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Best aero F1 Manager 2022, tier list of heads of aero

 In F1 Manager 2022, you are going to have many aero managers to choose from. We give you a list of the best aerodynamicists in the game.

Best aero F1 Manager 2022, tier list of heads of aero

F1 Manager 2022 is available in digital version since Thursday, August 25 and the title is playable in physical version from Tuesday, August 30.

Within the game, you will have to manage your own team and it is important to choose your drivers carefully, but also your staff. So we are going to give you the list of the best aero makers with their ratings.

Who are the best aero managers in F1 Manager 2022?

The aero plays a very important role in F1 Manager 22 since it affects the cooling of your aerodynamic elements such as your brakes or your engine or even the management of the airflow to improve the performance of your car. In order to know the best aero managers, we are going to give you a summary table with the notes and the stable in which they work.

Staff nameNoteStable
Diego Tondi90Ferrari
Enrico Balbo87Red Bull
Jarrod Murphy83mercedes
Dirk deBeer82Alpine
Alessandro Cinelli80Alfa Romeo
Dickon Balmforth78Alpha Tauri
Arron Melvin77Haas
Jackson Brunt75Free agent
Mitchel Kumer75McLaren
Saleem Indongo74Free agent
Raimundo Machado73Free agent
Herbert Wolff73Free agent
Yule Saucy72Free agent
Sharifa Lobbo71Free agent
David Wheater71williams
Varden De Vos70Free agent
Roberta Pelligrini70Free agent
Nicholas Little69Free agent
Roland Boyer67Free agent
Masao Endo66Free agent