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The Quarry guide: how to kill and infect all heroes

 Detailed instructions for two possible endings, in which all the main characters die or survive, but remain infected.

In The Quarry, the developers from Supermassive Games provided not only positive endings but also dark, cruel endings. In this guide, we will detail two options for passing, in which all heroes die or remain infected from the bites of monsters. If you want to get acquainted with the best ending, then we recommend that you refer to our separate guide.

Be careful! Below we have collected a lot of plot spoilers.

How to kill all the heroes in The Quarry and get the achievement

How to kill all the heroes in The Quarry and get the achievement

In this section, we will look at the first scenario, in which all nine counselors die at the Hacketts Cuori camp. To do this, you need to often fail QTE, make rash actions, and do stupid things. Also, after the death of each main character, the player will receive the achievement "Hackett's Quarry Massacre" (Hackett's Quarry Massacre). This is the worst ending where no one survives. Killing members of the Hackett family is optional. Jacob, Ryan, Dylan, Nick, Max, Emma, ​​Caitlin, Laura, and Abigail count towards the trophy. Below are all the conditions for the destruction of each leader.

how to kill jacob chapter 4

At the very beginning of the episode, control will pass to Ryan. A little later, the heroes will hear a noise in the bushes, so the man can aim at them and fire a shotgun. It is necessary to use the weapon twice, and Jacob will die.

How to kill Emma in chapter 4

The girl along any of the available paths will get to the tree hut. As soon as the heroine goes inside, you must select the option "Open the hatch" and do not touch the bag. In this case, the monster will jump out of the top floor and tear Emma to pieces.

How to Prepare for Dylan's Death in Chapter 5

If Abigail and Emma opened the door earlier, then the guy will be bitten by the monster in the house with the radio. Ryan needs to cut off Dylan's hand with a chainsaw so that in chapter 9 there will be an opportunity to kill the hero. Without this action, the infection will continue to spread throughout the body and the man will not be able to be killed later. If Abigail and Emma did not open the door, then Dylan will be safe, so access to his death in any case will open later.

How to kill Abigail in chapter 6

In the pool house, we communicate with Nick. The guy gets angry and pushes the girl aside. In this case, it will be possible to raise the shotgun and shoot at the hero. We do nothing and do not use weapons. The man will turn into a werewolf, jump on Abigail and rip her head out.

How to Prepare for the Deaths of Laura and Ryan in Chapter 7

After long conversations, the girl will be able to inspect the police station. We do nothing and immediately go to bed. In no case should you take a syringe. After Travis arrives, you need to grab the gun from the officer's holster and shoot him. To do this, you will have to successfully complete all available QTEs. Laura and Max will leave the policeman to die in the cell, but the man will get out of a difficult situation and subsequently kill the heroine. Laura and Ryan will die at the end of Chapter 9. It is worth paying attention to the mini-games because if they fail, the man will die in a prison cell.

How to kill Nick in chapter 8

Laura and Ryan will enter a room with a red light together, located in the shafts under the Hacketts' house. At this point, Travis will argue with his mother, and Laura will raise a shotgun at the monster sitting in the cage. We do not stop the girl and let her shoot the werewolf. This monster will be Nick, who turned earlier in chapter 6.

How to kill Dylan in chapter 9

We get to the landfill and approach the crane. We warn Caitlin, perform QTE, and beep. We do not press any keys and watch the werewolf break through the windshield of the crane and tear the hero to pieces. It is important to deliberately fail the mini-game so that the hero cannot fend off the monster with fire. Also, if the hero was infected in chapter 5, then the monster will not be able to harm Dylan.

How to Kill Ryan and Laura and Prepare for Max's Death in Chapter 9

Laura and Ryan will meet the monster in the attic. Both heroes fall to the bottom floor and fight Chris. As soon as Ryan grabs the shotgun, you need to shoot the werewolf. This will remove the curse from Max and kill him a little later. At this point, Travis will stab Laura with a knife, and the girl will die. The policeman will attack the counselor. Ryan needs to use an aggressive response and fail the QTE. The officer will kill the hero by shooting him in the face with a shotgun.

How to kill Max in chapter 10

Max wakes up in a house on the island. We pass through the entire island and swim to the other side. The man will meet with the werewolf, who will instantly kill him.

