Walkthrough "100 Doors - Prison Break": all levels and puzzles


Walkthrough "100 Doors - Prison Break": all levels and puzzles

In the mobile game "100 Doors - Escape from Prison" (100 Doors - Escape from Prison) you have to help a charming criminal get out of all the prisons in the world. The basic mechanics are reminiscent of quest rooms, where you need to find several items and apply them correctly. To move forward, at each level you will have to get to the key, but this is not at all easy to do. In this guide, we will describe the correct sequence of actions to complete all levels.

Level 1

Examine the blue cloth that is hanging from the bed. There is a key on the floor behind her. Take it to open the door.

Level 2

Take the screwdriver on the bed. Now examine the top bookshelf. Behind it, there is a panel that can be unscrewed with a screwdriver. Inside you will find a sheet with a sequence of colored circles.

A picture hangs just below the shelves. Move it aside to see the multi-colored numbers. Match the numbers and colors to get the code "3514". Now open the safe on the floor and take the key.

Level 3

Take the pipe from the table. Now inspect the aquarium. With the help of an aimed whistle, drive the ants through the pipe and take the key.

Level 4

Take the figurine from the table. Examine the TV and insert a wire into it to make the screen explode. There will be a second figurine inside. Examine the bookshelf and find a note with the code "1840".

There is a safe under the bed. With the help of the resulting combination, you can open it and pick up the third figurine. Examine the device on the table - there are three recesses in it. Insert figurines there. A secret niche will open, and you can pick up the key.

Level 5

Take a coil of rope on the bed, pick up the scissors from the floor and pick up a pink tube from the toilet. Align the scissors with the tube to cut off the top. Then connect the resulting part of the tube and the rope.

There is a dumbbell next to the bed. Interact with her to remove the pancakes and get an iron stick. Connect the resulting item and the design that you made before. You will get an impromptu fishing rod. Examine the toilet and use your invention to fish out the key.

Level 6

There is a long stick near the closet. Take it and knock down the fly swatter from the ceiling. Now use the received item to kill 10 spiders. This level will be completed.

Level 7

There are scissors under the bed - take them. Take a piece of fabric from the bed, and also break off the wooden beam. Take the sewing kit to the top bench. Examine the shelf with books to pick up a hook.

Now cut a piece of fabric with scissors, and connect the hook to the stick. Examine the ventilation and use the modified piece of wood there. This will give you the second piece of fabric. Interact with the sewing machine on the table and use both pieces of fabric there, as well as a sewing kit. You will receive a suit. Put it on the mannequin and you can pick up the key.

Level 8

There is a saw on the floor under the bed, and scotch tape can be found on the table. Also, examine the book that lies right in front of the door. There you will find a piece of a hammer. Examine the chair that is closer to the sink and saw off its leg. Now you can combine the leg, hammer, and tape to get a complete tool. There is a poster hanging over the toilet, tear it off and hit the wall with a hammer. This is how you get the key.

Level 9

A towel hangs on the only chair. Pick it up and wipe the mirror opposite. You will see the letters - HOS. Next to the toilet, there is a drawer with buttons. Examine it and make letters from the mirror. The door will open and you can get a magnet. Examine the aquarium on the table and use the magnet to get the key.

Level 10

Examine the space under the table - you will find a green toy man. There is a joystick on the rug next to the bed. On the bottom shelf of the gray locker, there is another little man - red, and on the shelf with towels, there is a second joystick. Now examine the two boxes on the brown cabinet. Put the figures there, correlating them by color.

Take the screwdriver from the drawer that opens. Unscrew the console screen, which is on the gray cabinet. This is how you get the details. Just above the bed, there will be a small square in the wall, different from the others. First, attach the parts there, and then the joysticks. Click on the green to collect the key.

Level 11

There is a radio on the table. Remove the battery immediately. On the couch pick up gum foil, and also break the board just above the couch. Collect the pieces of paper on the bookshelf. Combine the foil with the battery, then place the boards and paper on top of the ice cube in the center of the room. Set up a small fire to melt the ice and collect the key.

Level 12

Pick up two bottles. One is near the table, and the second is on the windowsill. Then find the volumetric flask that is on the table. Put the found vessels there, then pour once from pink and three times from blue. Open the drawer under the bed and pour the resulting solution onto the surface inside. You can take the key.

