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The Quarry Guide: Story, Paths, and Important Choices

 Detailed information about some decisions in the game, description of all paths, monsters, and epilogue.

Developers from Supermassive Games have developed many endings for The Quarry. Each important player choice will change the events that follow and allow for a unique ending to the story. In this guide, we have provided detailed instructions for opening various paths and described some in-game solutions.

Be careful! Below we have also collected key questions about the plot that players may have during the passage of The Quarry, so there will be spoilers for some events in the game below.

How to open all paths

How to open all paths

Throughout the story, the player can open 15 paths. Each of them has an impact on history and leads to long-term consequences in the future. All found paths are displayed in the pause section. Almost all other lines in the dialogues only affect subsequent conversations and do not change the story in any way. When a new line is opened, the notification “Path selected” appears on the screen, and when additional solutions are activated in an already known direction, the inscription “Path updated” is displayed.

Some of the story branches can be skipped if you don't carefully explore the world and ignore some elements. Some in-game trophies are path-bound, but they are not considered collectibles. The player does not need to open each of them to successfully complete The Quarry. All possible paths are listed below in chronological order:

  1. Path number 2 - "Above the law" (prologue). After Laura and Max return to the car, the heroes will meet with the policeman. The storyline is automatically activated during the dialogue. We choose calm and courteous answers, but the heroes will still go to the camp.
  2. Path number 1 - "Laura and Max" (prologue). After descending into the bunker, the girl will find a bloody collar, and Max will be wounded by an unknown creature. The path is activated automatically regardless of the player's actions, but it is better to choose the "Help Max" option.
  3. Path number 15 - "Souvenirs" (chapter 1). As soon as control passes to Jacob, you need to move away from the car to the right and find Emma's bracelet on the ground near the wooden gate.
  4. Path number 3 - "Stupid order" (chapter 1) . Automatically opens after Jacob breaks down the car. You can choose any item.
  5. Path #4 - "Down the Rabbit Hole" (Chapter 1). The storyline will open after breaking the locked door. Take the toy inside to upgrade the path. It may come in handy later.
  6. Path number 5 - "Playing with fire" (chapter 2). Emma must ask Jacob to open the door, pick up the weapon and find the code for the safe in the locked room of the store. At the exit, the girl will be able to find fireworks in the vault. Any further choice will open this direction.
  7. Path number 6 - "Watch your feet" (chapter 2). For Dylan, you need to inspect the hatch and go down to the basement to get a new branch.
  8. Path number 7 - "Pieces of Silver" (chapter 3). Ebi has to help Nick after being attacked by the creature.
  9. Path number 8 - "What I found is mine" (Chapter 3). Ryan should use the fast lanes when he runs to find Nick and shoot the hunter.
  10. Path #9 - "Distraction" (Chapter 3). Once the hunter frees Jacob from the trap, no need to throw mud at him to open the branch. The man will help the hero and pour a vial of protective blood on him.
  11. Path #10 - "Helping Hand" (Chapter 5). You need to politely talk to Dylan for Ryan, choose a chainsaw, and cut off a friend's hand. This scene will not open unless Abigail and Emma break into the house at the beginning of the first chapter.
  12. Path number 11 - "White Whale" (Chapter 7). Automatically activated at the end of the episode. If it is necessary for all the characters to survive, then you need to find a syringe in the back room on the second floor and successfully perform a QTE in the cell.
  13. Path number 12 - "Team building" (chapter 8). If Emma is not infected, then Caitlin will go to the junkyard with Dylan. Otherwise, you will have to cheer up the man and ask him to go with the heroine.
  14. Path #13 - Love's Lost Labors (Chapter 8). In the red room, Ryan must not release Jacob, but the hero will most likely die later.
  15. Path #14 - "Pound of Flesh" (Chapter 9). Automatically activates if Ryan pulls out a knife or leaves it in place. Melee weapons may come in handy later, so it's best not to touch them until you meet the hunter.

What kind of creatures are presented in the game

As events unfold, the player will discover a variety of clues about the creatures found. They have red skin, sinewy limbs, and sharp teeth. In addition, they constantly growl, being close to the heroes. Subsequently, one of them will turn into this monster - a werewolf. In traditional mythology, it is believed that cursed people turn into such creatures only on a full moon (about every 28 days). Werewolves can devour and kill humans, however, their curse is transferred to a living human through a bite. You can only destroy such creatures with the help of silver bullets.

Most often, werewolves are associated with wolves, but in The Quarry, the developers presented the players with a hairless appearance of the monster. This made it possible to add more bloody scenes and heighten the tension. The consequences of turning into a human are not shown in the game, however, for all heroes, the skin returns to normal, and injuries heal.