How to kill Caitlin in chapter 10

Another monster will attack the girl in the hut. When the first choice appears, you must wait and not run away from the monster. We don't shoot at the enemy. The werewolf will kill Caitlin and eat her body.

If Laura miraculously did not die, then the girl will work with Travis. When meeting with Silas in the forest, we do not shoot the werewolf so that the monster kills the counselor.

How to infect all heroes in The Quarry

There is another variation of the unique ending, in which each of the heroes remains alive, but will be infected. In addition, once the curse has been applied to each counselor, the player will earn the Blood Pact achievement. Jacob, Ryan, Dylan, Nick, Max Emma, ​​Caitlin, Laura, and Abigail count towards the trophy. Below are all the necessary steps to infect each character:

How to infect Max and Laura in the game

The curse will be transferred to both heroes automatically in the story, so the player does not have to do anything to do this.

How to Prepare for Dylan's Infection in Chapter 1

Abi and Emma must pick the lock and go inside the hut to get their things. In this case, in the radio house, a monster will attack Dylan and bite his hand. Otherwise, Dylan will remain unharmed.

How to infect Nick and Abigail in chapter 3

Both heroes will be attacked by a werewolf in the forest. Nick will get bitten in the story, and Abigail will try to hide in the forest from the monster. We help the guy, successfully complete the QTE, run away from the monster, and do not climb the tree. The girl will hide behind the rocks. Don't hold your breath and fail the mini-game. In this case, the creature will bite Abi on the throat. In chapter 6, in the pool house, Nick will automatically turn into a werewolf according to the plot.

How to Prepare for Jacob's Infection in Chapter 3

At the end of the episode, the hero will fall into a trap. The hunter will free the counselor and try to smear him with a protective liquid. We throw mud at a man and do not allow him to use blood. In this situation, the hunter will not have time to pour the solution on Jacob, so the character can subsequently become infected with the curse.

How to infect Emma in chapter 4

On the island, the girl along one of the paths will get to the tree hut. In the battle with the werewolf, you must fail some mini-games. We examine the bag as soon as the heroine enters the hut, and use the stun gun when meeting with the monster. Next, we photograph the werewolf, perform QTE, spray, block the door and use the hatch. At this stage, we do not press the button indicated on the screen so that Emma is bitten by the hand. When trying to fight off the werewolf with a stun gun, we again fail the QTE and the heroine will be hooked on the leg. We press the last button in time, and the girl will have time to escape from the creature through the hatch but will be infected through her arm and leg.

How to infect Dylan in chapter 5

If Abigail and Emma climbed into the hut, then the hero will be bitten by a werewolf. We use the frightened option in the dialogue and under no circumstances cut off the hero's hand.

How to infect Jacob in chapter 6

At the beginning of the episode, the hero will meet with Emma. After the werewolf attack, we fail the QTE, run away from the monster, successfully press the button, and try to open the trap.

How to infect Emma in chapter 6

The heroine in the forest along any of the paths will reach two hunters who have caught a werewolf. We run away from them. Another monster will jump out of the forest and bite the girl on the leg. This is the second chance of infection for the heroine if the previous method was skipped. Either way, you can let the monster bite Emma again. It definitely won't get any worse.

How to Save Emma and Abigail in Chapter 8 (Optional)

To get the achievement, the player does not have to save all the heroes, but for the survival of the counselors, they will have to perform the right actions. Emma will climb into the car and turn into a werewolf inside it. Caitlin, Dylan, and Abigail will unlock the car at some point. To save the heroes, you need to shoot the monster several times. In this case, Emma will also survive, as the characters do not yet use silver bullets in combat. You need to accurately shoot the monster, as the werewolf will run very quickly towards Abigail.

How to infect Ryan in chapter 9

Towards the end of the episode, a man will bleed to death next to Laura. The player must agree to the girl's offer and allow himself to be bitten. You do not need to remove your hand, so we observe the process and do not press anything.

How to infect Caitlin in chapter 9

The girl, along with Dylan, will reach the landfill. We examine the crane and prepare for the werewolf attack. Dylan must alert Caitlin and successfully complete the QTE to lift the car. After that, you need to rock the car and do not use the horn. Caitlin will fall out of the car. We fail the mini-game so that the werewolf bites the heroine on the leg.

If all the conditions are met according to our instructions, then after Caitlin's bite, the player will receive the corresponding achievement.