Level 13

There are threads on the floor near the carpet - take them. You will also find scissors on the chair and a file on the sink. Examine the closet to pick up the hat. Cut it with scissors and get a pin. Connect the item with threads. There is a trash can next to the toilet. Use your invention on him to get the ring. With a file, we saw the gratings on the window and take out the cast of the key. Then we interact with the heating panel, which is to the left of the door. First, we put a cast into it, then a ring, and then close it. Now you can open it - there will be a key inside.

Level 14

Next to the toilet, take a piece of a screwdriver, on the sink - a fork, under the pillow - the second part of the screwdriver, as well as tape on the bookshelf. We connect the two parts of the tool with adhesive tape. There is a plate of roots on the table. We rake them with a fork and look at the painted star beam. This must be remembered. Click on the hatch on the floor next to the toilet, then use the screwdriver on the twisted plate. You will receive a book with an already familiar star. Each beam is a combination of numbers. You want the one that was decorated on the plate. Code - "9863" . On the left side of the room is a chest with a combination lock. We enter the resulting combination and pick up the key.

Level 15

Raise the blue and red buttons. Notice the four-color slab on the bed. There are other buttons on the wall to the left of the door. Insert all the found keys into suitable places, and then rotate them so that the directions correspond to the image on the bed:

  • Green - down;
  • Blue - left;
  • Yellow-up;
  • Red is right.
Next, there will be a small mini-game, after which you will receive a key.

Level 16

There are cigar scissors on the bed - take them. Also, take away from the table a leaf of a plant, and from a globe on the top shelf tobacco. We combine the leaf with tobacco. Cut the resulting cigar with scissors. Examine the left leg of the sofa. In the combination lock, press the combination "121" and take out the lighter from the safe. The code can be obtained by tuning the radio next to the plant. Light the cigar and bring it to the fire alarm above the door. The path is clear.

Level 17

There is a blue lighter on the chair and a note on the bed. Take the items and examine the candles to the right of the door. Set them on fire with a lighter and bring a note. Because of the fire, the code will appear - "91587". There is a safe under the sink on the right. Enter the resulting combination, take the knife, and the second note. Bring the leaf to the candles and you will see a graphic combination, like on phones. There are slippers under the bed. Examine them and cut them with a knife to get a phone. It must be unlocked using a combination. Draw a line from right to left. If done correctly, the ventilation grille will open. above the candles where the key is.

Level 18

There is a wooden stick on the bed, and glass on the bookshelf on the right. Take the items and combine them into a magnifying glass. Examine the walls with the tool to find 5 hieroglyphs. Then study the sheet on the table, where the decoding of the symbols is given. As a result, you should get a code - "25867". There is a poster hanging to the right of the door, tear it off and find the safe. Enter the received combination to pick up the key.

Level 19

Take the Tamagotchi on the bed. The bear wants to eat. Press the buttons on the toy or on the bear itself. A cherry will appear, which must be given to a hungry animal. You will see the code "1400". There is a box next to the bed, enter the code there and get a katana. Break the mirror in circles with the sword. A few characters will remain intact - memorize them.

Interact with the closet. There is a cafe with an unusual combination lock in the form of circles. Type in the desired sequence:

  • Big circle;
  • middle circle;
  • Small circle;
  • Middle circle.
After that, you can pick up the key.

Level 20

Collect six mirror shards :

  • On the bed;
  • Under the bed;
  • Under the table;
  • In a green flower to the left of the door;
  • On toilet paper near the toilet;
  • On the second shelf is a gray cabinet.
Now insert all the fragments into the mirror and you will see the code - "1892". On the gray cabinet are positizhi, take them and cut off a string from a musical instrument (it stands near the table).

The grate in the window prevents you from taking the box. Use the string to cut the bars. Enter the code from the mirror on the lock of the drawer to get lighter. Pay attention to the frozen washbasin. Melt the ice with a lighter and take the key.

Level 21

There is a yellow sponge and a small closed bucket on the table. There will be a knife inside. Wipe the washbasin opposite the table with a sponge. You will see coats of arms - they must be remembered. Now examine the chair and cut off its upper soft part with a knife. There will be even more coats of arms. They need to be placed in the same way as in the sink. A secret compartment with a saw will open.

Examine the toilet. Shut off the water with the red faucet, then click on the drain. Get the iron crooked stick out of the tank.

Notice the foot of the bed. Saw off a part and get the key with the remaining piece of iron.

Level 22

Next to the bed is a nightstand with two drawers. You must move the symbols on them until the same numbers appear in the right corner of the upper and lower drawers. This number is 27. This will give you a magnet.

