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Walkthrough MADiSON - game guide

 A detailed walkthrough of horror from the first person MADiSON: solving all puzzles, searching for objects

At the beginning of the game, examine the locked door, open the closet on the right and find the boards blocking the path. Pick up the box from the floor by the door to examine two photographs with severed limbs. Turn around and go up the steps behind the TV. You can approach it and deploy it by simply rotating the mouse wheel. In the drawer of the table, you can find a letter from cousin Romeo.

Walkthrough MADiSON - game guide

There is a white door in the wall on the side. This is a built-in locker, but it needs a handle. Start rotating the TV and aim the light on the sofa to the left of the locked door. Go down to it and look under the sofa on the left side of the handle. After picking it up, open the drawer in the wall on the side of the TV. Take out the hammer and use it to break the boards in the closet. Move through the narrow passage between the walls until you get out into the corridor. Examine the door on the right, go left and examine the wall on the left. There used to be a door here. Go back to the beginning of the corridor and remove the red cover from the clock.

Walkthrough MADiSON - game guide

The far door will open. Go through it, and take the portrait on the right. There is a photograph of Albert's grandfather on the table. You can look through the gap, but there's nothing there. Take out the polaroid from the gift box. There is a gramophone on the pedestal to the left. Open the bottom drawer and take the key with the image of the "eye". Take a picture of the chair in the center of the room to open the door.

Return to the corridor and go left. Turn around and take off the cover, but there will be no clock under it. Go left again. On the wall on the right, there is an oval place for a portrait. Try to hang it, but the hero will say that he needs a nail. Go to the opposite end of the corridor, where the clock is again. Pull the nail out of the dial. Go back, nail a nail to the wall, hang a picture, and take a picture of it so that a door appears opposite. Use the key found in the drawer under the gramophone on this door.

Open the new door and look around the room. To the right of the TV, there is a box of matches. Examine it, interact and get a key with the image of a "square". Newspaper clippings hang on the wall to the left. You can explore them to learn about Madison Hale, 43, who killed four members of her family in a sinister ritual only to be shot dead by Officer Russell.

Exit through another door and see a red safe. To his right is audio cassette #1. Pick her up. The bottom drawer contains a letter from Reverend Thomas. Use the key on the safe, open it and take Luca's diary. Open it in inventory (TAB key) to see children's drawings (sister's foot, mother's hand, father's head). You can store items in this safe. In total, Luca carries up to 8 different things, so sometimes you will have to reset some of them to make room for new ones. With this, you cannot reset important items such as photos or Polaroids.

Return to the room with the TV and pay attention to the opened door (a little further than the TV, on the left hand). You will find yourself in the living room and kitchen. On the pedestal at the table is a tape recorder on which you can listen to a recording from an audio cassette. Unfortunately, as soon as you approach it, the light will turn off.

Move to the end of the corridor to find a staircase leading to the basement. Go down it and inspect the wall panel to the left of the generator. For each playthrough, a different combination of switches is triggered. You need to raise and lower the switches. If the decision resets and the switches return to their original position, then the last switch needs to be moved in the opposite direction (if it was pointing up, now it needs to be moved down). Once all the switches have been flipped, interact with the generator to start it up and bring back the electricity.

You can go further through the basement to find shelves with a medallion at the end of the corridor. Take the item. If you go further to the right, you will find an exit to the outside, to the well. The red door will be closed. Go back to the voice recorder and apply an audio cassette to it. Upon completion of the audition, the hero will find a drawing of a red door. Now it's open!

You can put some of the items in the safe. Go back through the basement to the red door and go outside. Ahead will be a well with a concrete slab and three locks. There is a shovel nearby. Pick it up and apply it to the well (concrete slab). Pick up the broken shovel. It remains to enter the correct characters on the locks of the well. To do this, run back to the room with the TV and newspaper clippings, in front of the room with the safe. Pay attention to the drawing on the wall to the right of the passage to the room with the safe. There are three circles inside. Take a photo of this drawing and examine the photo in your inventory to see three symbols. It is them that you need to install on the three locks of the well. If everything was done correctly, then it remains to photograph the well so that the concrete slab cracks. You will be able to go down.

