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Best Tower of Fantasy Performance Settings: How to Boost FPS on PC, iOS, and Android


Best Tower of Fantasy Performance Settings: How to Boost FPS on PC, iOS, and Android

Despite the fact that Tower of Fantasy automatically detects the configuration of a PC or smartphone, and also sets graphic settings, owners of weak devices can often experience freezes and freezes in the game. Today we will tell you how to change performance settings and increase FPS.

Best Tower of Fantasy Performance Settings

If you have a weak PC or smartphone, we recommend changing the graphics settings before connecting to the server. On the start screen, you can track the gear icon at the top right of the screen. Click on this button.

Go to the Display section. In this tab, you can change the graphics settings that directly affect the performance of the game. Below we describe all available options.

  1. Style Settings - with this option you can change the color scheme in the game. It is worth noting that additional presets such as Apocalypse, Brilliant and others consume system resources to a large extent. We recommend staying at the default setting.
  2. Screen Settings is the main section with several options available. If you have a weak PC or smartphone, we recommend setting the Smooth graphics value.
  3. Same Screen Wander - is responsible for how many hero models are on the screen at the same time. It is optimal to set from 5 to 10 models. This will help improve performance in the game a bit.
  4. Anti-Aliasing is one of the parameters that consumes a lot of device system resources. Feel free to turn it off.
  5. FPS - In this section, you can set the frame rate limit.

How to disable motion blur

Motion blur is another setting that affects performance in Tower of Fantasy. Unfortunately, the developer did not provide an option to disable it in the game settings, but this can be done through the configuration file. It should be noted that this method is only available for PC players.

Press the key combination "Win + R", copy "% appdata%" without quotes, and paste it into the window that opens.

You will be taken to the Roaming directory. Return to the AppData folder and open the Local directory. Find the Hotta folder here.

Follow the path: "Hotta Saved Config WindowsNoEditor". In this directory, you will find the configuration file Engine.ini. Open it with a notepad or another text editor.

Paste the following text below the existing options:


Save the document and check the changes in the game.

The best performance settings for powerful PCs and smartphones

If you have a powerful personal computer or smartphone at your disposal, then you have the right to experiment with graphic settings:

  • Style Settings - Install the Brilliant preset to make the colors in the game more vibrant and saturated. At the same time, the Apocalypse setting will give the game an apocalyptic theme.
  • Screen Settings - Select Fine or Extreme.
  • Same Screen Wander - We recommend setting the value from 15 to 20. At the moment, we have settled on 15 models and do not experience any problems.
  • Smoothing (Anti-Aliasing) - owners of powerful devices need to set the maximum value (8x).
  • FPS - 120.

Other Important Settings in Tower of Fantasy

In this section, we will cover some of the important Tower of Fantasy settings that can affect the gameplay.

Open the game settings and go to the Basic tab. Scroll down the screen and find the following options here:

  • Discharge Skill Animation - With this setting, you can enable or disable the animation of a skill being discharged when it is activated. At this point, a lot of particles will appear on the screen, so we recommend disabling the option for owners of weak PCs or smartphones.
  • Auto climb (Auto Climb) - the name of the parameter speaks for itself. It will come in handy when exploring the open world for a long time, but will distract you during the battle. For example, if you want to jump or dodge, and the hero collides with an obstacle, he will automatically climb onto it.