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Where to get bait for fishing in Raft. How to get compressed trash and create a recycling device


Where to get bait for fishing in Raft. How to get compressed trash and create a recycling device

Raft is an open-world survival sandbox adventure game. In this guide, we will tell you how to fish, what you need, and how to get the bait in the game.

Why do you need fishing in Raft

Fishing is one of the important activities in the game, as it allows the hero to get food in the early stages of survival. Over time, other ways to feed themselves will open up, so the player can go fishing to catch rare fish and sell them on trading posts (Trading Posts).

In the process of exploring the game world, various baits (Bait) will become available to you, which will help you catch the rarest fish (Rare Fish).

Rare fish, bait, and trading bases are closely related. To increase the reputation, the user will have to trade unique living creatures found in the open world. In turn, this will allow you to buy more useful high-level items at the trading bases. Below we will consider in detail the principle of operation of this system.

How to fish and create a strong fishing rod

At the beginning of the game, the gamer will receive a simple recipe for a wooden fishing rod. Throw a fishing line with a hook into the water by holding the left mouse button. Wait for the fish to start biting, then use a short LMB click to get it. The process itself is very simple, but it will require a lot of patience from the player.

The standard fishing rod allows you to fish some low-level fish species in the ocean. Such prey can be grilled or eaten raw. If you use the fishing rod only to get provisions, then in this case you will not need bait.

To catch rare fish, you will have to get bait, as well as create a wooden or metal fishing rod:

  1. Wooden fishing rod (Wooden Fishing Rod) - 6 boards (Plank) and 8 ropes (Rope).
  2. Metal Fishing Rod - 3 Scrap, 1 Bolt, and 8 Rope.

Where to get and how to use fishing bait

Bait is purchased from merchants on the larger islands. It cannot be crafted or found in the open world. To buy bait, you use Trade Coins, which can be obtained by selling various items and materials. This will allow you to purchase previously unavailable items.

To purchase baits, you will also need pressed garbage (Scrap Cubes). The cost of bait at each trade base is 1 cube of compacted garbage, but varies by level:

  1. Simple Fishing Bait - Level 1
  2. Advanced Fishing Bait - Level 2.
  3. Expert Fishing Bait - Level 3.

As we noted earlier, in order to increase reputation in the trading base and unlock new levels, the player will have to catch and sell rare fish. The process of fishing is no different from the usual, and the capture of exceptional species occurs completely by accident. Before fishing, combine the bait with the rod using the right mouse button, cast the hook into the water, and pull it out at the right moment.

What rare fish can be caught with bait

Below are all the rare waterfowl that can be caught with each lure:

  1. Common bait for fish is Glowshrimp, Netnibbler, and Sharp Charp.
  2. Improved Fish Bait - Pufferlisk, Trap Snapper, and Foamspitter.
  3. Expert Fish Bait - Lionfish, Pentapus, Lunarfish, Rainbow Lobster, Sharkeater, and Pink Pike.
After exchanging a certain number of rare fish at the trading base, the character will unlock the next rank of items. When this happens, we advise you to stock up on new baits and continue to increase your rating with merchants. This will unlock all three levels of lures. At the maximum level of reputation, trading in rare species of fish will bring you twice as many coins.

How to get compressed trash

Pressed garbage is needed to purchase special baits at trading bases. You can get such items through the Recycler. Load it with boards, plastic (Plastic), palm leaves (Palm leaves) or other resources that are suitable for recycling.

Depending on the materials used in the recycling machine, the character will receive more valuable cubes. Wool (Wool) and bricks (Bricks) are the most useful items for their creation. This also includes ingots (Ingots), ore (Ore), and leather (Leather).

Building a recycling tool is essential in the early stages of survival. You will find a drawing of such a device on the top floor of the radio tower, during the passage of the first chapter.

To get here, use the radio and antenna. The recipes for these items are hidden in random barrels that can be found in the ocean. When the necessary materials are received, you will only have to place the antennas correctly. Use the green indicator on the receiver screen as a guide.

To create a processing device, you will need to collect the following resources:

  1. Plastic - 6 units.
  2. Iron ingot (Metal Ingot) - 4 units.
  3. Bolt - 2 units.
  4. Microcircuit (Circuit Board) - 1 unit.
  5. Charged Battery - 1 unit.
The player will be able to examine circuit boards and batteries on the Research Table. As soon as a utilizer and a charged battery appear on the raft, it will be possible to start processing excess garbage.