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Top best mobile games to replace PC games: action, puzzle, fighting and more


Top best mobile games to replace PC games: action, puzzle, fighting and more

Mobile gaming is rapidly evolving: companies are investing a lot of money in smartphone games, and some projects are so good that they are more captivating than the main Steam hits. In such mobile phones, you can cut for hours, forgetting about sleep, food, and other needs. In this compilation, we have collected nine great games for smartphones that can compete with PC blockbusters!

Standoff 2. Similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Many developers tried to create a mobile analogue of CS: GO, but Standoff 2 came closest to the cult game. In the project of the Axlebolt game studio, you can plant bombs, fight terrorists and engage in other activities that gamers love so much. At the same time, the mobile hit is full of other modes such as team battles, paired battles, and so on.

The developers paid special attention to weapons. Each barrel looks cool and stands out with unique stats like armor penetration, recoil, rate of fire, or kill rewards. The abundance of guns opens up serious room for experimentation: both connoisseurs of long-range duels and fans of close-range firefights will find something suitable.

In the end, Standoff 2 should be commended for its high frame rate and adequate monetization. In a free-to-play game, money cannot be exchanged for a more powerful gun or stronger armor. Donat provides access exclusively to cosmetics.

free fire. Will replace PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS

Battle royales are incredibly popular, and Free Fire is one of the best representatives of the genre. If you don't want to break away from the endless hurricane battles, but it's time to turn off your computer and leave the house, the creation of GARENA ONLINE will be your salvation on the subway, bus, or at a boring lecture. Free Fire feels like a big and massive game on PC - 80 million downloads from the AppGallery will not let you lie.

Gaming sessions last for a comfortable 10 minutes, which is ideal for a smartphone. 49 players find themselves on the island to find out who will emerge victorious from the royal battle. The player can choose a starting point when landing and try different vehicles on the level - there are even cable cars. There are two main goals: to stay last and have a great time. With Free Fire, the second one will be easy.

Shadow Fight 3. Similar to Mortal Kombat

Shadow Fight has been around for 11 years now, but it was by the third part that the series was fully revealed. If earlier gamers simply challenged more and more new opponents, now the authors have pitted three factions against their foreheads, each of which dreams of gaining control over Shadow energy. The gamer will have to choose a side and decide the outcome of the conflict.

Shadow Fight 3 is full of virtues: the graphics are excellent by the standards of smartphones, the variety of weapons is colossal, the number of moves goes off scale, and the plot motivates you to move forward well. If you're looking for a cool mobile fighting game, you won't find a better option.

PUBG Mobile. Similar to the best PC battle royales

There are few differences between the gameplay of PUBG Mobile and the original PUBG. As before, a hundred gamers land on a huge map and try to survive the carnage. For the sake of victory, you need to search the area, collect top-end equipment and shoot accurately at everyone who is in sight. Either you win or they win - there are no other options.

The battle royale genre has changed a lot in recent years, but PUBG has remained true to itself and retained its charm. The heroes have no abilities, it is impossible to resurrect after death, and there are no laser guns in the arsenal. Creation Krafton still catches realism and ruthlessness.

Pixel Gun 3D. Similar to DOOM and Minecraft

Pixel Gun 3D is a curious combination of DOOM and Minecraft. The hero runs around the world built from cubes and meets square men. However, he is not interested in erecting buildings - instead, the character falls on the level, grabs a cannon, and starts firing at everything that moves.

There is a lot of content in Pixel Gun 3D: there are 35 locations to choose from, more than a thousand guns, and various modes like the story campaign and the royal battle. The gameplay itself is fun - the game is called one of the best mobile games of all time for a reason.

Pascal's Wager. Similar to Dark Souls

It would seem that the souls-like genre has no place on smartphones: such games require perfect control and maximum responsiveness. Is an ordinary touch screen enough to defeat hefty monsters? Well, Pascal's Wager proved that, with the right approach, it's comfortable to hack into souls-like even on a mobile device.

Pascal's Wager has everything that gamers love the genre for deadly enemies with a rich move set, a dark atmosphere, huge bosses, an abundance of secrets, and great sound. In general, if you like hardcore, pay attention to the project.

Ninja Arashi. Looks like Mark of the Ninja

Ninja Arashi will turn the player into a ninja who has to go a long way, defeat hundreds of enemies and avoid many deadly traps. Stylish picture, interesting platforming, talented level design - for all this, developers only ask to watch ads from time to time. The game itself is free.

Ninja Arashi is addicting with a talented combination of mechanics. The hero fights solve puzzles and jump around locations. From time to time, bosses challenge him - even gamers who have easily completed Elden Ring will have to sweat over them.

Reigns. Self-sufficient diamond

In Reigns, the gamer will become the ruler of the state and find out that being an ordinary mortal is much easier. Advisors constantly come to the king and demand to solve ambiguous dilemmas. At the same time, one cannot make mistakes, because a mistake can lead to a coup.

The ruler must monitor four parameters: the church, the people, the army, and the treasury - each request affects their condition. For example, the general demands to build a new tower to protect the city: if you agree, the army will become stronger, but the gold in the treasury will decrease. But the herbalist came, who promises to treat the peasants. The people will rejoice if you approve the appointment, but the church will oppose the heretic.

The king must balance between indicators. If at least one of them is empty, the ruler is waiting for an unenviable fate. The discontent of the people will lead a distraught crowd to the palace, and the empty treasury will anger the merchants, who will surely find a way to take revenge.

Monument Valley. Another unparalleled masterpiece

Monument Valley is an outstanding puzzle game that is called one of the best smartphone games for a reason. It does not require picking up keys or arranging items in the right order. The space itself is a mystery: it turned out to be so pretentious that you can’t immediately figure out how to get to the goal.

Locations become more difficult with each new level, enemies appear on the way, and more and more buttons require attention. Plus, Monument Valley should be praised for its touching storyline, presented almost without words, and bewitching music, which helps to immerse yourself in an enchanting atmosphere.


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