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Digimon Survive Farm runes and evolve Digimon - Game Guide

 In Digimon Survive, the development of your Digimon is related to the relationship with their characters. But wild Digimon can also digitize. In this guide, we explain which items you need and how you farm them effectively.

Digimon Survive Farm runes and evolve Digimon - Game Guide

How does wild Digimon evolve in Digimon Survive?

Unlike Agumon and your character's other monsters, the wild creatures do not evolve through your relationship with them. To develop wild Digimon you need certain runes:

  • Spiritual runes develop beginners into champions.
  • Enlightening Runes evolve champions into Ultimate Digimon.
  • Transcendental Runes evolve Ultimate Digimon into Mega Digimon.

You evolve wild Digimon in the status menu. In the Evolution section, you can choose what form you want your Digimon to take. The rune is consumed in the process.

The development of wild Digimon is unique. You can no longer reverse them.

farm runes

Throughout the story, you will get runes again and again. You get them as a reward for certain story battles and you can find them by searching the environment.

The most effective method, however, is to let wild Digimon give you runes. For this, you have to talk to the right Digimon in wild battles.

In order to get the items, you must first select the correct answers. Then ask the Digimon for items and the runes are yours.

You get the runes from the following Digimon:



Spiritual rune

Leomon, Dobermon, Kabuterimon

Enlightening Runes

Monzaemon, MagnaAngemon, Zudomon

Transcendental Runes

MarineAngemon, GranKuwagamon, WarGreymon