Explanation of the ending of The Quarry

There are many story paths in the game that will help change the ending of the story, however, regardless of the player's actions, some events will not be able to be influenced:

  1. the behavior of the main characters. At the end of The Quarry, all the surviving characters will try to fight off the werewolves. If Laura and Caitlin are alive, they will look for the remaining creatures and try to destroy them. Other heroes will only focus on their survival.
  2. Hackett behavior. Each member of the family will try to kill the counselors as revenge for Kaylee's death. Previously, Laura confused the werewolf girl with Chris and destroyed her.
  3. The survival of heroes depends on the player. In the final chapter, a lot of successive events take place, which branch out in various directions. Each such subsequent event reflects user actions.
  4. Death of the White Wolf. The final defeat of the threat and the return of all werewolves to human form is possible only after killing Silas in the final episode.
  5. The continuation is unbelievable. Like Until Dawn, The Quarry's story is completely self-contained, so it's unlikely the developers will ever return for a sequel.
  6. Character status. In the epilogue to The Monkees' song "Daydream Believe", the player will be shown the current status of each member of The Quarry. The final description of the hero depends on his survival, death or untreated infection.
  7. Effective deaths. The epilogue will show colorful images of the deaths of all the dead heroes.
  8. Title of the podcast. Against the background of the credits is a computer with an article open on it. After numerous deaths of the main characters, the text "Bodies Pile Up After Camp Massacre" will appear, and after the survival of all counselors, the text "Psycho Teens Charged With Camp Massacre" will be displayed. The title of the article depends on the survivability, deaths and infection of the heroes.
  9. Evidence influences the epilogue. In each chapter, the player will be able to find one rare item. This will completely change the final verdict. In the podcast, two hosts look at the evidence found at the camp. With the full collection of evidence, it is implied that all counselors can avoid imprisonment.
Below are some of the individual situations the player will find themselves in and the conditions for achieving unusual plot twists. Some of them will affect the ending of The Quarry. 

How to kiss Caitlin or Dylan in chapter 2

At the end of the second chapter, players are given the opportunity to participate in the game of counselors "Truth or Dare". The key choice can be made for Ryan and lead the situation to a kiss with Caitlin or Ryan. To proceed to select a person for a brief romantic moment, the player must select "Action". In this case, an additional solution will open - kiss Caitlin or Dylan. If you agree to tell the truth, then the user will learn some information about Ryan's warm working relationship with Chris, but will lose access to the romantic episode.

Attentive players may have noticed in the first chapter that Caitlin and Dylan like Ryan. Later, the guy will say that he has nothing against the attention of both friends. The kiss will not affect the ending of the story in any way, and the further development of the relationship of the characters, as well as their survival, depends only on successful QTE and some decisions.

How to save Dylan in chapter 5 without infecting him and avoiding injury

Dylan will head to the radio room to try and relay the message. The further fate of the hero depends on the choice made in Chapter 1:

  1. Abby opened the door. Dylan will reach for the wire and the creature will bite his hand. In this case, Ryan must cut off his friend's hand with a chainsaw, otherwise, the disease will spread in the guy's body.
  2. Abi didn't get into the hut. In Chapter 5, Ryan must calm Dylan down and go outside to distract the monster. We perform QTE and all the heroes will remain safe and sound.
It is also not recommended to shoot at the ceiling and use aggressive remarks in a conversation with Dylan.

How to solve the puzzle in chapter 8 and save Jacob

In the eighth chapter of The Quarry, the player can save Jacob from the cage by choosing the correct levers during the puzzle-solving process. This is a prerequisite for saving the hero. The following is the correct sequence of actions for Ryan:

  1. We agree to help Jacob.
  2. Pull lever #1.
  3. We use handle number 2.
  4. Activate the "Continue" option.
  5. Use lever #2.
  6. We lower the handle number 3.
As a result of these actions, Jacob will be able to leave the Hackett house unhindered. The second cell will be closed, so the monster will not be able to attack the hero. Otherwise, refusing help or using the wrong leverage will result in the death of the hero in Chapter 9.

How to get Laura and Travis to kill each other in Chapter 9 for the Mutual Assurance achievement

In the finale of the ninth episode, both heroes will grapple with opponents, and Laura and Travis can kill each other. First of all, before these events, it is necessary to allow the girl to bite Ryan. After the death of Bobby, the guy should not shoot the creature when the appropriate situation arises. The monster attacks the man and kills him, leaving Laura infected. Travis will have to use the glass shard to get rid of the girl. Before dying, Laura will have time to decapitate a policeman and players will receive the corresponding achievement "Mutual Guarantee".

In The Quarry, there is another way to kill Laura and Travis separately, but the user will not receive a reward for this. In the ninth chapter, the Ryan player must refuse Laura's offer. In a skirmish with a monster, you need to kill him with a shotgun. Further development of events depends on the choice made in chapter 7:

  1. Laura shot Travis. The officer will kill the girl.
  2. Laura peacefully left the police station. After Ryan's death, if the QTE is successfully completed, the girl will grab a shotgun and be able to shoot Travis.

How to kill Silas in Chapter 10, save the heroes from death and get the "Above the Law" achievement

To defeat the main monster, the player must make several important choices in the last chapters of The Quarry. To kill the "White Wolf" you must do the following:

  1. goog_1344674001Chapter 7 - as Laura, find the syringe in the back room on the second floor, do not grab the weapon from the policeman, and do not shoot Travis. This event will allow you to peacefully knock out an officer.
  2. Chapter 9 - Laura, kills the old woman, and as Ryan, agrees to the girl's offer and shoots the monster at the end of the episode.
  3. Chapter 10 - As Laura, successfully perform a QTE in the car, pull the handbrake, uses shotguns, and shoots the creature.

Also in this case, the player will receive the achievement "Above the Law", as Travis and Laura participated in the search for the monster together.