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Where to find titanium in Raft. How to make a watermaker, tank, charger and large storage


Where to find titanium in Raft. How to make a watermaker, tank, charger and large storage

Raft players have to constantly look for various items to survive. Many materials are mined in the open ocean, but rare resources appear on random islands. In this guide, we'll show you how to find Titanium, and craft an Electric Watermaker, Water Tank, Charger, and Large Storage.

What is titanium for?

Titanium is a unique resource needed for crafting high-tech equipment. Creating such tools will allow you to get an endless supply of fresh water, help charge batteries, and also increase the storage of items.

Try to start searching for a titan as soon as possible, because it is much easier to survive with it. To produce a titanium ingot, one unit of ore is required.

How to find titanium ore

You can find titan in two places: random islands and Tangaroa. In the first case, the player will have to use a metal detector (Metal Detector). A blueprint for this device appears in Caravan Town. Below are the resources to create it:

  • Plastic - 12 units;
  • Junk - 6 units;
  • Battery - 1 unit.
In the open ocean, the player will often encounter random islands. On any of them you will find titanium ore, but with the help of a metal detector. We create a device and carefully examine such locations: on land, you can find several excavations that are randomly generated.

Focus on the indicator of the metal detector. The more light bulbs glow, the closer the hero is to the ore:

  • Red - the character is far from the mineral deposits, but within reach.
  • Yellow - the hero is moving in the right direction and is at an average distance.
  • Green - the player is very close to the treasure.
Items found in the ground appear randomly, so do not expect to be able to find the mineral the first time. In one excavation site, you can pick up from two to four pieces of titanium ore. Unfortunately, this is the only way to find a rare mineral before you discover the island of Tangaroa.

Please note: the sound of the metal detector will become more frequent when approaching the desired location. When the hero reaches the optimal point, the green light on the right will light up, and the device will emit a corresponding signal.

On the story island of Tangaroa, finding ore is much easier. Explore the city and look for special titanium boxes (Titanium Cases), which are scattered in random places. Carefully inspect all levels of the city, go into each building and all floors to find a large amount of ore.

How to create a water tank, electric watermaker, charger, and large storage

To create new unique devices, the following materials will be required: titanium ingots (Titanium Ingot), microcircuits (Circuit Board), trash (Scrap), ropes (Rope), boards (Plank), plastic (Plastic) and hinges (Hinge). Below are all the items that can be crafted using titanium.

Water Tank - Titanium Bar (3 units), Plastic (30 units), Plank (10 units), and Rope (5 units).

The drawing of the device must be found in the evacuation capsule on the plot island of Tangaroa. The tank is filled with water automatically using pipes or manually using a cup or bottle.

Electric purifier - titanium ingot (4 units), microchip (1 unit), plastic (20 units), and trash (5 units).

The device blueprint can be found on the lower level of Tangaroa. The capacity of the watermaker is 3 bottles (Empty Bottle) or 15 servings of water. The tank fills with purified liquid in 80 seconds and consumes 20% of the current battery charge. It can also be connected with water pipes (Water Pipe) to the water tank and sprinkler (Sprinkler).

Charger (Battery Charger) - titanium ingot (4 units), microcircuit (1 unit), plastic (15 units), and trash (5 units).

The device allows you to charge batteries. It will require Biofuel to run, which can be found in various crates on Tangaroa Island, Caravan Town, and safes in random locations. To manufacture the device, you need to build a Biofuel Refiner, the blueprint of which is located on the storyline Balboa Island. The charging time for a completely empty battery is 3 minutes 10 seconds. During this time, about a quarter of the fuel tank is consumed.

Large storage - titanium ingot (4 units), plastic (10 units), plank (10 units), and hinges (2 units).

In such a container, up to 40 stacks of various items are placed. You can only place the object on a flat horizontal surface. Among these mechanisms, the electric watermaker and charger are considered among the most useful in the game.