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Crossplay Saints Row, is it possible to play crossplatform?

 Saints Row is the new game from Deep Silver Volition, the fifth installment of the famous license. In this new adventure, will it be possible to play cross-platform?

Crossplay Saints Row, is it possible to play crossplatform?

Saints Row (2022) is a highly anticipated late summer game. The famous open-world game license where crime makes the law is getting a new opus that should delight more than one. You are invited to live an adventure in Santo Ileso, a fictional town in the American Southwest. Member of a group of friends, you embark on the quest for glory and success.

Saints Row is available from Tuesday, August 23, 2022, on PC, Xbox One, and Series, PS4, and PS5. Is it possible to play the game cross-platform?

Will it be possible to cross-play Saints Row?

Cross-play will not be available when Saints Row launches. If you watch the Tweets below, you will understand that there is a possibility that cross-platform could come later. When the game is released, only cross-gen will be available.

In a thread from the official Saints Row Twitter account, it was announced that co-op will be available in-game. The tweet also mentions that cross-gen co-op will be available for players, which means players between PS4 and PS5 can play together, but PC and Xbox players cannot join. Similarly, Xbox One and Series players will be able to play in groups, but not with PC and PlayStation players. 

In response to a user's Twitter, the official account states that the game will not be released cross-platform on release day, giving the impression that cross-platform may be available at a later date. We have no confirmation on this, only time will tell.