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Disney is launching its own trading card game, Lorcana

 It's official, a Disney collectible card game will see the light of day! This ambitious project is signed by Ravensburger and should see the light of day in 2023.

Disney is launching its own trading card game, Lorcana

It is during the D23 Expo, an event totally dedicated to Disney, that more information will be given concerning the novelty that has just been announced: Disney will launch its own collectible card game, which will be called " Lorcana! This is Ravensburger, the company that has already created many board games, which took care of the project.

The game aims to be ambitious, with a minimum lifespan of several years, with many collectible cards that will be released each year!

Lorcana, Disney's new collectible card game

For the moment, no release date has been announced for Lorcana, but the game should still be released in 2023! More information on this subject will certainly be given during the D23 Expo.

However, we still know a little about the content of the game, thanks to the Polygon site which already has some official information. In this unique game, the player will play as an Illuminator, who is a powerful wizard with the ability to bring characters to life. It will of course only be Disney characters!

A whole story will be integrated into the card game, with an illustrated book in a modern style, which will be part of the content of the game. It is therefore really an ambitious project, probably the most important game developed by Ravensburger! It is also the first time that Disney has authorized a publisher to work on a complete card game from its universe. See you on September 9 to find out more about Lorcana, during the D23 Expo.