Move through the flooded basement and look for a rusted box at the second or third column on the left. The hero will emphasize that it will not be easy to open it. Turn around and go back to the already blocked passage. Underneath is a flashing voice recorder. Pick up the voice recorder, which, as it turned out, belongs to Officer Russell. Stand in the center of the basement to start hallucinations. Photograph the surroundings 2-3 times until you hear the recording from the voice recorder.

Keep taking pictures until you see some red doors in front of you. Open everything, after which they will slam shut together. Photograph door after door until one of them opens. Exit the basement upstairs. Once again, the hero will begin to have headaches, and he will draw the attic door. Therefore, your new goal is the attic of the house.

Go right along the corridor, past the lounge with a sofa and TV. A hatch will drop from the ceiling and a ladder to the attic will appear. Follow there and examine the photo on the table on the right. There is a white spot on the wall above the table, which indicates that a painting used to hang here. Go left and look for another wall with a place for a painting. To the left of him lies the painting itself. Pick her up. You can take pictures of places under the paintings in order to see the indicated age in the photographs. Also in this place hangs a portrait of a boy, which must be hung above the table on the opposite wall (both the portrait and the place under it will be square).

Remove the key that is hanging from a stud on one of the wooden poles. Go down to the first floor and open the door of the parent's bedroom, on which hangs a photograph of a man and a woman. This door is located near the dining room, where there is a tape recorder. Open the cabinet on the right to examine the grandmother's diary. Examine the medicine packs lying on the bed. In the bedside table on the left are the tests. Take some frames from the closet on the left. Look into the bathroom and take another medallion. Now you have two of them, but you need three.

Leave the room and go down the corridor to the stairs to the attic. You will hear music and the door to the left of the TV will open. Go through it and follow the statue, which will move each time. You will see the front door, which is blocked by a piano. Go through the door on the right past the toilet to find the projector. Install on it the photo frames found in the parent's bedroom. Start switching the projector by photographing everything you see on the wall. Sooner or later, the projector will short-circuit and it will start showing pictures randomly. Take a picture of the screen that the "picture" falls on to reveal the third sun medallion. Next to the sofa, you can also find a photograph of a grandmother in her youth.

Go to the end of the corridor to get into the grandfather's office. Examine the graffiti on the walls, which indicates that the grandfather wanted to contact the dead grandmother. There are two safes - under the table and in the corner - as well as a note with a hint regarding the code combination. Go back and pick up the audio cassette from the floor, which lies in the place where you first saw the moving statue. Listen to the recording on the tape recorder in the dining room.

Return to the parent's bedroom and install the solar medallions in the bathroom panel. In the right slot there should be a medallion with two blue planets (blue planet to the left), in the middle - brown and white planets (white to the right), and on the left - brown and lilac. You will hear how the mechanism worked. By the way, perhaps in your case, the location of the planets will be different. Therefore, you need to take a photo of the screen that the projector is pointing at and where you found the third sun medallion. She will be a clue to solving this puzzle.

Use the hammer on the boards to open the passage to the next room. Take the portrait of Philomena Maxwell. By the way, in the office or in the room with the projector there is a portrait of another man. You can also examine the medallion hidden in the hatch. I did not quite understand the principle of solving this puzzle, because when hanging pictures on the walls, a completely different age was shown. Anyway, once you've got the portraits right (the shape doesn't always match what's on the wall), look through the hole in the brick wall. Instead of room 43, another door will appear. When it opens, the wall will collapse and you will be able to go forward.

Having done this, examine the table on the left side to find a lighter. Open the door, light the lighter and go downstairs. At first, do not turn anywhere and go forward. There will be a red photograph on the wall. Take a picture of her to get a red collectible (1/20). Go back and move to the right. Take the second turn to the right (screamer) and go left twice. When you find a ghost, follow him to the right. Keep following the ghost until you find yourself in a lighted adit with hanging crosses. Pass through the cemetery without turning anywhere, and go down into the well. When you fall down, examine the floor of the church and pick up a business card. A red photograph hangs on a pole to the left. Take a picture of her (red collectible 2/20).

Pick up the yellow candle in the stand, which is located at the opposite end of the church. Go through the corridor to the far room with the inscription "2022" and take a picture of the wall. Depending on which frame with the year you will photograph, the game will take you to the set time. So, you need to move to 1951. Pick up the blue candle in the stand that is on the bench under the "1951" sign. Go through the door and return to the main hall of the temple of St. Jupiter. On the right there will be booths for repentance. Go to the far one and interact with the window.

