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All the fish in Stardew Valley

 The Stardew Valley title has a whole fishing minigame where you can spend the experience accompanied by a Fishing Rod or Crab Traps; You can also search among the different fish that inhabit the waters of Pueblo Pelicano. These will be registered in the collection of each player, but their capture is not easy, since there are more than 40 fish that can be caught in different places and seasons. Here are some more details about the fish.

Kinds of fishes

The fish are divided into 5 categories that depend on certain characteristics: the Varied like the Tilapia are fish whose movement pattern is basic, the Fluids have a regular movement and the Lead like the Stone Fish are of rapid acceleration, but less than that of the floaters. Finally, we have the Dartfish that are erratic and random in movement.

The catch of each type of fish depends on the season, the weather, and the time. Most can be caught with a Fishing Rod and among the easiest are Perch, Carp, and Bream; They will be available most of the time. In the Crab Traps, you get some like the Lobster and the Prawn.

Please note that fish can be used to create Deluxe fertilizers and nutritious recipes.

All the fish in Stardew Valley

The game also has other fish available such as the Midnight Squid, Scared Fish, and Drop Fish, which can be found in winter when the Night Market is open.

There are five Legendary fish whose fishing is difficult and requires certain specific circumstances, among them we have: the Crimson Fish, the Anglerfish, Legend, Glacial Fish, and Mutant Carp. Likewise, some can be obtained in another version, such as the Radioactive Carp or the Son of the Crimson Fish, which are obtained in the mission of Mr. Qi's Extended Family.