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Cult of the Lamb Find hearts and increase life bar - Game Guide

Cult of the Lamb Find hearts and increase life bar - Game Guide

 The old gods and their followers will do anything to pull the wool over your lamb's ears. So that you don't bite the dust too often on your crusades, you need a well-equipped life bar. We'll tell you here how you expand it and find hearts.

types of hearts

In Cult of the Lamb you will encounter three different types of hearts, each with different properties:

  • Red Hearts: These hearts are your default life meter. They remain with you even after a dungeon. If you are hit by your opponents, they reduce themselves, but can also be healed.
  • Blue Hearts: The blue counterparts of the red hearts have slightly different mechanics. They cannot be healed in any way and are only available in the dungeon where you obtained them.
  • Sick Hearts: This type of heart likes to dish out because if you are hit by an enemy, the Sick Heart will damage all enemies in the room. When it comes to life support, sick hearts also function similarly to blue ones.

Heal lives and find hearts

Your lamb doesn't have healing potions or can whistle in a quick bite to heal their lost hearts. Instead, you must hope to find hearts in the dungeons. Once you have cleared a room of enemies, a treasure chest will appear. Depending on the rarity, your chance of getting half a heart or a whole heart increases. Destroyed opponents also like to drop a heart. Alternatively, you can try to shred the whole room, because sometimes there are more hearts hiding in the decorations.

You should also study the crusade card carefully: If you see a heart symbol, it is advisable to plan your trip so that you can make a detour there. Here you will find not only countless hearts but also a pool in which you can heal yourself.

If you can't see a heart symbol anywhere on the map, you can try the traveling dealer. It's not a sign of good manners, but you can destroy many objects here that have a high probability of dropping hearts.

Be sure to drop by Clauneck, because with a bit of luck he might have a tarot card in his luggage that doubles the hearts found and their healing power.

Add more hearts to your life bar

In order to add red hearts to your life bar, you must regularly ensure a good relationship with your followers. Do your sermons once a day and collect their devotion to unlocking new skills for your Lamb. In addition to all sorts of fighting techniques, you will also find the option to add half or a whole heart to your life bar.

But even without these upgrades, you can increase your life. Tarot cards offer you temporary hearts for each dungeon. The cards Hearts I-III provide you with a different number of hearts, which you keep until the end of the dungeon. The higher the level of the card, the more hearts you get for your life bar. It is similar to the tarot cards The Lovers I-III, which give you blue hearts, and the card Sick Heart.