You can find a coin in the towels to the left of the door. There are magazines on the table, remove them and you will see two bolts. They can be opened with a coin. Point the magnet into the pipe from the table to get the key.

Level 23

Take three cans. The first is on the top shelf, the second on the washbasin, and the third is above the bed on the window. There are also scissors on the bed.

There is a game on the table where the chips need to be distributed by color. Complete this task and take the brush.

To the right of the door is a painting. Drag all the paint cans and the brush there. A secret safe with the number "97" will open. Unscrew the bulb from the left chandelier to find two more numbers - "13".

Under the bed, there is a grate that can be removed with scissors. You will find a safe, where you need to enter the found code - "1397". Take the key.

Level 24

Pick up the watering can from the floor and fill it with water from the sink. Pitchers can be seen on the table. Fill them with water to make flowers grow. On the bed is a book with the designation of all colors. Study it and memorize it. Now you need to place each flower in the corresponding jug:

  • Sunflower;
  • Pink;
  • Rose;
  • purple;
  • Chamomile.
If you did everything right, a secret door with a key will open in the wall.

Level 25

Take a glass from the table and find three gems :

  • under the pillow;
  • On the shelf;
  • Behind the poster over the toilet.
To the right on the floor lies a magnet with a green stone. Select it and place the remaining jewels. A grate will open at the bottom of the wall. There will be a seed inside, take it.

There is a pot on the table where you took the glass. Plant a seed there and pour water from a glass. Clover will grow, which you can pick up.

A toy leprechaun stands in the center of the chamber. Give him the clover and get the key.

Level 26

There is a lamp on the table. Examine it and see 4 pirate symbols. They must be remembered. Move the sofa. There will be a chest with a lock, on which you can choose the same symbols as on the lamp. Correct combination:

  • Skull with a bandage;
  • Skull with sabers;
  • Flag;
  • Pirate hook.
You will receive a phone.

There is a wire on the leftmost shelf, and on the windowsill, you can find a power supply for the phone. Near the already familiar lamp, there is a socket. Combine the wire, charger, and phone with it. You will see a set of numbers.

There is a small chest next to the bed. The required code is "2145". Take the key .

Level 27

Immediately collect all the necessary things: glass on the windowsill, a scoop near the sink, a mop to the right of the door, a colander on the table, a bag, and another glass of liquid on the shelves in the upper right corner.

Sand is scattered in front of the door, collect it with a dustpan and a broom.

Place a colander in the sink, press it down and pour out the contents of the round glass. Then use the free glass to fill it up.

On the right wall, there is a poster with a circle and colorful triangles. They need to be rotated as shown on the floor nearby. From the secret box, we take the ampoule.

An hourglass hangs in the center of the room. Interact with them and pour out the contents of the scoop, glass, ampoule, and bag. Turn over all the clocks and see which number the sand has stopped next to. As a result, you will receive a code that can be applied to the safe under the clock - "9205". Now you can take the key.

Level 28

There is a ball on the toilet and a green star in the grate above. You can find a coin on the chair. Open the box on the bed with it and take the second green star. Examine the bookshelf. There will be another ball. Also on the shelf is a book from which you can get a doll.

Examine the head of the eagle above the bed and insert the two balls found into the eyes. You will receive a code - "6293". It can be applied to the chest under the bed. There is another doll inside.

Under the table is a case with a flag. There are two stars missing. Insert them and get the third doll.

There is a box with colored mugs on the table. Arrange the dolls according to the signs and you can pick up the key.

Level 29

There is a sock on the mattress, and a piece of a hammer can be found near the bucket. The bucket itself must be placed under water dripping from the ceiling. Take a full bucket, and put the part from the hammer in the sock.

There is a crack on the right wall. We pour water there, then beat with a sock. You will receive a LOCKPICK. Click on the grate and see the key. Remember his teeth. Now with a master key, you need to set the mechanism in the lock as if the key is inside. After that, the door will be opened.

Level 30

Dismantle the cassette that lies on the table and get a knife. They can cut open the bed to get the patch. Interact with the flag to get a pin. Pair it with a patch.

There is a glass and two bottles on the table. Something floats inside the right one. Pick up the object with a pin and pull it out - this is glass. Put it in the first bottle. A few dots on the sticker will remain visible.

To the left of the door is safe, there are also points that you can click on. Subsequence:

  • Top button - 1 time;
  • Bottom button - 3 times;
  • Right button - 2 times;
  • Left button - 1 time.
You have the key.

To be continued…

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