In the main hall there are three passages leading to corridors with different lighting. You now have a yellow and a blue candle. Go to the blue corridor and find a room with three coasters. Set the blue candle under the image of St. Mary on the right. If everything is done correctly, the picture will be highlighted, and an additional effect will work. Follow the corridor with yellow lighting and find exactly the same room. But there will be no picture of God in it, under which you need to leave a yellow candle. If you go from the main hall to the passage to the left of the booths, you will find two paintings with clues. One indicates Saint Mary and the color of the eyes and the sea (blue), the other indicates God and the color of the sun and light (yellow).

Go to the main hall of the temple and go between the pews. A green candle will float in the air. Take it away, after which hallucinations will begin. In the end, the hero will lose consciousness. You can move to 1987 and use the red safe located in the main hall. Go to the corridor opposite, study two more clues (Jesus - red), an image with angels (green). Climb the stairs and pick up the red candle.

In the same 1987, go to the yellow corridor and place a yellow candle under the image of God (a gray-haired man). Go this year to the green corridor and place a green candle under the image of angels on the right. Return to 1951 and go to the red corridor, where you should find a room with a picture of Jesus. Put a red candle under it.

So, the problem with candles is solved as follows:

  1. We switch between 1951 and 1987.
  2. We examine the colored corridors.
  3. The color of the corridor indicates which candle should be installed in the room with paintings.
  4. The desired picture may not be there, so you need to switch between different years.
  5. The red corridor is a picture of Jesus, blue is Saint Mary, green is angels, and yellow is God.

In 1987, return to the corridor behind the penance booths (they are not there, there is a safe) and go up to the bell. There will be a key underneath. Move to 1951, use the key on the penance booth and open it. Inside, as one would expect, there will be no one. Pick up the sign "Hans Goring, 1951" from the chair. Apparently, this is the husband of a woman who came to repent to the holy father. You will also find red i. She was the one missing from Madison's nameplate. Go back to 1987 and look at the Madison Hale plaque next to the coffin hanging in the center. Replace the letter i. Take a picture of the hanging coffin and then pick up the skull. Open the white door that appears to return to the house.

Run along the corridor, open the door, but you will hit the bricks. Follow in the opposite direction, but the effect will be the same. Move back and forth until the ghost appears. Run to the other side, where the ajar door appeared. So you will leave this area. Go to the corridor and listen to the message on the phone (it will ring).

Now go to the parent's bedroom, where the cockroaches are running. In the back room, a board is lying on the floor. On its edge lies a red key. Take it, go down to the basement and open the far red door again. Approach the wall with a note saying that the crowbar is in the basement. Hallucinations will begin. You may have to touch the suspended bulb several times. A mount will appear on one of the shelves. Soon the shelves will disappear, a statue will appear. Keep photographing the statue until you see the basement door. Return to the parent's bedroom, where you found the key, and use the mount on the board. You will find a ring.

Climb up to the attic and find the same board on the left, which you can break out with a crowbar. Take an audio cassette and listen to it on a tape recorder. Return to the very first room where they found the camera on the chair. Now on the chair there will be a book about the body swap ritual and a winding key. In addition, there are four statues in the room, on which you need to put four items. For now, you can put the skull and ring. I'm not sure if there is a difference on which statues they will be installed, but I placed the skull on the first statue on the left, the ring on the second on the right. Before that, you should have found exactly the same key. It is in the cupboard to the left of the oven, in the kitchen. In the same kitchen, if you turn around (with your back to the refrigerator) and look up, you can find a collectible. Take a photo of him (red collectible 4/20).

Apply both keys to the lock of the far door of the same corridor where the grandfather clock was covered with a sheet. Read the note on the nightstand on the right. Take a photo of the photo to the right of the door. This is another red collectible (5/20). Interact with two panels with toggle switches. Use the same principle: alternately lift the toggle switches, and if one is knocked out, then next time move it in the opposite direction. The circular saw will start working.

Remember the rusty box you found in the flooded basement? Take it and apply it to a working circular saw. Also, remove the yellow bolt cutter from the wall on the right. Inside the crate, you'll find photos of Madison's victims. They also need to be placed on one of the four statues. Place the solar box you found at the very beginning of the game on the last statue.

