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Baiyuekui Tower of Fantasy release date, when does the character come out in ToF?

 Many characters will be released soon on Tower of Fantasy including Baiyuekui, but when will it be available? We will try to answer it.

Tower of Fantasy currently has quite a few playable characters, but more are expected to come soon if we refer to the Chinese version of the title.

Among all the next Simulacres available in the future, we find a character Baiyuekui who comes from a collaboration between the anime Ling Cage and Tower of Fantasy. Some players are wondering when it's supposed to be released and if so, we don't have an official release date from the developers yet.

What is the release date of Baiyuekui in Tower of Fantasy?

If you are looking to know when Baiyuekui is coming out, well, as we explained before, we don't have any official information about it yet. Presumably, however, she would be released as the fifth character added to Tower of Fantasy after Frigg.