer chances.

Garena Free Fire

Free Fire is perhaps one of the most popular and successful PUBG clones. The basic rules are the same, but there are enough differences. Perhaps the most important of them is that in Free Fire there are fewer players in the match, but also a smaller map. As a result, the battles themselves are faster and more dynamic - if in PUBG Mobile you can spend ten minutes just looking for equipment, then here the skirmishes begin almost from the very beginning, and in the same ten minutes the match can easily come to an end. Plus, Free Fire does not rely on realism, so many cool things are possible in it - for example, build an ice wall and use it as cover.

Players are constantly arguing about which is better, PUBG or Free Fire, but it seems to us that there is no single answer to this question. It is better to try both projects - you can get used to each game in just an hour or two. And then decide which one is right for you.

Standoff 2

A popular team shooter in which special forces fight against terrorists. There is a classic mode here, known as Counter-Strike - the criminals plant a bomb and guard it, and the special forces have a few minutes to destroy the enemies and defuse the bomb. There are other modes - from the usual team fights to the option when, depending on the number of kills made, you get access to new weapons.

Standoff 2 is perhaps the best mobile Counter-Strike clone. The game is so good that many even play it on a PC, running it through an emulator. In addition to the time-tested gameplay formula, Standoff 2 is loved for its dynamics, cool cards, as well as a collectible component - here you can knock out skins for weapons, and then trade them on a special exchange.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

If instead of shooting you want more tactical and role-playing gameplay, then Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a perfect choice. This is a game of the battle arena genre, which includes the legendary Dota 2 and League of Legends - only initially created and optimized for smartphones.

Two teams of 5 players each fight in Mobile Legends, and each must choose his own hero and think over what skills he will pump during the match. The task of the team is to be the first to destroy the enemy base at the other end of the map, attacking along three "lines". There will be defensive structures, and monsters on each lane, plus don't forget about enemy players who will also try to get your base. Therefore, in order to defeat at least a few serious rivals, here you need to act as a team, clearly distribute roles, and not forget to help each other.

Crossout Mobile

Perhaps the most unusual game in our selection. Battles in Crossout Mobile are fought on armed vehicles in the style of "Mad Max". The battles are team-based, with 6 players on each side, and in two modes. It is very interesting to fight - for example, it is important to drive the car correctly so as not to get stuck at the most dangerous moment. And when shooting, try to hit the key nodes of the enemy’s car.

You can also design your own combat vehicle in Crossout. For participating in battles, the player receives different nodes, from which then, like from Lego cubes, he creates a personal death machine. Whether it will be fast and elusive or huge and powerful - it's up to you!