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What to do for a newbie in ArcheAge?

 There are so many possible activities in ArcheAge that it's just dizzying. This short guide will help beginners get their bearings.

ArcheAge is considered to be one of the most comprehensive free-to-play MMORPGs in existence today. For a beginner, the game can seem unnecessarily confusing, largely due to the huge range of possible activities. Such a wealth of content can drive a new player into a stupor. In fact, everything is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. This guide will break everything down and help you take your first steps in the game world.

Quests and pumping

Everyone who is familiar with the MMORPG genre knows what leveling is. You create a character, take and complete quests, run around the world, and farm mobs, and soon you will get the maximum level. "ArcheAge" is no exception, but there are several nuances here. In addition, the game is full of hidden quests. For example, you can kill a random mob and earn an additional reward for it, since it was the target of a hidden quest. So feel free to beat everything that moves and take all available yellow quests.

However, you should not make pumping the center of all your activities. You can pump up to the maximum level for a week of unhurried play, so there is no point in rushing. ArcheAge is a sandbox, so don't be afraid to go wherever your eyes look and enjoy your journey.

Rake in hand

In "ArcheAge" everyone can get their own piece of land. Moreover, home ownership is one of the most interesting features of the game, allowing not only to get a personal cozy corner but also to seriously get rich by farming. Having acquired your own farm, you can start extracting various types of resources that are in demand among artisans.

What to do for a newbie in ArcheAge?

In the world of the game you can find the so-called public farms. Anyone can start growing the desired crops on them, which will sprout in 72 hours. The disadvantage of public farms is that only up to five seedlings can grow on them at the same time.

If you decide to seriously hit farming, then you need to get a personal farm. First, you have to level up to level 10, after which the quest to receive the Scarecrow from the Blue Salt Consortium will open (an NPC with a green leaf above his head in the starting location for your race). The smallest Scarecrow will allow you to put up an 8 by 8 farm, placing it in one of the specially designated locations.

Crafts for every taste

Crafting is at the heart of ArcheAge. The entire economy of the game revolves around crafts, and each player must somehow take part in the circulation of goods. There are more than two dozen crafts in ArcheAge, but you won’t be able to do everything at once. Crafting items (as well as farming) costs Job Points. This is a special currency that slowly replenishes over time while the character is online. Like it or not, but any player will constantly face a lack of Work Points. Therefore, it is better not to spray many types of crafts, but to concentrate on a few specific disciplines.

On a premium account, Work Points are restored twice as fast, plus they continue to drip even offline. This is one of the biggest benefits of a paid subscription.

Trade is the engine of progress

Trading and circulation of various types of currencies is an essential part of the game. There are many types of currency in ArcheAge: gold, craft reputation, honor points, Delphic stars, and so on. Gold is the most popular currency in which transactions are carried out at an auction. Honor points are awarded for killing certain mobs and completing certain events. For honor points, you can purchase items to improve equipment and a great cloak. Crafting reputation is especially useful for crafters, as it can be used to buy high-quality seedlings and seeds, as well as many other useful items for artisans. Delphic stars are perhaps the most important currency. It is for the stars that drawings of houses and ships are bought. In addition, Delphic Stars are needed for merchants who are going to create certain trade cargo.

Farming, trading, and currency exchange play a huge role, and it is better for beginners to start delving into the nuances of this process as early as possible.

Home Sweet Home

Building a house will require some effort and resources, so a beginner is unlikely to be able to quickly acquire his own home. However, its presence opens up many new opportunities for players, and building a house can be a great goal for any novice player.

To build a house, you will need to purchase a subscription, so keep that in mind. There are a huge number of buildings in the game, each of which performs a specific function. The more massive the building, the more resources will have to be spent on its construction. There is nothing wrong with starting with a tiny peasant hut. Once you've saved up enough money, the small house can be upgraded to a large estate that can fit crafting workbenches to start making big money.

No friends anywhere

The most valuable thing in any MMORPG is allies, and in ArcheAge this rule is more than relevant. The easiest way to find friends is to join a guild. In addition to allies who are ready to help in difficult times, the guild provides access to many useful services and special buffs.

If you can not find a suitable guild, then it does not matter. You can always create your own guild! To do this, you need four more like-minded people with characters of level 5 or higher. A guild registrar can be found in almost all major cities. PvP lovers just need to find a guild for themselves, because after the guild reaches the third level, an officer with sufficient authority can declare war on another guild.

The arena is calling

One of the most popular activities in ArcheAge is PvP battles. In addition to large-scale guild battles, fans of hunting other players can go to the arena.

There are several types of arenas in the game. Some arenas are designed for duels, where the most advanced and experienced players cross swords. In other arenas, you can take part in mass battles in the "all against all" mode or team battles. Sometimes special seasonal arenas open with a variety of game modes. Some temporary arenas allow you to take part in real naval battles, while others allow you to relax and play snowballs.

Everyone who regularly visits the arena earns a rating that opens access to unique rewards.