Use the bolt cutter on the top cabinet in the kitchen. He is chained. Take a photo of the red collectible (6/20). Run to the toilet, cut the two chains on the toilet with a bolt cutter and get a block of cement. The doors will close. Go back to the room where you placed the items on the statues. Opposite her, on the windowsill is audio cassette #3. Pick it up and listen. After hallucinations, you will see a drawing with horns.

Run forward along the corridor past the parent's bedroom and look at the wall on the right. On it hangs a skull with horns. Take a picture of it to get the first digit (I had "6"). Then you will get a drawing of a light bulb. Go down to the basement and turn off the generator. Now go past the horns into the corridor on the right to find an elevator. Ride it down. You will find yourself in a room with a column on which Roman numerals from I to IV are depicted. It's on the first floor. Drive to the third floor and take a picture of the hole on the left. The mechanism will work. So, each floor is dedicated to a different victim, Madison Hale. On the first floor - the first victim, on the second - the second and so on. The newscaster will give a hint regarding the victim you are on the floor.

On the first floor, take a picture of the wall on the right (the tombstone of Robert Hale should be visible in the hole). On the second floor, look in the hole for the tombstone of Judith Hale. Take a picture of the hole where this tombstone is visible through to turn the pillar in the right direction. The same should have been done on the first floor. On the third floor, you need to use a hammer on a slightly cracked wall, because behind it is the tombstone of the desired man (27 years old). Take a photo of the hole to turn the pole in the right direction. Go to the fourth floor. Be sure to take a photo of the red collectible (7/20) while driving. On the fourth floor, break the walls again to find the tombstone of a woman born in 1952 (the date of death will not be visible).

Climb to the fifth floor and take a picture of the mirror on the wall opposite the elevator. It will disappear, and you can pick up the key from the hole. Go to floor G, but the elevator will stop. Get out of the basement and turn on the electricity by starting the generator. After getting out of the basement, go to the right and open the door with the image of the clock. After the hallucinations, you will receive an image of a grandfather clock. Use the bolt cutter on the drawer chain in the table to find a clue to the safe code (there was another one in the restroom on the first floor of the house). These parts are enough for you to open the safe in your grandfather's office. To do this, go through the door to the left of the place where the horns hung, and move to the very end. Open the safe on the chair in the corner. Two notes will have numbers indicating how many times you need to turn left, right and left again. It's pretty simple.

Inside the safe, you will find a clock face and a note from your grandfather. Climb up to the attic, change the dial from inventory to the one on the clock, then return to the cellar with the clock and set the dial to the clock with the same time. Take a photo of the white door to get the number "7". Remove the clock hanging in the next room and get out of the basement. Hallucinations will start again, and you will see a hint with a combination from the safe. Count the number of risks and how many times you need to turn left, right, and left. Open the second safe in Albert's office (under the desk). Inside it you will find a key with Johnny's keychain.

After picking up the item, go back. Not so far on the way back to the right there will be a door to the father's room, with a picture of a guy and a man. Go into the room and read the clue on the board on the right:

  • To save the bird, the rabbit jumped into the air, leaving all his friends behind.
  • The snake under the rat remained while the shark in the depths made this plan.

Examine the room and pick up another cement block. On the right and left there are different plates with animals. One block hangs on a chain, you have two, but it remains to find a third one. You will probably use the unfinished clock found in the locked room in the basement with the clock instead. Hang the clock on the rabbit sign. Remove the largest block of cement and hang on the shark. Hang the smallest block on the rat, and the next largest on the snake. Also under the ceiling, look for a red collectible (8/20) that can be photographed. The mechanism will move. Take a picture of the cage and take the Blue Knees book.

Review the entire book. The creature is afraid of the light. Take a picture of the hole in the floor to open the door. Walk around the house. I launched two gramophones (in my grandfather's study and in the bathroom, which appeared on the toilet, which I had previously opened with a bolt cutter), and then a monster appeared. After listening to the record again in the grandfather's office, you can get your eyes out of the gramophone. Throw it into the hole where the cement blocks were placed. Enter the room next to the stairs leading to the basement. There will be a gramophone. Listen to the record and take out the other eye. Throw it back down the hole. Take a photo of the hole in the floor to see the third number.

Return to the room with the statues and enter the code combination. Examine the vase with the ashes of Elizabeth Maxwell. Then a photo with the caption "The Hanged Son" will appear. Set the camera on the ashes stand, then climb onto the chair.